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Starry Heart Sailor Moon Inspired Engagement Ring

Sailor Moon is one of Ebby’s most cherished series. After she fell in love with a Sailor Moon inspired engagement ring created by Takayas Custom Jewelry, her partner CJ wanted to propose with a unique ring that was equally as magical. Hearts, crescent moons, and stars illuminate this couple’s stunning custom design!

Fashioned into the chevron shape of Sailor Moon’s iconic tiara, Ebby’s engagement ring is ornamented with classic Pretty Guardian artistic motifs. A luminous center stone sparkles within an adorable rounded heart, symbolizing the sweet love Ebby and CJ share. Elegant crescent moons studded with glittering diamonds frame the eye-catching centerpiece.

To keep the ring light and comfortable to wear, Takayas crafted the band with a delicate split-shank. Shining stars trail along the open spaces, beautifully tying this ethereal jewelry piece together.

Both Ebby and CJ were blown away by their amazing custom ring! “I appreciate all the thought and love Takayas has put into this,” CJ went on to say. “The use of two crescent moons surrounding the heart was a brilliant choice!”

Thank you, Ebby and CJ, for inviting us to craft your gorgeous and meaningful engagement ring. We hope your love will always be as bright as the moon and the stars above!

Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.



Sailor Moon 165,000 Yen Engagement Ring Gets 2nd Release

The engagement ring that Sailor Moon's Mamoru gifted to Usagi first went on sale in 2018, and now it's getting a limited-time release through Bandai Fashion Collection's online store. It will be available in two varieties: platinum and silver.

The prices have been slightly adjusted for the second run. The platinum version of the ring now costs 165,000 yen (approximately US$1,563) instead of 162,000 yen (US$1,534), and the silver version costs 28,600 yen (US$270) instead of 28,080 yen (about US$266).

The center stone is made of synthetic corundum. In the platinum ring, the side stones are diamonds, and in the silver ring, the side stones are white topaz. The inside of the ring band has a "Mamoru to Usagi" (Mamoru and Usagi) engraving, and the inside of the lid of the ring's heart-shaped box has the text "Let's get married, Usa."

After getting engaged with a Sailor Moon ring, fans can also finalize their vows with themed marriageregistrationforms. You can also rent a wedding dress or tuxedo.

Source: The Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan-Web

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Sailor Moon Tiara Ring Tutorial (COLLAB)

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