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Kitchen is a comfortable place to reconnect with family, relatives, and friends while enjoying food. It certainly deserves the greatest aesthetic and quality. To improve its appearance, you can add kitchen ceiling design.

Since there are a huge number of ceiling styles, materials, and colors to choose from, you probably feel overwhelmed. Fret not. Just explore my kitchenette ceiling ideas below and find the one that meets your personal preference.

1. White Wood Ceiling Ideas

Pure white-painted bead-board ceiling coordinates marvelously with cabinetry, fans, and pale yellow walls. It lends visual appeal and texture to the kitchen.

Rattan chairs, wooden floor, and table promote an air of coziness. Multi-colored rug divides the space into dining and cooking areas.

2. Simple False Ceiling Designs for Kitchen

In this picture, two layers of false ceiling create the perception of a higher ceiling. Plus, the industrial pendant lights look so cool.

White backsplash, cabinets, and countertops keep the area from feeling confined. Dark wood floor and metallic appliances rival the whites awesomely.

3. Kitchen Ceiling Design Pinterest

As the picture shows, white bead-board ceiling truly defines the kitchen. Not to mention, it injects nature-inspired vibe into the area.

Flush ceiling light illuminates the entire room after the sun goes down. Glass windows allow plenty of sunlight to pass through. Blue flowers spice up the zone.

4. Remodel Kitchen Ceiling

The kitchen remodel involves new oversized pendant lights and two-tier ceiling. Along with streamlined cabinets, they lead to a stylish modern kitchenette.

Dark wood table, island, chairs, and upper cabinetry evoke a sense of warmth. Black countertops introduce a dramatic scheme. Lastly, fruits in a straw bowl enliven the room.

5. Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

For you who are short on space, give this idea a chance. The walls are painted beige. They highlight the kitchen’s angles.

The cabinets come in white and natural wood color. Flat ceiling reveals simple splendor, while pastel green armless sofa radiates cheerfulness.

6. Open Kitchen Ceiling Design

This kitchen is unpretentiously stunning. Take a look at unfinished wood cabinetry, accent wall, and vintage pieces.

Vaulted ceiling, glass skylight, doors, and windows open up space. Floral rug tops the polished stone floor tiles in a captivating way.

7. Kitchen Ceiling Panels

I am totally in love with this cheery and breezy culinary space. The frosted glass ceiling panels keep the area bright.

Large glass windows let the abundant sunlight in. Other than that, they pose as a bridge between serene indoors and fantastic outdoors. Zebra print rug on wood floor steals the spotlight.

8. Cheap Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

The white ceiling is peppered with flush mount lights. Not only are they budget-friendly, but also enhance brightness in the entire space.

Stone floor tiles and raw wood furniture units add a touch of nature. Black household appliances stand out.

9. Wood Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

White-and-wood tray ceiling effectively frames this kitchen. It also seems more striking with recessed lights.

Glass windows optimize the idyllic outside views. French country rug and chicken carve a traditional flavor. Leather chairs and quartz countertop exhibit a sumptuous air.

10. Country Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

This culinary space boasts unfinished wood vaulted ceiling. It creates a sense of openness and spaciousness. Beige walls develop a harmonious look.

The floor, cabinetry, and dining set generate a rustic mountain ambiance. Black household appliances and units lend the room dimension. Centerpieces on table runner and upper cabinets complete the scene.

11. Kitchen Ceiling Paint

The dweller painted her regular ceiling, cabinet, and walls white. They do a spectacular job in making the room feel more expansive.

Two statement ceiling lights above kitchen peninsula draw the eye up. Dark wood floor invites classic warmth to the area.

12. Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

As you can see, industrial exquisitely meets traditional in this kitchenette. A vintage stainless steel pendant light is hung over the black dining table.

Dark wood floor and faded French country rug cozy up space. Two downlights accentuate glass-faced upper cabinets.

13. Dining Ceiling Design

Wood and white is a divine combo. This kitchen proves the statement. The shed ceiling looks appealing with flush mount light.

Light olive walls promote a calm atmosphere. Black kitchen appliances are a terrific contrast to cabinetry and polished stone floor tiles.

14. Rustic Wood Ceiling Ideas

Here, I have a traditional kitchen featuring a shed ceiling. You can notice small dropped down ceiling too. Decorative plates are included for visual interest.

Wood furniture pieces and terracotta floor tiles bring considerable warmth to the room. Big glass windows set a sunny and airy ambiance. Recessed lights provide proper illumination during nighttime.

15. Bead-Board Ceiling

I love the tranquility of this cooking zone. The unpainted wooden bead-board ceiling and floating barn-style cabinetry produce a homey feel.

The windows help to maintain a bright kitchen. Vintage pendant light exudes an aura of class, while polished wood floor offers comfort.

16. Modern Ceiling Design

Limited space? No problem. Go monochrome and let the result stun you. Here, black and white culinary space demonstrates the modern appeal of neutral palettes.

Black square lamps emanate masculine energy. Streamlined wood cabinetry adds a warm tone.

17. Exposed Beam Ceiling Pictures

This log cabin kitchen employs a vaulted ceiling and unconcealed beams. They contribute to the room’s dramatic statement.

Stone island, log armless chairs, and wood cabinets inject rich textures. Deer antler chandelier and wall decor intensify the rustic feel.

18. Kitchen Ceiling Paint Finish

Pastel yellow walls lend instant brightness to this kitchen. White cabinets and kitchen appliances offer a welcoming early-20th-century vibe.

The white ceiling has a matte paint finish. Meanwhile, ceiling light keeps the space from becoming gloomy.

19. Eggshell Paint for Kitchen Ceiling

The eggshell finish gives the ceiling smooth and tasteful sheen. White subway-tiled backsplash, kitchen island, and cabinetry carve a clean setting.

Light olive green walls infuse the space with an earthy, soothing atmosphere. Stained wood floor and wall ornament create a cohesive look.

20. Down Ceiling Kitchen

I wish I could live in this charming modern farmhouse. Its culinary space is equipped with a drop ceiling and white cabinets.

Spotlights and lantern pendants complement the kitchen’s decor. Deep brown wood floor, black countertops, and dining chairs offset the white elements.

After reading about those kitchen ceiling ideas, you surely get inspired. If you plan to remodel your culinary space, take your lifestyle, family’s needs, and budget into consideration.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's a place where family and friends gather to re-connect and relax, while enjoying a meal. Make this spot special by adding a ceiling design that enhances your personal style and sets a welcoming tone. Read about kitchen ceiling ideas below. 

Ceiling Planks 

We naturally respond to the look of wood as a decor element, whether it's on the floor, on the wall, or on the ceiling. Wood creates a sense of warmth and comfort - ideal feelings for a kitchen. Ceiling planks or a beadboard ceiling add architectural detail, define your space with rich texture and color, and cover up old plaster or cracked drywall. Planks can be installed directly over an existing ceiling using recommended installation methods.

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9 Inspiring Kitchen Ceiling Designs You’ll Want to Copy

There are many ways to create a kitchen that makes a statement -- but have you tried looking for inspiration from above? Kitchen ceilings are often overlooked, but serve as an ideal blank canvas for architectural, creative details.

Let’s look at three popular and easy-to-implement ceiling designs for kitchens so you can find the look that fits your style.

Kitchen ceilings with partial detailing

If you have a large, open space and want to create some separation, or if you’re budget-conscious, this kitchen ceiling design look might be the one. The idea is to add detail to just a portion of the kitchen -- for example, a small section centered over an island

Traditional Architectural Kitchen in Cheshire, CT

By choosing a smaller area, you’ll save on materials and labor, create some visual interest in the room and give the area a unique feel.

While wood is a popular go-to material for kitchen ceiling designs, tin is an uncommon and eye-catching option. When you use tin in just a small area of the kitchen ceiling, it makes an impact without being overwhelming.

White Coastal Kitchen in Branford, CT

If you love unique kitchen ceilings but don’t want to go too bold, opt for beadboard. It provides an extra dose of style, texture and if you’re looking for extra oomph, color. Paint the beadboard a contrasting color to make it really stand out.

1920's Beach House Kitchen in Madison, CT

Kitchen ceilings with wood beams

Beams provide structural support, so you might be frustrated to find that when you want to remodel a kitchen ceiling, they just can’t be removed. We think those beams can be a blessing, though, because they’re built-in architectural details that can be used to create unusual kitchen ceilings.

You can create square sections by adding new beams to the existing configuration. If you have an open floor plan, you can use this look to connect the kitchen to another room in the house by keeping the same look across the entire ceiling or use it to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space by limiting the square grid to the kitchen.

Credit: Crystal Cabinetry - Gilbertson Photography

When adding beams, you might need to reconfigure your kitchen cabinets -- but there’s a creative solution to every design challenge. 

Credit: Crystal Cabinetry - Photographer: Paige Kilgore

Kitchen ceilings with skylights

Skylights are an amazing way to get more light in your kitchen and add visual interest (what’s better than looking up and seeing the sky, sun, and trees?!). There is a lot of flexibility with skylights, too -- you can design them to span across the room or be concentrated in one area; to be placed straight or at different angles.

Skylights and a wall of windows combine to give double the view. It breaks up the expansive ceiling space, creates interest and adds so much light. This same look is one of our favorite small kitchen ceiling ideas because it works well as long as you have a peak-style ceiling.

Transitional White Kitchen in Madison, CT

Another of our favorite kitchen ceiling ideas: add one large skylight that spans a big portion of the kitchen. This simplified look lets the uninterrupted light shine in. The cabinets could go up to the ceiling but instead, designers chose to include clerestory windows to provide even more light.

Credit: Crystal Cabinetry - Jack Bates Photography

Unique kitchen ceilings are unexpected -- and that’s why we love them so much. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, don’t overlook the opportunity to explore kitchen ceiling designs that will leave your next dinner party’s guests with their eyes to the sky.  

For more kitchen ceiling ideas, browse our Pinterest board dedicated to unusual kitchen ceilings.


Top 75 Best Kitchen Ceiling Ideas – Home Interior Designs

Years of bustle and activity, as well as the odd (and unintentional) smoking dish can leave one’s kitchen ceiling looking decidedly worse for the wear, which may be motivation enough for an upgrade.

Every room in your house deserves only the finest in both quality and style appeal, and the kitchen is certainly no exception–as the heart of the home, it can even be said it deserves even better.

There are a number of kitchen ceiling designs and materials to choose from beyond the more luxurious coffered and trey, with state-of-the-art components to serve your kitchen’s needs. Wooden beam work not only covers up evidence of cracked drywall and plaster, but enhances the space with added architectural definition. Tiles are a clean–and easy to clean–option for the particularly busy kitchen, while Victorian tinwork, seen in many a 19th century home and public space, is as eye-catching as it is unique. Many ongoing historic restoration projects seek to restore the original tin ceilings of buildings from that era, as a means to increase both beauty and value.

Certain factors such as cleanliness and upkeep may also factor into your ultimate choice, but rest assured your kitchen ceiling will see you seamlessly through the years. Should you wish for a ceiling with glass skylights, consider the energy efficiency loss and roofing challenges they present.

Your kitchen is the soul of your homestead, the place where friends and family gather, feast, and admire their host’s domestic panache. From the floor to the sky, your kitchen should welcome you each morning in the manner to which you’ve no doubt grown accustomed. Perhaps, therefore, it’s time to cast your gaze upward and explore these kitchen ceiling ideas.

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