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Nike footwear size chart

Find the right size and fit

Kids grow every day, especially their feet, so finding the right shoes for right now is important.
Need help with finding their shoe size? Let's get started!

How to Measure

Download our printable size finder or measure their heel to their toe, following the steps below.
1. Stand them up straight on a hard surface with their heel against the wall.
2. With a soft measuring tape or ruler, measure their heel-to-toe length.
3. Be sure to measure to the longest point of the toes.

US SizeHeel-To-Toe Length (cm)Sock Size
2C10 cm-
3C10.8 cm-
4C11.6 cm-
5C12.5 cm-
6C13.3 cm-
7C14.2 cmXXS
8C15 cmXXS
9C15.9 cmXXS / XS
10C16.7 cmXXS / XS
10.5C17.2 cmXS
11C17.6 cmXS
11.5C18 cmXS
12C18.4 cmXS
12.5C18.8 cmXS
13C19.3 cmXS / S
13.5C19.7 cmS
US SizeHeel-To-Toe Length (cm)Sock Size
1Y20.1 cmS
1.5Y20.4 cmS
2Y20.8 cmS
2.5Y21.2 cmS
3Y21.6 cmS / M
3.5Y21.9 cmM
4Y22.3 cmM
4.5Y22.7 cmM
5Y23.1 cmM

Tips for the right fit

Now that you've found the right shoe size, check out our quick tips for finding that perfectly fitting shoe.
Tip 1: Measure feet in the afternoon with their weight evenly distributed.
Tip 2: Make sure they're wearing socks and their heel is secure with each step.
Tip 3: Buy the size that's for the slightly larger foot if one foot is slightly bigger.


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