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Top 10 Essential Apps for Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Apps
Thinking to install some new apps on your new Galaxy Note 4? Before you install anything else try these 10 must have apps for your Galaxy Note 4.

Each of these apps helps you to use your Galaxy Note 4 more efficiently. Let’s check out the list of the best apps you can download on Galaxy Note 4.

#1 Spen Toolbox

Spen toolbox provides you extra control to use your Spen. You can override various default options related to Spen usage.

Download Spen Toolbox

#2 My Script Stylus

This is a nifty little application, which let you write using your stylus instead of typing. This allows real time conversion of handwritten text into digital format.

Download My Script Stylus

#3 SD Maid

SD maid cleans up the unnecessary files on your device. This makes your phone to run faster and smoother.

Download SD Maid

#4 Pixel Battery Saver

Though Galaxy Note 4 resolution a great battery life, the phone has a very high resolution screen. If you want to increase your Galaxy Note 4 battery life even more this application will help you.

Download Pixel Battery Saver

#5 Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is a great photo editing application which will definitely enhance your photo editing techniques. This is a must have app for your Galaxy Note 4.

Download Photoshop Touch

#6 Spen Voice

Ever wondered to take voice note during lecture. You can use SPen Voice, which helps you take notes on your galaxy Note 4 and record audio at the same time.

Download Spen Voice

#7 LastPass

This award winning password management application is handy, particularly for Galaxy Note 4 users as it supports fingerprint scanner.

Download LastPass

#8 PushBullet

PushBullet is a great way to connect your Galaxy Note 4 with your computer. You can get all notifications on your computer. Apart from notification, you can do various tasks from PC, such as replying to SMS.

Download PushBullet

#9 Papyrus

Papyrus is a great note taking application and designed specially for hand-writtten notes. You can do various editing as well as export your notes in PDF format.

Download Papyrus

#10 Infinite Walls

If you are looking for great wallpapers which supports Galaxy Note 4 2K display, then Infinite Walls is just for you. All the wallpaers on this apps are quite fresh and different.

Download Infinite Walls


23 Galaxy Note 4 tips and tricks you'll wish you'd tried sooner

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1. Operate your Note 4 one-handed

The Note 4's large screen is great for many reasons, but it is impossible to reach across it with your thumb, as you would on a smaller device. Thankfully, Samsung has included a helpful feature that temporarily shrinks the screen to a more manageable size, and all it takes is a simple gesture.

To activate the feature, go to Settings > Display and wallpaper > One-handed operation and select Reduce screen size. Now, wherever you are on the phone, you can simply swipe left and right quickly from midway up the right side of the screen to enable a smaller screen size.

androidpit Samsung note 4 tips and tricks 1

2. Use Smart stay when you're reading to stop the screen turning off

Smart stay uses your phone's front-facing camera to detect whether you're looking at the screen or not. So long as you're looking at it, it remains on. This is great if you want to have a short screen timeout but also do a lot of reading on your phone.

To activate Smart stay, go to Settings > Display and wallpaper and press Smart stay.

androidpit Samsung note 4 tips and tricks 3

3. Use pop-up apps if you're a keen multi-tasker

You can really make the most of the Galaxy Note 4's screen size by using pop-up apps. The feature allows you to open up to five windows that float over anything happening full-screen. You can move them about individually, resize them and shrink them to little bubbles to regain access to any fullscreen apps. 

Just long hold the back button to open a side-scroll of apps, which you can then tap to open in a pop-up window.

androidpit Samsung note 4 tips and tricks 2

4. Use auto-exposure adjustment when you focus

This is one of the best camera features to have on any phone, but surprisingly few people know about it on the Galaxy Note 4. You know how you can tap the screen in the camera app to focus in a different place? If you long press instead you'll not only change the focal point, but you'll also set the exposure automatically for that area. This makes taking photos on a bright day or in high contrast situations a lot easier to manage.

AndroidPIT Note 4 auto exposure camera

5. Get URL previews with S Pen

If you don't quite want to commit to launching the browser every time someone sends you a link, you can  use the S Pen's hover function to preview the URL without actually opening it. It's a huge time saver and very simple to activate.

Just go to Settings > S Pen > Air View and flick the switch. You'll also get a notification that the feature is available if you hover over a link without the setting enabled. The only downside is that it won't preview all links.

AndroidPIT Note 4 S Pen Link preview

6. Get an activity summary of anyone calling you

This feature has a mild creepy factor but a high cool factor. When someone calls you, your Note 4 can provide you with a quick summary of your recent activity with that person, as well as pertinent information such as an upcoming birthday, the last time you spoke to them or the contents of their last SMS to you. Go to Dialer > Settings > Call > and make sure Show Caller Information is checked.

AndroidPIT Note 4 show caller information

7. Get the Note 4 to listen out for you

This feature is super cool. You simply record the sound of your door bell, buzzer or the ring tone or another device, so that when you're using your Note 4 with headphones, it will tell you when it hears that sound. No more worrying about missing the buzzer if a friend comes over when you're in the middle of watching a movie. This feature is accessed through Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Sound Detectors.

AndroidPIT Note 4 Sound detectors

8. Disable Flipboard on the Note 4

If  you're not fond of Flipboard, you can very easily disable its dedicated home screen. Just long press anywhere on a blank section of the home screen or on the recent apps button to bring up your home screen management screen and go to Home Screen Settings. Uncheck the box for Flipboard Briefing. Alternatively, you can just drag the screen preview up to Remove.

AndroidPIT Note 4 briefing home screen settings

9. Use Meeting Mode to isolate voices in a recording

This feature is great if you use your Galaxy Note 4 to record conversations or group interviews, as we do. When you're in Voice Recorder you'll see arrows on either side of Normal mode. You scan swipe left or right to select a different recording mode, the coolest of which is Meeting mode. This mode can record individual voices from up to eight different directions. When you play back the recording you can isolate individual voices or listen to just a particular part of the room.  

AndroidPIT Note 4 meeting mode voice recorder

10. Switch Note 4 S Pen tips

You might not even notice in your excitement to whip the Note 4 out of the box and start playing, but there's a little plastic bag in the box with a couple of different rubber and plastic tips for the S Pen, along with a tool to help you swap them over. Depending on how you use your S Pen, you might find one tip works better for you than others, so why not try them out and customize your stylus?

samsung galaxy note 4 front s pen

11. Tweak your Note 4 screen settings

The Galaxy Note 4 lets you adjust the settings for your display so you can get it just the way you like it. Just go to Settings > Display and Wallpaper > Screen Mode. Here you'll find options for Adaptive Display, AMOLED Cinema, AMOLED Photo and Basic. Try them out and see which one you like best.

AndroidPIT Note 4 display mode adaptive display

12. Disable the S Voice shortcut on the Note 4

Unless you use S Voice regularly, there's not much point having it as an option for a double press on the home button. In fact, having that shortcut in place actually slows down your Note 4's responsiveness when you hit the home button once, because TouchWiz waits to see if a second press is coming. Launch S Voice and go to Settings and uncheck the box for home button shortcut to get a speedier return home.

AndroidPIT Note 4 s voice settings

13. Download faster with Note 4 Download Booster 

If Download Booster is available on your network, make sure you enable the feature as soon as you unbox your Note 4. Download Booster lets you download content from both your data plan and Wi-Fi simultaneously, making downloading a breeze. Of course, you'll want to know the size of what you're downloading or your capped data plan will evaporate in short order. Go to Settings > More Networks > Download Booster and turn it on (or off) as desired.

AndroidPIT Note 4 download booster

14. Make use of the Note 4's triple microphones

You might not have noticed, but there's one pinhole mic on the top edge of the Note 4 and two along the bottom edge. These record ambient noise when you're recording audio, and can then be used to isolate and eradicate background noise. This is a pretty great feature if you're into recording sounds. Just go to Voice Recorder > Settings > Noise Reduction and check the box.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 6

15. Expand the Note 4 memory

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but make use of that microSD expansion slot as soon as possible. You'll be able to load up all your favorite music, movies and photos and make the most of that amazingly good Super AMOLED screen.

samsung galaxy note 4 back open

16. Customize home screen Quick Settings on the Note 4

There's no point having every quick setting in the swipeable list in your notifications drop down if you don't really use them, so why not customize what appears there? Just double swipe down from your home screen to open your Quick Settings menu and then tap the little pen icon at the top to see the available Quick Settings options. There you can change which settings are active in the notifications area.

AndroidPIT Note 4 customize quick settings

17. Turn off Note 4 sounds and haptic feedback

The telltale 'blup' sound that Samsung uses to let you know you've touched the screen may be fun for some but for the rest of us it's a nuisance. Go to Settings > Sound and scroll to the bottom. You can uncheck the box for Touch Sounds to disable the 'blup' and also turn off haptic feedback, keyboard sounds and keyboard vibrations. These are all good for battery but even better for the person next to you. 

AndroidPIT Note 4 sounds notifications other sounds

18. Set your Ultra Power Saving Mode apps

If you know you're likely to use Ultra Power Saving mode on the Galaxy Note 4, you may as well set it up and familiarize yourself with it sooner rather than later. Just go to Settings > Power Saving > Ultra Power Saving Mode and turn it on to see the restricted interface and see what has been limited in the mode. You can add the apps you want by tapping the + icon, so you can add Facebook, WhatsApp and Google+ to your power saving app options.

AndroidPIT Note 4 ultra power saving mode

19. Use the volume button in the Note 4 camera

Go into your camera app and open Settings and then Advanced settings (by pressing the three dots at the end of the quick settings popup). You'll see a section for the volume key. Tap this and choose whether to use the volume key to take a photo, start shooting video or to zoom. Once you've set this up you'll use it all the time.

AndroidPIT Note 4 camera volume button shortcut

20. Set your Note 4 image quality

Speaking of the camera, make sure you are shooting photos and recording video in the quality you want. There's nothing worse than capturing that elusive UFO photo only to realize you've been shooting in the the lowest resolution possible.

Image stabilization doesn't work in video resolutions above Full HD, so if you're a little shaky handed you might want to keep that in mind when selecting a video quality setting. Camera shots always have image stabilization, but full 16 MP shots are only available in 16:9 aspect ratio. There's also a 1:1 option for Instagram fiends.

AndroidPIT Note 4 camera image size

21. Manage vibration on the Note 4

The Note 4 can practically vibrate itself off the table, so if you're not a big fan of lots of haptic feedback, you can limit just how much moving and shaking your Galaxy Note 4 does. Doing this also saves battery life.

You can toggle between sounds, vibrate and mute in the quick settings or just go to Settings > Sounds and Notifications > Vibration Intensity to change the settings for incoming calls, notifications and haptic feedback.

AndroidPIT Note 4 mute vibration settings

22. Remove Quick Settings from the Note 4 Settings screen

There are a few larger round icons at the top for your Settings menu. These are the quick settings for this section. If you want to get rid of them, tap the + icon and uncheck all of the boxes. When you tap Done you'll be returned to your Settings menu with no quick settings at the top anymore.

AndroidPIT Note 4 settings quick options
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23. Personalize your Galaxy Note 4

Take a good look at the Personalization section in the settings. There's heaps of cool stuff here, such as Guest Mode, Backup, Blocking and Private Mode, Accessibility options and the finger scanner. Register your fingerprints and set up your PayPal and Samsung accounts. You can even use your digits to sign in on the web! Once you're done with this, why not try a custom launcher to see how cool you can make your Note 4? 

AndroidPIT Note 4 perosnalization fingerprint scanner

What are your favorite tips and tricks for the Galaxy Note 4? What do you think is its best feature? Be sure to let us know!

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12 Galaxy Note 4 apps are available for download

The Galaxy Note 4 is only coming in October, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait another month to test out some of the apps the new Note comes loaded with.

Thanks to XDA forum user Albe95, you can now download and sideload many apps from the Note 4, including Task Manager, S Memo, S Health and more. It appears that Albe95 changed the build.prop file on his device to trick Samsung’s servers into sending him the updated apps, so you’ll still have to wait for a full system dump.

These apps are available as apk files that you can sideload on your device, as long as you have the “Install from Unknown Sources” option checked. Of course, you will need a modern TouchWiz device to even get a shot at running these applications, though some of them may run on different ROMs as well. Backing up your system is highly recommended!

The complete list of Note 4 apps published by Albe95:

  • Note 4 S Voice
  • Note 4 S Health
  • Note 4 Smart Remote
  • Note 4 GeoNews
  • Note 4 Galaxy Apps Widget
  • Note 4 Task Manager
  • Samsung Gear Manager
  • Snapbiz Card
  • All Together
  • S Memo
  • Story Album
  • Easy Chart for S Note

Backing up your system is highly recommended! Again, there’s no guarantee that these Note 4 apps will run correctly on your device, but if you’re willing to give it a try, head over to the original XDA thread for more info and download links.

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How To: Simplify Your Android's UI for Less Distracted Driving

Most new Android devices come with at least one feature that helps control navigation, music, and more through voice-controlled, hands-free communication. While they usually don't end up being completely "hands-free," these apps do stop people from using both hands to perform tasks on their smartphones while driving, therefore distracting them less overall.


Apps cool note 4

Launcher Themes for Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 Launcher is the best Launcher for Galaxy Note 4 , you can change home screen style of your android phone with the help of this launcher app. You can customize everything beyond imagination with Galaxy Note 4 auncher bring Galaxy Note 4 heme. Try download and enjoy the available Features of Launcher for Galaxy Note 4 .

Galaxy Note 4 series launcher app have long been an main part of the android experience. If you are using native launcher on your android phone, if you do not like your home screens and you want to change it, you have to experience S Galaxy Note 4 . If You are looking for an Launcher Galaxy Note 4 phone then what are you looking for you are on the right Store, our  Galaxy Note 4  app is the best for your choice. You can easily download Galaxy Note 4 Theme for your phone to change all of it.
Customized launcher For Galaxy J3 , the best Galaxy Note 4 auncher customization app available. It helps you to customize your standard home screen to look more attractive and beautiful. You can customize or personalized your background wallpapers, and change the full style of your home screen with the help of Super Galaxy Note 4 style launcher.
Launcher galaxy theme User Experience, the amazing app for our user experience the Interface on your Android smart Phone. Launcher Galaxy Note 4 Theme will make your Android phone look like a branded new smart phone. Launcher Galaxy Note 4 Theme contains a lots of online wallpapers and cool launcher theme.
Galaxy Note 4 launcher Features:

Galaxy Note 4 launcher for Galaxy Note 4 customize app with online themes creation, 3D weather, news alerts,and allow accesses other app to provide you more beautiful wallpapers Galaxy A7+ launcher style.

Customized effects:
Galaxy Note 4 Style Launcher with 10000+ of thousands of cool launcher and customized launcher themes updates everyday in our theme store. Cool, cartoon, hot, sports car,super star of movies, and best live wallpaper themes to make your phone look new every time you see it. The best thing of Galaxy Note 4 theme and wallpaper 2019 can use your own photo as a wallpaper.

Preview of HD wallpaper:
Cool Galaxy Note 4 launcher you can check the wallpaper before you apply on your home screen, if you need Galaxy Note 4 style launcher or wallpaper themes, then you can make your Galaxy Note 4 home screen like a S Duosedge with the help of S Duoslauncher.Galaxy Note 4 app have amazing wallpapers & themes for every mobile phone.

Mobile Supports:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launcher 2019 can support all Android mobile phones this app is specially build for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but you can use this speedy launcher and 3d effect themes in Galaxy S/J/C/A, S7/S Duos, Note8, Note 9, HTC, Huawei etc. These All smart Phone will support this speedy launcher and 3d effect themes.

You can Apply this following list of famous Launchers via this Galaxy Note 4 Theme

- Apex launcher
- Smart launcher
- Nova launcher
- Next launcher
- Next launcher
- ADW launcher

Ho to use Galaxy Note 4 launcher 2019??

Download Galaxy Note 4 launcher from play store
Tap on the Galaxy Note 4 launcher icon.
Tap to apply wallpapers & themes,chose you favourite speedy launcher or 3d effect
Tap on apply button
Enjoy the new features of this app.

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