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The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office registers convicted sexual offenders who reside in the towns of Lyons and Superior and unincorporated Boulder County, in accordance with state law. Sexual offenders are required to register quarterly, or annually, depending on the crime for which they were convicted. A list of sexual offenders who are registered with the Sheriff’s Office can be obtained by residents of Boulder County by going to the Sheriff’s Office, Records Section, or one of the Sheriff’s Office Substations and presenting proper identification. If you are not a resident in Boulder County, you can also receive a copy of the list. The list changes on a daily basis, as new offenders register and registered offenders move out of the area.

Photographs, as well as a brief description of the convictions requiring registration, are also available for viewing.

The substations are located at:

  • Lyons Town Hall
  • Superior, in Superior Marketplace
  • Niwot in the Cottonwood Shopping Center
  • Nederland Police Station

If you are a sexual offender living in Lyons, Superior, or unincorporated Boulder County and need to register, please call 303-441-3611 and follow the instructions to set-up an appointment to register. You have five business days to get registered, once you become a resident.



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Colorado Open Records Act - CORA

The Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to the records of government bodies at all levels in Colorado. The law was first enacted in 1969. Most records are public and open for inspection.

Open Records Requests

Elected Officials and Department Heads are the custodians of records maintained within their respective offices and departments. The County Commissioners’ Office retains records centrally maintained by Boulder County, but Elected Officials and Departments Heads may develop their own policies and procedures regarding public records in their custody.

To Make an Open Records Request:

First, search the Recording Division’s Public Records Database and/or the County Commissioners’ Meeting and Video Archives to see if the record you are seeking is already available online.

If the record is not listed, then…


Please call the County Attorney’s Office for assistance at 303-441-3190.


Search Public Records - Recording Division

The Recording Division of the Clerk & Recorder’s office provides document types, recording information, grantor and grantee names and legal descriptions (when available) in our website for public access. Online access to images from our records is only available with a paid subscription.

Search and purchase copies for the following documents recorded by the Recording Division*:

  • Addendums
  • Amendments/ratifications
  • Assignments
  • Covenants
  • Deeds
  • Foreclosure documents
  • Liens
  • Marriage licenses and civil union licenses
  • Mining claims
  • Plats and maps
  • UCCs

To purchase a copy of a document online, click on the “Search Public Records” button below, login as guest, find the document you are looking for and click on the print icon.

This is also where residents may sign-up for FraudSleuth accounts.


Request boulder county records

Requesting Copies

A copy of a document recorded in the Boulder County Recording Division may be requested online, by phone, or by mail (contact info below). Certified copies are not currently available online. Please request by phone, email, or mail.

Copies by Mail Requirements

If a copy is requested by mail, the following information must be included in a letter to the Recording Division:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Mailing or email address to which the copy is to be sent
  • Type of document
  • Document reception number (number may be searched by name)
  • Type of copy requested
  • Payment for the copy
  • Postage or self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) if the copy is to be mailed

Escrow Accounts

If you are a researcher who plans on purchasing copies on an ongoing basis, you may want to set up an escrow account. This allows you to submit your requests via email and receive your copies via email. To set up an account, complete the account request form and submit the form with your payment by mail or email. You may pay by credit card over the phone (extra fee of $0.75 + 2.26% of the total payment).

We also offer subscriptions for online access to our images. More on rates and subscriptions.

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Record Requests

Pay Your Bill Online

General Information:

This online system will allow you to pay your bill for Record Requests from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

This service is provided by a 3rd party vendor, There will be a $0.75 base charge, plus an additional 2.25% for all payments made by credit cards to help develop, enhance and maintain the service. Payments may also be made via mail or in person using cash or check to avoid additional charges (see back of ticket for instructions on making a cash or check payment).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

What you will need:

  • Name, what you requested and your phone number.

Please submit a records or body camera request form separately prior to payment. You will be invoiced the total of your request after it has been fulfilled. We will require a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost before processing a large request for information or research. Please do not pre-pay for your request unless directed to do so by an employee with the Records Department.



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