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Army is the pride of every nation. They are respected and adored in each country because they serve their lives for the nation. They have the major goal to protect their nation and they stay awake the whole night to make sure that the public will sleep with the peace of mind.

When the need arises they also give their lives in order to protect to lives of the millions that are living in their country. This is the reason that the public gives the example for the bravery of their army and thus, they will get killed in order to maintain the respect of their nation’s army.

Thus, to enhance the love of the public and to make them feel more closed to the nation Armada has been one of the best suppliers of the Russian military stuff. They have the best combat gears and the tactical that belong to the Russian army. The best part about our online store is that here you will find the best Russian military surplus that will make the retired gentlemen feel like they are still part of the army and are serving their nation. The patches and the special military badges will keep their spirits high and strong forever.


Russian military surplus and stuff - what is it?

If you are wondering that what is the Russian military surplus then here are some of the things that you must be aware of. Russian Military surplus is merchandise, normally material, that are sold to the common people because the military knows that people will love to have something that will make them feel stronger and more responsible as the military is the sign of responsibility. frequently purchases this merchandise and sells them to the customers that are keen to have such products.

Typically, the products sold by the military are garments, hardware, and devices of a, for the most part, helpful nature, and weaved patches, unofficial IDs, and different things that can be utilized for a fake military uniform. Interest for such things originates from different gatherers, survivalists, and players of airsoft and paintball, and those looking for the high caliber of solid military issue attire.

Our surplus store or transfers store in the Russian Commonwealth offers things that are utilized, or bought yet unused, and didn't really required. The surplus is regularly military, government or modern overabundance frequently called armed force naval force stores or war surplus stores in the Russia. A surplus store may likewise offer things that are past their utilization by date.

The assortment online store Armada Store

In the military surplus business for more than 6 years, we have been your trusted hotspot for bona fide Russian military overflow. Presently offering a huge and perpetually developing determination of Russian military surplus things, Armada’s is your best hotspot for much cooler and interesting surplus things.

Outrageous icy climate outfit, outdoors equip, survival adapt, ammunition jars, boots, regalia, in addition to quick delivering and inviting client benefit, we have it! If you do not mind look at all we bring to the table, our online store is always including new things. Notwithstanding the items recorded on this site, with our incomprehensible supply of government excess, in case you are searching for a specific bit of military gear, or another part, let us help you. Send your requirements or part number solicitations to our parts division. We will make sure to provide you with the items that you require to make sure that you are never disappointed.

Quality products

Genuine Russian Military Stuff at Armada is famous for its High-Quality. This is our main event. We purchase genuine government sales and choose just things we would by and by an offer to loved ones to offer to our clients. In the event that it does not meet that rule and the quality tests, we essentially do not offer it. As it is your satisfaction and trust that will make us succeed in the market and in your hearts as well.

Originality is our goal

We convey original military issue armed force surplus most things do not have army codes since they were produced for military utilize. We do not buy the fake products that are produced by the markets because they are neither original nor do they convey the same feeling.

We offer as a matter of first importance honest to goodness Military Issue things, from :

Combat Boots, Army Enforcement Equipment, Outdoor Gear, Hunting and Survival Equipment, Sleeping Bags, Army Camping Supplies, Gorka-3 uniform, Gorka-4 uniforms, Russian camo uniforms, BDU clothing, Army caps, Ushanka fur hats, Gas masks, Belts, Badges, Patches, Duffle Bags, Polypro Long Johns, Fleece Jackets, Ammo Cans, Significantly more. 

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Russian special force tactical airsoft uniform GORKA 4
Welcome to Soviet Military Stuff

This website was made for all people who are interested in buying high quality, rare, original, soviet military uniform and goods. We are happy to suggest You wide assortment of different military stuff like Ushanka hats, Afghanistan hats, military Berets and Caps, Pilotka hats, General and Admiral caps, USSR hat badges, Soviet winter uniforms and summer uniforms, boots, belts and accessories, tactical uniforms, camouflage uniforms warm hats with a mask and gloves and of course a lot of souvenirs like bronze busts, pins and many other different nice things. In case if You are looking for some special gifts for Your friends, relatives or to please Yourself You are exactly in right place for to find something really especial and You will get it at the best price. We are working for to pleasure every our customer and looking for any way to do that. So please visit us at odd times for to find out our proposals, discounts and gifts. We are happy when You are happy!

The most popular Russian tactical suit GORKA 4.You can also find a lot of Russian Army surplus, tactical uniforms, hats, assault vests, MOLLE systems, boots, equipment and accessories. From the Russian manufacturers of tactical equipment such as BARS, SSO SPOSN, NPO, BYTEX, GARSING, SPLAV and others.

Soviet / Russian Soldier military uniform M69
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Soviet military hats, Russian Army uniforms, boots, patches, medals, badges, gas masks, helmets, jackets, camo, tactical gear, belts and other WW2 surplus for sale,

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shopping for Lenin and Stalin busts, soldiers uniform, masking suits, Navy flags, watches, silver coins, officers badges, buy various antiques and collectibles devices from Soviet Union. Also You can get acquainted with culture of past USSR era, Red Army Stuff and current Russian militaria. The items are often bought by collectors, reenactors, museums and used on historical plays in theaters.

camouflage uniforms, combat clothing and spetsnaz tactical boots and equipment perfect for airsoft, paintball, reenactment and milsim activities

, outdoor actions, hunting, Halloween party and costume holidays. Fast worldwide international AirMail shipping, top quality items and service from Soviet Power.


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