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Zeta Tau Alpha Jewelry & LavalieresThe Greatest Selection. Period.

The assortment of Greek merchandise that we sell at Greek Gear includes some pretty amazing Zeta Tau Alpha Jewelry pieces. We have them categorized under different sections on this page, including rings, bracelets and necklace charms.

Any kind of jewelry is a girl's best friend and makes a wonderful gift. The blue Zeta Tau Alpha Bangle Bracelet is a must-have that she'll be tempted to wear every day that she heads off to class. It's open so it's adjustable to any wrist size. For a bracelet that will be the perfect accessory to a formal outfit or gown, get a White Pearl and Clear Bracelet.

She'll get lots of compliments from her friends when she wears the trendy Cross Bar Necklace to classes, parties and get togethers on campus. It's a throwback to the nameplate necklaces that were popular in the 80s and 90s. Scroll more to see the Sterling Silver Ear Cuff with Black Enamel Greek letters -- it's a hip way to show off your ZTA letters.

When you order your Zeta Tau Alpha Jewelry, it will come delivered to you or your recipient in a nice little gift box. While you're buying something for your friend, why not get something for yourself as well!

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Stackable CZ Band Ring


Wynterice Watch


Lux Bracelets


Chased Single Letter Guard


Pierced Crown Charm


Crest Earrings


One World One Heart Dangle (Limited Edition)


Rory Necklace


Crown Sapphire Badge

Official Jewelry

Package of 10 Bubble Guards

Pins & Buttons

Zeta Filigree Crest Ring


Wynterice Watch



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