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Cursed Emojis are a species of corrupted emojis, they vary in morality and hostility and were used to make surreal content in 2019-2020. There are several cursed emojis who all have a different meaning.

Notable Cursed Emojis[]

Stressed Emoji[]

Stressed Emoji



Powercry (Girlfriend/Wife/Love Interest)

Stressed Emojiis arguably the mascot of the cursed emojis, due to being the most popular one. It is used to portray panic and stress, hence it's name.


The Stressed Emoji is very on edge and has no problem reaching out his hand at people, he can be calmed down, but it's hard to do.


The Stressed Emoji is a edited version of the slightly smiling Skype emoji. He has red bloodshot eyes and a slightly open mouth. They have hands which are only visible when reaching out for things.


  • He's in a relationship with Powercry, as it's been widely accepted by the internet.
  • His humanized version is sometimes used, but it's not as popular as his normal form.


Powercry is a notable cursed emoji, it's a poorly drawn emoji who crys in a autotuned baby's voice.




Stressed Emoji (Boyfriend/Husband/Love Interest)


Powercry was drawn by Routt on Twitter, who created both the emoji and it's crying. Powercry is the easiest emoji to edit, due to it being made on MS Paint, spawning lots of different forms of them. Powercry is portrayed as a shy female who is Stressed Emoji's girlfriend.


  • Powercry's creator hates them, and hopes Powercry will be forgotten about.



Xokis the oldest cursed emoji, existing since 2004. It is portrayed as a god or a species


Xok is a pac man like creature with squinted eyes and sharp teeth. It is a popular cursed emoji that is used as a alternate vibe check meme. It has supernatural powers and comes in a race/species.


  • Xok has been potrayed as a god.


Handy is a 3D Cursed emoji. He's an extremely depressed punching bag.



Wife and Kids (Both left him)


Handy comes from a set of stock 3D emojis who all have floating hands and legs. They are used for surreal reaction images.


  • The depressed looking 3D Emoji, specifically Handy, is arguably the most well known out of these 3D Emojis, due to the sunglasses emoji being treated as something separate.



Cursed Emojis Meme


Cursed Emojis or Cursed Expressions refers to a set of images of non-Unicodeemojis which includes Stressed Emoji, Xok, Powercry, Fuckboy Emoji and others. Originally used by artists on Twitter, DeviantArt and Tumblr as a reference for commissions, starting in July 2019 many of the emojis gained popularity online in memes.


While the emojis featured in the set originated earlier, the first viral collection of "cursed expressions" was assembled by Twitter user @blueaurorius on July 18th, 2019 (shown below), with the tweet receiving over 790 retweets and 1,800 likes in four months. The set was assembled with purposes of using the emojis for reference when ordering artistic commissions.

Cursed Expression Meme 1 2 3 4 A 000000000000000 00000000000000 ogoo0000000 000000 ohhh B C D Emoticon Smiley Yellow Facial expression Smile Head Nose Text Font Icon


In the following days, multiple artists on Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt reposted the chart, offering their subscribers to order commissions based on the expressions, referring to them as A1, B2, etc. Additionally, multiple artists posted their drawings of characters wearing the expressions (examples shown below).

C3 Cartoon Illustration Fictional characterFace Head Illustration Drawing

While Xok, Powercry and some other emojis Emoji achieved meme recognition prior to the appearance of the "cursed expressions" chart, other emojis featured in the set, as well as several additional non-Unicode emojis, gained popularity in the following months.

On August 17th, 2019, @cursedemojis Twitter account was launched, collecting notable Cursed Emoji memes and fan art.

Notable Cursed Emojis

Stressed Emoji (Cursed Emoji / Hyperventilating Emoji)

Stressed Emoji (B1, C1, C4, D2) refers to several similar "cursed emoji" images similar in appearance to a person experiencing feelings of anxiety and tiredness. The "stressed" emoji subtype can be distinguished by the emoji having bloodshot eyes and pursed lips. The first viral post containing the image was made on July 6th, 2019, by Twitter user D0nnieDark00.

Retail workers after having to listen to maroon 5 and Ed sheernan all day Face Facial expression Smile Nose Head Eye Text Mouth Circle Organism Emoticon Close-up OrganMy mom wants to see me for the first time in months and I'm Emoticon Smiley Face Yellow Facial expression Smile Nose Head Chin Mouth Happy


Xok (C3) refers to an illustration of the video game character Pac-Man with sharp teeth appearing to eat a red exit button on a MicrosoftWindows window. Prior to its use in meme-dom, the image has been used in connection to the Pac-Man computer virus. The original image was first posted in August 2004.

Pacman Click on the image a view. About This Image Stats and Info score: 53.67 Member. sasnastan Your Rating Galleries Qcawing± o Created Art Images I was inspired by the Pwman game character. I always thought he was too cute for his appetite.

Screen-Reaching Emoji

Screen-Reaching Emoji refers to an image of a non-Unicode emoji with bloodshot eyes and pursed lips appearing to be reaching for the screen with its hand. A variation of the Stressed Emoji, the image saw extensive use as a reaction and an exploitable and inspired similarly-executed images of popular characters reaching for the screen. Examples of the meme are often paired with fourth-wall-breaking captions such as "You Think You're Safe?" and "Hand Them Over." The first viral post containing the meme belongs to Twitter user @PeachyKneeSocks on August 15th, 2019 (shown below).

woodpecker @PeachyKneeSocks Me when I pspspspsps at a cat and it runs away 9:02 AM 15 Aug 2019 Cat Emoticon Smile Mouth

Powercry (Shy Emoji)

Powercry, also known as Cry Emoji and Shy Emoji, refers to several Cursed Emoji variations distinguished by large eyes, uneven outline and the appearance of either being shy, about to cry or crying. On the Cursed Emoji chart, A2 is a Powercry variation. Powercry was created by Twitter artist @OkayRoutt on November 28th, 2018, and first became viral following his video posted on February 22nd, 2019 (shown below).

Fuckboy Emoji

Fuckboy Emoji or Baseball Cap Lip Bite Emoji refers to several Cursed Emoji variations distinguished by the emoji biting its lip, having one eye half-closed, wearing a baseball cap backwards and having its thumb and index finger resting on its chin. On the Cursed Emoji chart, C2 is a Fuckboy Emoji variation. While the exact author of Lip Bite Emoji wearing a baseball cap backwards is unknown, the first viral post containing the image was made by Twitter user @medusabraids on April 17th, 2018, receiving over 5,700 retweets and 18,500 likes.

Emoticon Facial expression Yellow Cartoon Smiley Smile


Starting on October 8th, 2019, Twitter user @Pencil_Peach tweeted a series of fanart based on the emojis, with the first fan art image of Stressed Emoji and Powercry receiving over 9,800 retweets and 40,000 likes (shown below, left). In the following days, more artists on Twitter joined the trend.

Cartoon Yellow IllustrationCartoon Animated cartoon IllustrationCartoon Animated cartoon Illustration Animation

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Emojis were first invented by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 Japan and became popularly used in the West during the 2010s after being included in mainstream mobile operating systems like Apple’s iOS system. The term “emoji” comes from the characters 絵 “picture” and 文字 “character” which together translates to the meaning “pictograph”. They are an evolved form of the emoticon, which are textual representations of expressions. The fact that the terms “emoji” and “emoticon” sound similar to the English word “emotion” is simply a very convenient, false cognate. They are primarily used in messaging to express ideas or emotions without having to explicitly use words to explain. There is a plethora of different emojis, from plants to foods to the more commonly used yellow faces. Different platforms have different styles of emojis like Android and Apple iOS most notably, but they tend to have the same ones.

The rise of the “cursed” emojis set started with visual artists on Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantART who used them as a reference for people who were requesting character commissions in July 2019. These emojis existed before and were made respectively at different times, but this was the first collection to gain wide spread popularity. There was already a trend going on in the art community to use expression sets to practice drawing emotions, but this specific set gained popularity due to how deranged the faces looked. The trend eventually exploded in popularity, as people began taking the expressions from the chart and creating even more variations of “cursed” emojis, extending the reach of the meme. As the meme evolved, there began to be two distinct types of “cursed” emojis.

The first type was simply to be used for expressing emotions. With these “cursed” emojis, you could express an emotion that wasn’t available on the standard emoji keyboard. While the standard emoji keyboard depicted conventional, averages of emotions like angry, sad, or happy, these cursed images were able to express more nuance and specificity. Humans are not uniform in our emotions, there is constant overlap and we often make analogies to known concepts when we talk about how we feel. Like this clown emoji expresses sadness and embarrassment, basically embodying the idiom “feeling like a fool”. Or this stressed out emoji that depicts being on the edge, hyperventilating, and on the verge of losing it. The bloodshot eyes, tear stains on the face, and the empty smile really accurately depicts the feeling of being at your limit. A feeling that someone may not want to or even know how to put into words can be summed up just from sending this image. Or on the more positive end, the big eyed emoji may depict someone feeling shy or give off “preciousness” like a baby, or it could be alternatively be used to depict someone who is about to cry. This emoji has also been dubbed the “powercry” emoji. These all express very specific emotions that wouldn’t be easy to express with a standard emoji set.

The second type of “cursed” emoji is a hybrid combination due to the integration of other memes, which typically happens with all popular memes nowadays. While the first type of “cursed” emoji requires no background knowledge, this type has more layers to it, which means to understand the joke, you have to be aware of the other meme integrated into the emoji. For example, the wide-eyed emoji is a reference to a common camera angle used in anime when a character is about to lose their mind or go “crazy”. This is a popular meme originating from the anime community.

The emoji with the backwards snapback is referring to the classic “fuckboy” meme that makes fun of boys who act extremely cocky and immature towards women, basically the dudes that say “bros before hoes”. Specifically, it’s a reference to the hand position and expression these boys make when they see someone they want to get with, letting out the infamous laugh “ahahah”.

These “cursed” emojis have even gotten so popular that instead of depicting the expressions on their own characters, some artists have instead made characters of the emojis themselves. Twitter user @Pencil_Peach in late 2019 made this fanart of the “stressed out” emoji and the “powercry” emoji, and the story of them as a couple has been picked up as a meme in itself.

This meme of the “cursed” emojis being characters has reaped even more creativity from the art community, as this video shows a rather developed, movie-like story of the cursed emojis interacting with other memes as well. The creator recently even made a part 2 due to how much traction this video received. There’s no doubt that the title is a reference to the infamous Emoji Movie made by Sony and Columbia Pictures in 2017.

The “cursed” emoji meme is a perfect example of how media can evolve and be innovated by different communities. From the mainstream use of emojis by the public, to the more niche art community & anime community, then spat right back out to the general meme community, “cursed” emojis have most certainly made their rounds on the Internet. And it has only been a year since these cursed emojis gained popularity, which just goes to show how the Internet speeds up the production and spread of memes.

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