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  • If you sit upright when riding your bike, choose a cruiser bike seat. They are wide and fully padded to carry all of your weight on the seat.
  • If you ride slightly leaning forward, you don’t need a seat with as much padding. Opt for a sports model with an ergonomic design.
  • For a pro-riding position, such as hovering off the seat, choose a racing model. These have cutouts on the top surface to reduce their total weight and help you travel faster. They’re also narrow and lightly padded as you’ll spend most of your time off the seat.


Q: What makes a bike seat uncomfortable?

A: There’s no universal answer since every biker has different measurements and different comfort preferences. In general, an uncomfortable bike seat is caused by an incorrect width. The seat’s material also influences your comfort level. A hard seat won’t cushion you.

Q: What are the grooves in a bike seat designed to do?

A: A bike seat with a groove in the center is designed to relieve pressure. The gap also provides space for heat to escape.

Q: What width bike seat do I need?

A: The sit bone width of the bike seat should match the width of your rear, or you will be uncomfortable each time you ride your bike.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best comfortable bike seat is the Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Extra Soft Comfort Saddle. This cushioned bike seat has an ergonomic shape that is crafted from elastomer gel foam memory foam. It evenly distributes your weight and supports you with internal steel rails. 

For a more affordable option, the Gincleey Comfort Bike Seat won’t let you down with its soft feel and anti-slip covering. A rubber ball absorbs bumps and shocks to make it more comfortable to ride. 


Vintage Schwinn Seats

Schwinn seats have been around since 1895. This page displays images and information from Schwinn catalogs and other sources about the many and varied Schwinn seats that have made.

schwinn S seat

Prewar seats to banana seats, seats with crashbars or sissybars, to the classic, iconic Schwinn "S" seat seen above.

Welcome to a brief history of Schwinn seats...

schwinn seat 1800s


To the left are details of the "Gents Extra", "Cork Top Racer", and the "Ladies Extra" from the 1899 Schwinn "World" catalog.
It is very unlikely that you are looking for Schwinn seats from the 1800s, but there they are.
The most popular seats are surprizingly availible out there to be bought and sold on places like Ebay. (To the left of this page are Schwinn seats that are availible now. Pretty cool huh?)


Below is a detailed image from the 1939 Schwinn catalog and the quoted description of the seats. It is worth noting that for the pre-war era of Schwinn bikes "seats" were always called "saddles".

1939 schwinn seat

Schwinn Paramount touring saddle (left in image)
At last - a saddle you can ride, patterned after the best standard foriegn type. Mattress spring suspension covered with heavy leather. Shaped to give rider easiest and most comfortable seat with free leg action.

Schwinn Supierior touring saddle (right in image)
Same construction as Schwinn Paramount saddle except that the top is of imitation leather.

Pre-war Schwinn Seats

1940s mesinger schwinn seat

The seats above are obviously pre-war, but I just want to spend a moment on the term "pre-war". Trying to find a seat for a particular year is sometimes very difficult, as many years the seats went unchanged. If you are looking for a Schwinn saddle from before 1945, I suggest you search Google using the term "prewar saddles" and you will likely find better results.
To the right is a restored Mesinger brand seat (saddle) for 26 inch bicycles, mainly used on the more deluxe 40s and early 50s Schwinn bicycles. Full size deluxe seats work on Whizzer, Schwinn B models, cycle trucks and most deluxe Schwinn models from the mid 20th century.
Schwinn built bikes used different seat manufacturers like Mesinger, Troxel, and Brooks saddle, a company that still makes those same seats!

schwinn S seat

The Schwinn "S" Seat - 1959

In 1959 Schwinn introduced the world to the "S" seat, or as they called it... the Schwinn Monogram Saddle. This two tone seat became the iconinc image of Schwinn bicycles. The colors it came in were blue, coppertone, red, pink, lavander, blue, black, and yellow. These seats are my favorite and i used to decorate my walls with them...

schwinn seat decorateschwinn seat decorate

The S seat was first shown off in the beautiful 1959 Schwinn catalog and was featured on the Panther 2 and the Debutante with a small illustration shown to the left.
The two tone Schwinn "S" seats were colorful, stylish, and were a big hit with customers. The s seats remained on Schwinn bikes through out the 50s, 60s, 70s and have returned to newer Schwinn models.

Banana Seats - 1964

schwinn stingray deluxe banana seats

In the 1964 Schwinn catalog they changed the bicycle world with the wildly popular Schwinn Stingray.
One of the most visually different things about the Stingray was the seat.
schwinn stingray banana seats They offered a "deluxe Stingray Saddle" (right) and a plain old "Stingray saddle" (left) but as we all know, no one ever really called them "Stingray saddles" they were to become forever known as a "banana seat".
Banana seats were very popular inthe 60s and 70s.
They came in a mind boggling array of colors and styles but the main ones offered by Schwinn initialy were just solid colors, solid colors with the schwinn "s" with stripe, and for the ladies version -- the Fair Lady there were floral prints. Later Schwinn and other banana seat manufacturers offered many many more options.

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The 9 Best Child Bike Seats of 2021

Final Verdict

An option that can grow with your child until they reach 40 pounds, the Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Bike Seat (view at Amazon) receives plenty of safety points thanks to its three-point harness and leg restraints. As a bonus, it’s easy to install and offers breathability thanks to the vented seat. 

If you prefer the security of a front-mounted seat, the iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat (view at Amazon) is ideal for younger kids and features a fun toy steering wheel for pretend play. 

What to Look for When Buying a Child Bike Seat

Type of Mount

The first thing to decide before buying a child bike seat is if you want a rear, front or mid-mount.  A rear-mounted seat is the most popular and because it is behind the rider where there is more room, the actual seat is larger. A front-mounted seat is often preferred by the adult so they have eyes on their little one at all times and the view is not restricted for the child. There are also mid-mount seats on the market and are often used on mountain bikes. 


Finding a bike seat that is compatible can be tough, and there is such a wide variety of options making it less standardized. With a rear mount, if it cannot attach to the bike frame a rack can be used which is often required to be purchased separately. The size of the seat tube and the saddle seat proximity to the frame of the bike are both important in determining which bike seat will work. 


Once you have decided on the type of mount and narrowed down the options that are compatible, take a look at the added features. The comfort and cushioning may be important to you, or perhaps you want a seat that is easy to install and take off and on. Some bike seats have better head and neck support than others. You will want to check out all the specs and added features before pulling the trigger.


Do child bike seats fit all bikes? 

Not all child bike seats are compatible with all bikes.  A lot of brands will offer separate mounts that can be purchased but make sure you look into what will work with your bike. Confirm whether the seat attaches to the bike rack or seat post.    

Which is safer, a child bike seat or trailer?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of bike trailers over child bike seats. if there is the option. However, if you need something narrow for roadway biking or crowded sidewalks, a child bike seat will do as long as both you and your child are wearing helmets and you regularly check with the CPSC to ensure there are no recalls on your product.

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Additional reporting to this story by Deanna McCormack

Deanna McCormack is a freelance writer who focuses on lifestyle, family, and commerce. She regularly purchases and tests items for early childhood and has two kids of her own under the age of 3. Deanna lives in sunny Arizona where it’s always bike season, and her older child enjoys his UrRider Child Bike Seat.

Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat

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Product Details

  • Extra soft foam provides superior comfort, even on long rides
  • Coil springs act as shock absorbers, perfect for riding on rough or bumpy roads
  • Water resistant cover provides protection from the elements
  • Add flair to your bike with the retro-styled seat
  • Can be used by the casual rider or serious cyclist- ideal addition to almost any cruiser


Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: How wide is this seat?

    Answer: the seat at the top is 9.25" approx. from seam to seam. the base at the bottom is more. but the part you sit on is 9.25". Nice seat but at 200lbs and 5'8" it's still a little too narrow for my comfort. It worked okay until I got the Bell Sports Comfort 950 Noseless Bicycle Seat. That seat is 12.75" across the top seam to seam and felt much better to me personally. I would have liked it even better is the seat was just flat across the top but it the best seat so far and I have tried 4 seats after the original.
  • Question: I am looking for a new seat because my old one is causing me testicular pains, would you recommend this?

    Answer: Think I had exactly the same problem; perhaps not as specific as you state. Anyway, the pillow top seat is VERY COMFORTABLE. The factory installed seat on my Schwinn Surburban was too long and a bit hard. The pillow top is a lot easier on your bottom and I found that it also relieved some leg muscle pain that I had attributed to bike riding exertion. I think this is a good upgrade for your bike.
  • Question: Is smallness of this seat a real issue(reviews)?How is this seat small compared to the hard banana size(or tiny triangle) seats that come w/the bike?

    Answer: I thought the same thing- I'm not sure why it matters how small this is when standard seats are a quarter of the size. It is much larger than the one my bike came with and it isn't as big as my behind but it's still world's better than standard.
  • Question: Did anyone have to buy any kind of adapter or anything to install this seat on their bike? If so, what kind? Or is it pretty standard/fit any bike?

    Answer: This does NOT fit on older Sears bikes. The screws have to be tightened beyond what is possible in order for it to stay on.
  • Question: Does your butt feel the quilt pattern at all? I'm Autistic (with SPD) and have special sensory needs... Thanks

    Answer: I would have to ride my bike again and take that into consideration. It is the most comfortable bike seat I have ever had. I'm sure if you were to ride naked you would feel the quilting.
  • Question: Would this fit the ad2 airdyne by schwinn?

    Answer: This fits any bike with a standard seat post. Thanks!
  • Question: Does it fit a 24 inch mongoose bike

    Answer: It should fit any bike with a standard size seat po
  • Question: How wide

    Answer: Not exact but guessing probably 12 inches wid
  • Question: Does this fit on all bikes?

    Answer: I don't know about all bike but I put this one on a stationary bike and it would fit any bike I have ever owned and I am almost 68.

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Customer Reviews

Do•• ••D.

October 8, 2021

Saves the children but needs better engineering

I got this bc I'm a man and am concerned for the ergonomics of vascular region between the legs. I had this sort of seat years ago, but sold that bike. I bought this and am overall happy with it, but there maybe better solutions. Specifically, the connection to the seat stem is limited, meaning the angle you can put the seat is not incredibly vertiginous; it's very horizontal. Also, one can't slide this seat back as far as a traditional seat, meaning you may need a larger frame to comfortably fit on this. However the cushion is soft, the construction is good, and it works.

Th•• ••ve

October 6, 2021

Schwinn comfort seat.

Easy to install and adjust.

MK•• ••

October 5, 2021

Didn't work for me

Maybe the post on my bike wasn't angled for this saddle. It felt like my pedals were behind me. I moved the saddle forward, backwards, tilted down a bit, but I couldn't get it comfortable.

Br•• ••an

October 4, 2021

Surprisingly comfortable.

Over all a little small, but surprisingly comfortable. Easy to install. Not extremely sturdy . But it is comfortable enough that I intend, after about 6 months if it holds up well, to buy a second one as I have 3 scwhinn airdyne exercise bikes. If the over all dimensions were increased by a couple inches this seat would be extremely impressive.

Ea•• ••nn

October 4, 2021

So comfortable!

I have an ample behind that needs a seat to match. This seat is so comfortable. My bike is for fun & joyride, not exactly exercise, and this seat makes me feel like I can just cruise around in well-supported style. Super easy to install, I didn't even need to get YouTube trained to do it!

AC•• ••57

October 1, 2021

Easy seat

Seat installed easily and very comfortable. The springs work well underneath but recommend spraying some lubricant on them to keep them from squeaking. Good price and would recommend.

Am•• ••er

September 26, 2021

Not that comfortable

Don't really like this one, it's overhyped.

Ri•• ••on

September 26, 2021

uncomfortable and small

I am 6'1" and 170 lbs. Was too small and uncomfortable and the front edge of the seat cut into my thighs where they join the pelvis. Was not helped by any adjustment of seat.

jo•• ••ke

September 25, 2021

It works.

The seat is not terribly exciting or fancy however it is very comfortable and reasonably priced. It really meets all of my needs very well.

Wi•• ••J.

September 25, 2021

Now I ride in comfort

The seat that came on the bicycle killed me to ride. This seat is excellent. I'm 81 years of age & yes I still love riding my bike.

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