Peterbilt power window problem

Peterbilt power window problem DEFAULT

Drivers side window,power door locks wont work

Hi fellow H3 owners,

this window problem just happened to me, It all started with doing a brake job, new calipers, rotors and . While I was working on the truck, I left the radio on and listened to my favorite music, for about a hour, . After finishing job I was ready to go for a test ride,.

The driver side window was stuck down, and all door locks would not work, all the other windows went up and down as they should, but still no drivers window, or door locks,! I checked all fuses, even #68 relay but still could not find problem, I drove 18 miles in 30 degree weather at nite, got home and was very confused with this truck.! The next day I took master control unit out of door disconnected all wires, cleaned pins etc, and put back together, also I took off positive and negative battery cables off battery, cleaned them , put them back on and tightened good, Well , I turned the key and everything worked,??? all good. windows worked, door locks worked, very happy with out come.

I went to dealer as this still did not make any sense to me, he told me that when the battery starts to get low in voltage the computers will sense some thing wrong and will start shutting down non-essential items in truck, drivers window and locks first, then other things like turn signals, driving lights, heater motor,!!! Man this truck has had me pulling my hair out, But still love my H3.

I hope this short story will help someone else who might have same trouble.

My girl friend has a H3 also, now I need to tackle her problem, no heater motor, no heat or AC. what next. I had this problem on mine so I know what it is, still a pain, and all computer related . Good luck all and good nite.

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Kenworth/Peterbilt Power Window Kit

Some exclusions apply. See details below.

Kenworth/Peterbilt Power Window KitQuantity in Basket:None
Code: ZAK
Shipping Weight: pounds
Electric Life custom fit power window kit. This is a bolt in kit designed to replace the manual window crank mechanism. Designed specifically for to trucks, this kit comes with complete with left and right regulator and motor assemblies. This kit will not work in Daylght Doors.  Daylight doors have window opening that is several inches lower in the front.

Switch kit sold seperately. Kit is shown in photo with switch kit. Any of the switch kits we sell can be matched with this window kit.  See Switch Kits page for complete listings.

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Power problem peterbilt window

My A/C system was vacuum checked and recharged (, PM) catfan Wrote: Ive got a customer with a Pete. This information is presented in PDF format, includes several important and useful pages, all pages are printable and readable. Get great deals on Peterbilt heater control valves at TRUCKiD. Elite Truck Parts Blower Motor, 12V, Double Shaft, Vented, Strap Mou ID: ETP-SR I have a peterbilt e cat. If okay monitor the blend door movement to see if the actuator is actually responding properly when moving the controls confirming a faulty actuator. It's a '93 C 3ZJ. pdf: Happy Easter to every one. ETP-MBS. Some items will not apply to this great shipping policy, and will be clearly marked. Peterbilt Refrigerator And Microwave Storage Solution By Iowa Customs *Images For Reference Only - Brushed Stainless Steel Option Has Black Finish *Power Inverter & Inverter Installation Kit Included. 4kb: Download: Peterbilt Heater&Air Conditioner without PCC If one or two are not working, the most likely problem is the blower resistor. [] #1. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Good used heater control module. pdf: The Operating Costs Calculator (OCC) is designed to help you make the best vehicle decisions for your business needs. I have a Peterbilt When setting up a , I've selected the the 6x4 gallon chassis for the Three knobs and three switches. ·. Crankcase Breather Filter Heater Circuit - Voltage Above Normal or Shorted to High … Ah, I see you discoverd the Peterbilt Viper plus ATS 2. 0 garbage version . 56 peterbilt wiring schematic pdf truck manual diagrams fault codes free model family engine cab diagram schematics mypowermanual fuse full version hd quality hassediagram avisterni it with dill block service ewd manuals 90 truckmanualshub com electrical cat c11 c13 c15 mins isc ism isl isx 02 picclick uk heavy… Read More » The Peterbilt parts catalog system now uses vehicle maintenance reporting and standard (VMRS) codes for easier truck part searches. 0. So bright that you have to lay a towel over it. $6,, 0 Peterbilt Electrical Wiring. Failure to perform the job correctly can result in personal injury or Access the blend door and see if either something got lodged into the blend door and heater box through the vents or if the door linkage, etc are still in tact and have not broken. Re: [1. Not even sure how to report this as it doesn't even throw up a warning. If you're a fan of the Peterbilt , it's a must-have :) Last edited by B_Wald ; Oct 29, @ pm. acegreaser said: I need the wiring scematic for a with cat c a Peterbilt glider, that he runs in his Peterbilt Truck Model Family Electrical Schematic Manual PDF PDF schematic manual includes detailed electrical schematics and diagrams for truck Peterbilt Illustrations Some of the illustrations throughout this manual are generic and will NOT look exactly like the engine or parts used in your application. repair manual Then there is the radio screen that will not dim at night. see sheet 1 for wiring w/o pcc. Save Share. Re: Peterbilt If you do not engage the idleWATCH®II you will not have any electrical power in the sleeper compartment. Showing 1 - 12 of 36 Products. A/c works great. Remove the "material\environment" folder from the mod. blower positions, rec. I have a Pete daycab and I can't get any warm air to blow in the cab. Analyze and compare power consumption and fuel costs between diesel and electric vehicles with entry prompts for most every type of configuration and consideration. When it comes to your Peterbilt , you want parts and products from only trusted brands. The fan should turn on when your A/C is on, when the temperature rises to a certain point, when you shut off the vehicle but the engine is still too hot, etc. Any suggestions? Kangelle75, Jan 26, Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 1, The high beam headlights quit working. Tractor and trailer brakes should not apply automatically. A/C works fine and blows cold, just no heat. Bigshow Peterbilt Headlight Bulb Replacement Procedure: Verify left side or right side headlight is out. com Peterbilt will pay for 4. We review every problem as we work to keep our roads safe. Go to SCS forums Find the ATS/Mods section there and look in Models subsection Find the VIPER Peterbilt beta and install that. The Peterbilt on-highway truck’s roots date to with the introduction of the model, which was unique at the time due to an option Peterbilt offered for a longer hood that gave the truck a BBC (bumper-to-back-of-cab) length of inches ( centimeters). Joined Mar 27, Remove both Phillips head screws from headlight access panel found at the back of the head light housing. Peterbilt Wiring Diagram Free – peterbilt wiring diagram free, peterbilt wiring diagram free, peterbilt radio wiring diagram free, Every electrical structure consists of various different pieces. Everything is working as it left the factory with the exception of the AC side of the HVAC. This item ships in business days. Peterbilt Family Complete Vehicle Electrical Wiring Diagrams. electrical issues. It has to be under the dash somewhere. #5. My mirror heater is not working. Fran. The wiring in the heater box is different in quality and color, because its made by Kysor, not by Peterbilt's vendor for its other wiring harnesses. Shop used Peterbilt Heater / AC Climate Control Parts For Sale near you on MyLittleSalesman. What else can i do to get some heat bl … read more New Member. /fresh, no power to bunk, and fan wont shut off, but the speeds do work. Quality American Made Product. Could it be a fuse? I think the removable panel for the fuses is behind the clutch area on the firewall. Weird but anyway, it's attached in the link below. peterbiltatlantic. ECM keeps saying ac high Then there is the radio screen that will not dim at night. 12 gallons give or take depending if you have a fuel heater, liquid trans cooler, etc Why wont the speedometer or the tachometer work on a peterbilt? wish i knew have the same prob on my 93 I was wondering does anyone know how to reset the fuse box or circuit breaker on a peterbilt 6kb: Download: Peterbilt Cummins CELECT Schematic. Peterbilt air conditioning and heater diagram PDF. Peterbilt Doolittle66 posted Sep 4, I originally thought it was my dimmer switch that had gone bad, as the fuse/circuit breaker is fine, and there is power going to the dimmer switch, but no lights at all on the dash. peterbilt ac wiring diagram diagrams schematics at , peterbilt wiring diagram facybulka me at, peterbilt wiring diagram for , wiring diagram peterbilt pb schematic best of at Our parts department offers a complete selection of parts for all makes of trucks in virtually any application. $ There are shared files in that folder that are updated in the game, but not in the mod. #2 · Jan 30, Peterbilt Wiring Diagram – peterbilt wiring diagram, peterbilt wiring diagram, peterbilt wiring diagram, Every electrical structure is made up of various unique pieces. Help These Channels Grow Please SUBSCRIBE To ThemThe Carolina Ghosthttps://www. On combination vehicles, the trailer air system should remain charged. Peterbilt. sensor activate it? I would think it's the water temp. Nov 15, 1. Report a safety problem Find recalls by VIN. I too had that version and had same issue. RLSVT · updated Feb 4, A. On a you need to turn on clutch pedal position switch to “installed” NOT IN MULTIPLEXING but farther up in features and parameters above the crankcase ventilation heater. . My radio fuse blew out. Why doesn't the heater work? It's so new you should not have a problem but you are not getting coolant to flow through your heater core. It's only real downside is that it has a rather large turning radius, and quality-wise all it needs is a meaner engine sound. Peterbilt Fuse Diagram. a Peterbilt glider, that he runs in his Peterbilt Heater/AC schematic. BELLEVUE, Wash. All my other interior lights are working fine. It will work fine until you turn the blower on Order Peterbilt A/C Heater Blend Door Actuator online today. Does anyone know which fuse it would be? I don't have a owner's manual on the truck. Need schematics for cab and chasis and engine showing all info. com 14 Answers. 39/1. There are two separate electrical systems on the Peterbilt System 1 - The OEM electrical system uses the STARTING BATTERIES for engine-off power. Re: Peterbilt General Air Gauge. With its eye-catching exterior features like a louvered grille, brightly polished fenders, and chrome accents, the Peterbilt demands the attention of everyone. Receive free shipping on orders that surpass $ Working on clutch fan and is not getting signal from ecm to shut fan off. I'm giving a good description on how to diagnose and repair a bunk heater on a Peterbilt. C. Each part ought to be set and connected with other parts in particular manner. We have replaced the resistor, control panel on dash, blower motor and tried a 30amp fuse. Sep 11, youtube. trucks pdf manual download. 6kb: Download: Peterbilt Cummins ISX System – Wiring diagrams. Shop for A/C & Heater Controls for your Peterbilt at 1A Auto. As stated above, a standard phillips head screw driver will work but it will need to be positioned at an angle to not Got 3 codes SPN,SPN Pumping the accelerator will not assist in starting the engine. 2kb: Download: Peterbilt DDEC III W-OPT IDLE – wiring diagram. The illustrations can contain symbols to indicate an action required and\or an acceptable or NOT acceptable condition. Sixty Seven ( 67) 16 x 24 inch paper sheets; Includes following engines: CAT C9 C13 C How do I get access to the back of the inside fuse panel on my Peterbilt I an trying to add a fused wire. My A/C system was vacuum checked and recharged Peterbilt Heating & A/C Parts & Components. Lights of dashboard is automatickly ON, when start engine by pressing E (this bug is existing from patch 1. You're currently reading page. The in dash even says gallons. - Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 40] Modified Peterbilt / V2. ETP-SR While I did get increased fuel economy, that was not the reason I started using Enerburn. 3 ATS. Primary air provides air to your drive axle brakes, as well as your trailer axle brakes when the foot brake is applied. One is primary air and one is secondary air. 4 Posts. For high-quality work with a PDF manual, we recommend that you install the application Adobe peterbilt cat engineheat blows cold in both front and in sleeper. Visit Peterbilt Atlantic anytime at: http://www. It doesnt turn on the blue high beam light one either. WARNING!!: ⚠️⚠️⚠️Always use the proper tools and safety equipment to perform this job. Is it the sensor at the thermostat housing, or does an oil temp. Your truck has an mfts module which is in the center mounted under the top of the dash. You will only be charged for shipping items that don't count towards this policy and one of our truck experts will call you. The ECAT system, a web-based application, makes searching easier in a number of industry-leading ways: Provides lists for Peterbilt truck parts with exploded view diagrams and VMRS codes. Not OK 1. Elite Truck Parts Heater Control Actuator Valve - Peterbilt ID: ETP-MBS. Page. There are 2 screws on the bottom. Junior Member. 0 with heat problems need some help!! 6. Add to Cart. Rated - 95%. frm notes: 1) use w/ signet heater air cond system with cab or sleeper peterbilt comfort control (pcc). Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts. We offer a wide variety of semi truck parts and accessories from brand names that earned the respect of professional drivers and mechanics. Peterbilt Heater/AC schematic. Last edited: Sep 14, Report a problem with your vehicle, tires, car seats or other equipment. About The Peterbilt . com FREE DELIVERY 2, Posts. sensor, but I'm not sure. Every vehicle has a unique VIN. By sltrucking - Monday, October 02, AM I have a question about the a/c heater controls in the bunk '85 the fan will blow when the toggle is on a/c but not when on heater. purchased Easy To Install. Crankcase Breather Filter Heater Circuit - Voltage Above Normal or Shorted to High … Elite Truck Parts. #2. Truck Model. Peterbilt Wiring Schematic PETERBILT DAY CAB WET LINE. The transmission has one sensor on the tailshaft that I pulled out and cleaned up then reinstalled, nothing changed anyone know where to go next or how to test the sensor? Thanks for any help!! Save. So, your truck does come up as a but calls for a wiring harness. The heater core should be located on the passenger side, look for 2 hoses going into the firewall, now this may not work on your car, but on my 84 buick regal I pulled the hose that led into the heater core and put a plug in it and held it in place with a clamp. Brochure IMO it's probably the best truck available in the game right now, mod or not. peterbilt speedometer and odometer quit. #1. 0 hours labor for the R&R of the HVAC panel and temperature mode doors Procedure Procedure to change both panel and temperature doors on vehicles built after June21, with any of these HVAC module part numbers listed below: F F F F Below is a photo of the damaged and undamaged splines. If you should need additional Truck Parts and Accessories, please don't hesitate to call our toll-free number I've been successfulso far-- in sorting my 's electrics. repair manual Buy A-Premium HVAC Heater Blend Door Actuator Replacement for Peterbilt Heater Blend Door Levers - Amazon. Forrest, Illinois-based Dave Marti showed his newest rig, a Peterbilt glider, at the Shell Rotella SuperRigs working truck show in Hampshire, Illinois, at the end of July. Inside, the vehicle is just as impressive as Peterbilt dashboard and control lights. SOURCE: blower for AC/heat not working on Saab ARC that happened to me there is a i guess u can call it a fan cooler it keeps the fan from overheating and if that blows on a hot day it can mess up your blower moter but if its not workin at all you most likely allready did that for this job the blower moter is located behind the glove box if you not half dumb its a job u can do yourself and Peterbilt Family Complete schematic manual includes detailed electrical schematics and diagrams for truck Peterbilt Jul 28, SPN, peterbilt, , Posted: (8 days ago) Oct 21, · Up to 20% cash back · The faults and relate to the DPF regen switch that Peterbilt will need to address, Fault Code: PID(P): SPN: FMI: 3. pd The first 6 months was in a Peterbilt with a Cummins, and the last 12 months in a KW T with a Cummins. it just blows cold qambient air even if the engine is at degrees Cars & Trucks Open Questions: Peterbilt / stuck window regulator, DONOT REPLACE IT, FIX IT! I have replace dozens and found the best solution for time and budget is to fix what you New Member. 4 in all trucks) I thing only panel information should be No mods. View and Download Peterbilt manual online. Visit us online or call us at and order your replacement Peterbilt Air Conditioner & Heater Control Part today! 4 – Electric Cooling Fan not Working or Fuse Blown Your electric fan needs to turn on at certain times to keep your vehicle cool. 2. do. $ Nov 8, Truck I drive at work: Peterbilt , CAT, speed, 63" flat top, "wb, w/ a Eby Bull Ride trailer. Peterbilt , , And Refrigerator and Microwave Kit By Iowa Customs; Designed to Fit (Choose Model And Year Above): Paccar is recalling a small number of Kenworth trucks. Elite Truck Parts. I called two dealers both act like they dont know anything but they want you to bring it to them. no heat,winter's here. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Air Blend Door Actuator product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Paccar MX 13 loose power Shawn Warman talks about how to change fuses on the Peterbilt Model. This truck is setup so that when the cruise system is turned on, the Jake brake will only work when you jab the brakes. Maintenance activities When carrying out maintenance work under the cab, make sure the cab is fully tilted Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 1, com, including Peterbilt Heater / AC Temp Control models , , , , , , and more. B. by Pawel29 » 11 Nov . Details. by pigbrother » 09 Nov – Paccar Incorporated has agreed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to recall almost half a million Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors produced between and to repair a faulty anti-lock brake (ABS)/electronic-stability control (ESC Peterbilt Fuse Diagram. Call the following number for the part. heater will not warm the cab. User's recommendation: Do not buy a Peterbilt The low beams still work. Failure to do so may result in death or personal injury. Problem: PACCAR Incorporated (PACCAR) is recalling certain Kenworth T, T and W and Peterbilt , , , , and vehicles. I pulled the dash apart today, it's Peterbilt Parts offers free shipping on orders that surpass $ Consulting a lawyer to explore lemon law. New Member. Member. SOURCE: how to repace heater core k Secondary air applies air to the brakes on your steer axle, and will Forrest, Illinois-based Dave Marti showed his newest rig, a Peterbilt glider, at the Shell Rotella SuperRigs working truck show in Hampshire, Illinois, at the end of July. They replaced the high/low switch but it didnt help. All the problems I have mentioned are well known to Paccar, but they turn a blind eye to them. the door locks were blowing fuses, the gps and radio would go off and on, the power windows and windshield wipers stopped working, the dash lights and buzzers would flash and alarm when on rough roads, the low coolant light staying on. PETERBILT Recall - POWER TRAIN:DRIVELINE:DRIVESHAFT. The valves under the hood are open. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 27, 04 6. About a 2 weeks ago all my instrument panel lights quit working. Bigshow A/C & Heater Control Panel Trim. 0L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain. #7. Reply. The amount of splices,stray wires and connections with out a doubt qualified my Pete as "Wired for Fire". The rear axle or primary reservoir should retain most of its pressure. Peterbuilt high beams not working help needed Posted: (6 days ago) Jan 12, · Ive got a customer with a Pete. pdf: The model is a true icon of the highway with is high payload capacity, comfort-focused interior, and last but not least, bold design. My A/C system was vacuum checked and recharged Got 3 codes SPN,SPN Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. The truck Peterbilt Truck Model Family Electrical Schematic Manual PDF PDF schematic manual includes detailed electrical schematics and diagrams for truck Peterbilt I suspect an electrical problem around the water shutoff valve or a vacuum hose or cable not opening the heater valve. Clutch switch IS NOT wired to the cab controller on a Also for: , , , In a Clutch pedal position switch is set to “disabled” in multiplexing. Fully open the manual drain valve on the front axle, or secondary reservoir, allowing the reservoir to drain completely. Problem solved. Cameras are automatically activated when turn signal or reverse gears are engaged. Free Shipping on Orders $+. Peterbilt is highly over rated and very expensive. pdf: Do not expose yourself to leaking refrigerant for prolonged periods near excessive heat, open flames, or without proper ventilation. Turn off head lights. From TruckersReport forum. The three relays inside the dash, on the one relay for the fan number 85 is the ground, and that wire is a , the 86 on the relay and that wire is the is called fan disable, and the 87 is the fuse 10 amp and thats number wire, and the 30 is ignition power fuse Air con in front is working however back air condition not working at. Other SmartNav features include audio system, tools and internet browsing. (, PM) catfan Wrote: The sn for the is 1XPXD49X78N AND IT HAS A CUMMINS ISX I wanted to check here before I take the dash apart to troubleshoot the problem so I have some idea of what I need to look for. com/channel/UC9nC1Y-f8mRmIKW6V_wWHjwTrucker Barry https://www. Put in new accuators(sp) ,they have hot water goin to them and are gettin fire. It works when I turn it on manually, but it won't come on automatically, with or without heat on in the cab. Fits Peterbilt Models () Made Of Stainless Steel. The best part is, our Peterbilt Air Blend Door Actuator products start from as little as $ For models , , , , , , and , SmartNav allows drivers to view up to 4 option cameras installed on the vehicle. peterbilt keeps blowing the blower motor fuse. Each part ought to be set and linked to other parts in specific manner. Power Strokes General. Its' not 'version 2' It is the legit version. I was wondering does anyone know how to reset the fuse box or circuit breaker on a peterbilt Tried 2 different dealerships and they have emailed me the wrong ones each time. Truck Make. -The OEM system provides power for the Interior Lights, Radio, Windows, and other DC loads. The AC/Heat blower fan on my 93' Peterbilt EXHD is not working. Shawn Warman talks about how to change fuses on the Peterbilt Model. I remove the glove box and there are no fuses just a red light on the fuse box indicating the radio fuse is Out. With 24 warehouses conveniently located on the East Coast, we are uniquely prepared to support you with fast and accurate delivery of the parts you need to run your business. youtub On Pete the air won’t blow out the dash vents but can feel all the air blowing down on your feet, Peterbilt. If one or two are not working, the most likely problem is the blower resistor. i have a problem with my heater controls. The forward rear axle output shafts may have been improperly heat treated during manufacturing, possibly resulting in the shafts fracturing. Here is what you do. Then when I go to trade the previous truck in I noticed that it still shows 6x4 short gallon. We have a large selection of aftermarket Air Conditioning & Heating System Control Parts for your Peterbilt at great prices. I began using Enerburn because of the constant Regen issues my truck was having. You need four things to keep the heat flowing in the winter. If not, the arrangement won’t function as it should be. i have no control over any of the functions such as temp. The New truck Peterbilt look's very nice, but I see some problems in interior. Post. Ah, I see you discoverd the Peterbilt Viper plus ATS 2. peterbilt road tractor with a cummins isx hp engine.

Sours: http://xnajbtianoenj.xn--p1ai/oau4bj/jwl.php?rhsz=peterbiltheater-not-working
How to Fix a Defunct Car Power Window at Home, - DIY .

Peterbilt: Most Common Problems


Although the Peterbilt model has since been replaced with other versions, the model remains the most popular truck for big rig enthusiasts. The good thing is that the Cat engine can be replaced with Cummings or Cummins ISX to keep it going.  Loyal fans continue enjoying the Peterbilt model, thanks to the availability of specs and professional repair and maintenance. However, like any other automobile, the truck has its challenges. Understanding the common challenges in the truck and how to resolve them will make you a better driver and allow the truck to serve you for longer.

Most Common Problems with the Peterbilt / CAT® Engine

Hard Start Issues

As a long-distance driver, you have many challenges to deal with. A hard start is not one of the challenges you would love to deal with, especially when embarking on a long journey. However, if your truck is fitted with a Cummins or any other diesel engine, then you will have to deal with a hard start at some point. The following issues could cause a hard start.

Low engine compression

A low engine compression is a common challenge for any diesel engine with high mileage. Most Peterbilt are over three decades old and have high mileage. It is, therefore, common to experience hard starts or other forms of delay in starting your journey. If you experience consistent hard starts, then order a cold engine compression test from a diesel engine diagnostics expert to troubleshoot the problem.

Low fuel pressure

A low fuel pressure may cause a hard start, or the engine may fail to start completely. Like with every fuel supply issue, it's always good to confirm that you have enough fuel in the tank. If there is enough fuel, check whether the pump is in good working condition. When the tank has enough fuel and the pump is working, the problem is low fuel pressure, which your mechanic will help you in fixing.

Low cranking speed

Cummins and other diesel engines for big rigs like Peterbilt experience a hard start in cold seasons. The hard starts are mostly caused by low cranking speed, which limits the ability of the pump to generate enough pressure. Check the spark plugs to ensure they are working properly, or get a fuel systems expert to fix the problem.  

Low-quality fuel may also cause a hard start. You have resolved a hard start on your own, or you had the challenge fixed by an expert, you only fuel at trusted stations to reduce the risk of breakdowns due to low-quality fuel.

Running Rough at a Lower RPM

The Peterbilt has the challenge of running roughly even at lower revolutions per minute (RPM). Many of the trucks experience a rough ride enough to shake rivets loose. Loose rivets may cause body panels to shift or cause irritating noise as you drive. Although the generally has a rough ride, the roughness that causes discomfort is mostly caused by fuel issues. Low fuel pressure, inadequate fuel supply, and faulty fuel injectors may worsen the roughness of your Peterbilt ride.

Air cleaner issues may also cause your Peterbilt to have a rough ride. It is, therefore, advisable to have your air cleaners replaced every time you have a general maintenance service.  

Black Smoke

Black smoke is synonymous with big-rig trucks that are poorly maintained. Black smoke is also common for trucks that have power issues. If you notice black or sooty smoke from your truck, it is usually an indication of an imbalance in the air-to-fuel ratio. In most cases, it is easy to fix the challenge of black smoke since you only need to replace the air cleaners. If the replacement of the air cleaner does not solve the issue, then check the fuel system for faulty fuel injectors or pumps. Other possible causes of black smoke include defective intercooler or turbocharger and cylinder head problems. Fixing the black smoke issue will not only keep your truck clean, but also enhance its power.

EGR Valve Leaks

Your will most probably have a Caterpillar or a Cummins diesel engine.  Most Cummins engines have an EGR- Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. However, Caterpillar engines only started using the EGR system in If your engine comes with an EGR system, then your truck is likely to develop an EGR valve leak. An EGR valve leak is manifested in the following ways.

A fluctuation in coolant consumption. Your truck may consume higher than normal coolants for some time and then resume its normal consumption. The fluctuation in coolant consumption makes it difficult to budget for coolants. The coolant expenses may also spike, making it difficult to run the truck. Another symptom of a leaking EGR valve is a white residue left after coolant consumption. If you are currently in the Phoenix metro area and experiencing these symptoms, an expert in exhaust services will help you fix the challenges.

Electrical Issues

The electric panel in your Peterbilt controls the truck's instrument cluster. A failure in the electric panel, is, therefore,revealed in malfunctioning dashboard lights, radio, gas gauge, warning lights, or air pressure sensors. If you notice a challenge in the sensors or electric appliance in the truck, it's always good to troubleshoot the electric panel. The first step in troubleshooting should be resetting the circuit breaker. Next, check for corroded wires and the connection to the volt battery. If you are unable to fix the problem, contact an electrical diagnostic and service & repair expert to fix the issue.  

AC Systems

The following signs indicate a problem with your A/C system a mould-like smell in the cabin, you cannot heat or cool the cabin as you wish, you struggle to defrost your windows, or the AC does not work while idling. If you notice such challenges, it's good to have the AC system checked and fixed by an expert.

Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair Can Help You

Your Peterbilt is one of the best big trucks on the road. However, the truck may develop issues that lower its efficiency or make your drive hard. If you experience any mechanical or electrical issue with the Peterbilt in Phoenix, AZ, Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair will help you out. You can also contact us now for more information on how to maintain your Peterbilt.

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