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Abatron Liquid Wood Epoxy Wood Consolidant (2 Pints)

With LiquidWood, a piece of deteriorated wood that could crumble under finger pressure can be impregnated and restored to a rigid, durable, water and weather resistant wood superior to its original. The hardened mass can be sawed, planed, routed, carved, drilled, nailed, sanded, glued, and painted. LiquidWood is also a primer for WoodEpox.

Uses: LiquidWood is ideal for regenerating and waterproofing rotted, dried-out or spongy window sills, thresholds, window and door frames, columns, stair steps, balustrades, floors, capitals, moldings, doors, shutters, indoor and outdoor furniture, archaeological and art restoration, boats, and millwork of all kinds.


Features & Benefits: LiquidWood has exceptional adhesion, structural strength, versatility, permanence, dimensional stability, and water resistance. LiquidWood A and B are easy to use, are 100% reactive compounds, and contain no VOC’s or noxious odors.

Technical Characteristics: Contents: LiquidWood consists of 2 clear, epoxy liquids: resin (A) and hardener (B). When A and B are mixed together in equal volumes, by simple stirring, a blend is formed with unusual properties to impregnate and restore wood and other porous masses. 


Application: Pour or brush on the wood where it penetrates the fibers and hardens into a water-resistant, distortion-free, high-strength mass in hours or minutes. 100% solids. 1/1 ratio. 30 minute pot life. 

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This post was first published on Hometalk and was sponsored by Retique It. All opinions are my own.

My oh my I never thought I would be using a product like this! From chalk paint to milk paint to white wash, I feel like I’ve used it all. Then I discovered how to use Retique It Liquid Wood. This stuff is so cool! Who would have thought you could blend actual wood into a paint product. Let me show you how with a folding table makeover.

Every day there are new paint products on the market. Friends, this one is different.

When the folks at Retique It reached out and wanted me to create a project using their liquid wood, I figured I would makeover an old dresser. But the more I thought about it, the more I decided I wanted to transform a non wood surface into a real wood surface. Why not right?

Hence the folding table makeover…

Where do we start?

Let me show you the “before” picture of my folding table.

folding table before the Liquid Wood
folding table before the Liquid Wood makeover
folding table before the Liquid Wood makeover

I used this table for so many different projects; mainly as a craft table hence the stains on the table top. Since I use this table even when I film craft videos, I wanted to make it look a little more presentable. Normally I would cover it with a table cloth, but I’m hoping the Retique It Liquid Wood will give it a new look where I don’t have to cover it anymore.

Folding tables can be so functional and I’m about to make it functional and fabulous.

Video tutorial on how to use Retique It Liquid Wood

Before I get into the liquid wood tutorial, let me show you what I did to the base.

Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the Amazon links in this post.

I spray painted the legs and base with my favorite gold spray paint!

spray painting legs of table

If you’ve been inside my house you will notice tons of surfaces painted with this spray paint. Like I always say, don’t underestimate the power of paint, even a little spray paint!

It’s looking better now! Or maybe I think everything looks better in gold. 🙂

folding table with a spray painted base
folding table with a spray painted base
folding table with a spray painted base

Now for the fun part…

Supplies for Folding Table Makeover

You can buy a “graining tool kit” from Amazon here. It includes the Liquid Wood product, stain, graining tool set, paint brush and staining cloth.

After you’ve cleaned the surface, open the Retique It Liquid Wood product and stir it really well. Make sure scrape the bottom of the can to mix all those little wood sediments real well.

How to use Retique It Liquid Wood for a folding table makeover

  1. Apply the Retique It Liquid Wood in long even brush strokes with a synthetic paint brush.

Make sure you use a synthetic brush with the Liquid Wood. Don’t use a bristle brush (the brushes you use with chalk paint).

Let it sit for two hours to dry. Don’t worry about brush strokes.

painting the first coat of Liquid Wood

2. Apply the Second coat of Liquid Wood and while it’s still wet use the graining tool.

Applying the second coat of Liquid Wood and using the graining tool

Grab the graining tool and pull it in long even strokes rolling it while you pull. This creates the “wood grain look.”

Note; don’t press too hard or you will pull up the Liquid Wood. If you do mess up, just roll the graining tool over the same area again. If you still don’t like it, apply another layer of Liquid Wood and then use the graining tool again.

using the Retique It graining tool
after using the graining tool
Retique It liquid wood applied to a folding table

Once it’s dry this is what it looked like. You can see the wood grain variations a lot better once it’s dry.

graining tool with Retique It liquid wood

3. Put the gloves on, grab a foam brush or regular brush and start to apply the stain in the direction of the wood grain.

applying stain to the Retique It Liquid wood

You can use a variety of stain products like Varathane stains as long as they aren’t penetrating stains. Minwax is a penetrating stain- don’t use a product like this. I would image it’s because there isn’t much to penetrate!

4. Next take a lint free cloth and wipe away the excess stain.

wiping away the liquid wood stain

Repeat this process until you get the desired finish.

adding polyurethane to the Retique It Liquid Wood

5. Add a layer (or two) of your favorite sealer. I’m using the Retique It Polyurethane.

I LOVE the Retique It products because they have virtually no VOC’s, which means almost NO PAINT ODOR! This is huge because I’m guilty of painting inside our house more than I want to admit.

Folding table makeover with Retique It Liquid Wood

How to use Retique It Liquid Wood with a Folding Table Makeover
How to use Retique It Liquid Wood with a Folding Table Makeover
Retique It Liquid Wood with a Folding Table Makeover
Retique It Liquid Wood with a Folding Table Makeover
How to use Retique It Liquid Wood
Retique It Liquid Wood with a Folding Table Makeover

Active Time1 hour

Additional Time4 hours

Total Time5 hours


Estimated Cost50- 80 dollars


  • Retique It Liquid Wood
  • Retique It java stain
  • Retique It polyurethane
  • Synthetic paint brush
  • Foam brush
  • Gloves
  • Lint free cloth
  • Graining tool


  1. First clean the surface really well. Make sure there are no dust particles. You don't need to strip the paint or sealer, just make sure it's clean and smooth.
  2. Stir the Liquid Wood product really well. Make sure you stir all the wood particles at the bottom of the can.
  3. Apply the first layer of Liquid Wood with long even brush strokes with a synthetic brush. Let it dry for two hours.
  4. Apply the second coat of Liquid Wood.
  5. While it's still wet, use the graining tool. Pull the tool in long even strokes rolling it as you go to create the wood grain effect.
  6. Let it dry for another two hours.
  7. Apply the wood stain of your choice. Penetrating stains are not recommended.
  8. Use a lint free rag to wipe away excess stain.
  9. Repeat step 7 and 8 until you get the desired finish.
  10. Add a sealer to the surface once the stain is dry. Apply 1-2 layers of sealer.

how to use Retique It Liquid Wood

What could YOU make over with this fabulous product?

I’m off to find something else to transform.


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Retique It® Tripletique is a high solids, super hard, scratch restistant, clear finish with exceptional clarity. It is by far our hardest and clearest waterbased top coat.

Tripletique will build to a high depth very quickly due to its high solids content.

Tripletique will not yellow even the whitest of white painted finishes. Tripletique is a low odor, ultra-low VOC* top coat that can easily be applied indoors.


  1. Before application, use a lint free cloth to make sure the area to be sealed is free of dust or debris.
  2. Stir Well: Never Shake. Use a good quality brush or sprayer. When spraying, always follow the manufacturer’s setting and thinning recommendations.
  3. Apply 2-3 coats thin coats, allowing each coat to dry for 4 hours under ideal conditions - 70° F / 25% to 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures and/or higher humidity may require longer drying times.
  4. Clean up with soap and water. 5. Keep objects off the finish until fully cured... (3-10 days dep. on humidity) * VOC less than 5g/L.

Retique it liquid wood

Thank you for mentioning Retique It Liquid Wood. My Name is James Corwin, I am the CEO of Renaissance Innovations, LLC. We are the manufacturer's of Retique It Liquid Wood. This is a brand new technology that is actually real liquid wood. This is the reason we were able to patent it. Paint it on any hard surface and when it dries you have a layer of actual unstained wood. Not faux but real wood. It looks like wood, it feels like wood because it is wood. You don't have to use a graining tool on it. You can simply apply a stain like you would any wood. Not only can you paint it over wood, painted surface, mdf, etc. You can also use a wood filler to fix a piece then paint Retique it over the whole piece and stain it. As far as we know, this is the only way to stain over wood filler and have it come out perfectly uniform. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We live and operate out of Apex, NC.
Take a look at our videos. We released Retique It a year ago and our national TV ad campaign begins in 3 weeks. We are working on an exterior formula which would allow you to turn a garage door into a wood finished garage door or put a wood floor on a porch. You have nothing to loose with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We will tell you that some stains are better than others. They all should work but we really like Varathane 3x faster wood stain, Old Masters and Sherwin Williams the best.
Take a look at our demonstration videos at


This farmhouse table had 2 one inch holes in it. A graining tool was used to get the raised pronounced grain. You don't have to use a graining tool if you want a more contemporary look...



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How to: Retique It Liquid Wood \u0026 Furniture Paint Demonstration Video

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