5x 5 wire mesh

5x 5 wire mesh DEFAULT

5x5 welded wire mesh

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$3.00-$3.50/ Piece

1000 Pieces(Min. Order)

C ategory Minerals and metallurgy>Wire mesh>Hardware cloth ISO factory pvc coated welded wire mesh razor clip india houston Europe Welded wire mesh specifications Material Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire Weaving Hot-dipped galvanizing after welding Welding with hot-dipped galvanized iron wire Elctro galvanized after welding Welding with electro galvanized iron wire Opening 6.4mm x 6.4mm, 10.6mm x 10.6mm, 12.7mm x 12.7mm, 16mm x 16mm, 19.1mm x 19.1mm, 38mm x 38mm and so on Length 4m-50m Width 0.5m-2.0m Packing In waterproof paper in rolls, or as client's requirement surface treatment electric galvanized , hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated Product Overviews Detailed Images Quality Control Packaging & Shipping Product Uses You can Send Inquiry Now. Our Company Our company was established in 2003. The main product have bucket handles,clothes hanger, galvanized wire, weled wire mesh,wire fence,and so on. The main market is Europe, and the United States,India, and so on more than 40 countries and regions.

Sours: //www.alibaba.com/

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2x2 Mesh .047" Wire Welded .453" Opening 81.2% OA
2x2 Mesh .0632x2 Mesh .063" Wire .437" Opening 76.4% OA
2x2 Mesh .063" Wire Welded .437" Opening 76.4% OA
3x3 Mesh .047" Wire Welded .286 Opening 73.6% OA
4x4 Mesh .032" Wire Welded .218" Opening 76.0% OA
4x4 Mesh .047" Wire .203" Opening 5.9% OA
4x4 Mesh .063" Wire.187" Opening 56.0% OA
5x5 Mesh .041" Wire .159" Opening 63.2% OA
6x6 Mesh .035" Wire .132" Opening 62.7% OA
6x6 Mesh .047" Wire .120" Opening 51.8% OA
6x6 Mesh .063" Wire .104" Opening 38.9% OA
8x8 Mesh .028" Wire .097" Opening 60.2% OA
8x8 Mesh .035" Wire .090" Opening 51.8% OA
8x8 Mesh .063" Wire .062" Opening 24.6% OA
9x9 Mesh .023" Wire .088" Opening 62.7% OA
10x10 Mesh .025" Wire .075" Opening 54.3% OA
10x10 Mesh .035" Wire .065" Opening 42.3% OA
12x12 Mesh .023" Wire .060" Opening 51.8% OA
12x12 Mesh .028" Wire .055" Opening 43.6% OA
14x14 Mesh .020" Wire .051" Opening 51.0% OA
16x16 Mesh .023" Wire .040" Opening 39.9% OA
16x16 Mesh .018" Wire .045" Opening 50.7% OA
18x18 Mesh .017" Wire .039" Opening 48.3% OA
20x20 Mesh .016" Wire .034" Opening 46.2% OA
24x24 Mesh .014" Wire .028" Opening 44.2% OA
30x30 Mesh .012" Wire .021" Opening 40.8% OA
40x40 Mesh .010" Wire .015" Opening 36.0% OA
50x50 Mesh .009" Wire .011" Opening 30.3% OA
60x60 Mesh .0075" Wire .0092" Opening 30.5% OA
80x80 Mesh .0055" Wire .0070" Opening 31.4% OA
100x100 Mesh .0045" Wire .0055" Opening 30.3% OA
120x120 Mesh .0037" Wire .0046" Opening 30.5% OA
150x150 Mesh .0026" Wire .0041" Opening 37.8% OA
165x165 Mesh .0019" Wire .0041" Opening 47.1% OA
200x200 Mesh .0021" Wire .0029" Opening 33.6% OA
250x250 Mesh .0016" Wire .0024" Opening 36.0% OA
325x325 Mesh .0014" Wire .0017" Opening 30.5% OA
400x400 Mesh .0011" Wire .0014" Opening 31.4% OA
Sours: https://www.lawrencesinteredmetals.com/wire-mesh-sizes/
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5 mesh screen


    5 mesh screen,one of popular woven wire mesh with mesh 5×5,wire diamater can be less than 1.04 mm(0.041inch),the aperture larger than 4.04 mm(0.159inch). The aperture will be larger when the wire diameter become more thin.
The variety of woven wire mesh materials and steel wire mesh weave patterns make the finished 5 mesh screen have many sizes and finished woven wire mesh products.
So it is a versatile wire mesh product,have a widely application in industrial, commercial and decoration.

  • Materials:   Stainless steel 201,304,304L,316,316L grade
  • Weaving methods:    Plain weave, Twilled weave, Dutch weave,Dutch twill
woven wire mesh weaving method


  • Wire diameter :  0.02mm- 2.0mm
  • Meshes : 1–635 meshes
  • Width : Standard less than 2000mm
  • Length :  30 mts/Coil or customized rolls/sheets.

5 mesh screen is available in a variety of raw materials,wire diameter,meshes (aperture),weave methods and also can be cut and form to the special sheets or types according to the applications and projects requirements.

woven wire mesh


Woven wire mesh has endless applications in industrial,commercial and decoration. Such as filters, sieves, separators, strainers, baskets, gas diffusion, drying and so on.


Sours: https://www.holemetals.com/product/5-mesh-screen/

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Wire mesh 5 5x

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