White storage cabinet

White storage cabinet DEFAULT

Crestview Collection Magnolia White Storage Cabinet-CVFZR3682

Magnolia louvered 2 door tall white storage cabinet 26x16x74.

  • Lower Storage Shelf
  • 2 Tall Doors
  • 74" Height

Crestview Collection has been manufacturing decorative furniture for over 30 years. They are a leading source for accent furniture, portable lighting, wall decor, and accessories. Whatever you are looking for to add that final touch to your home, it is easy to find the best fit with the vast selection of designs and finishes available.

More Attributes

Shipping Dimensions29"L x 19"W x 78"H

Misc. Specs

Depth (in.)16
Width (in.)26
Height (in.)74
Number of Doors2
Sours: https://www.colders.com/product/crestview-collection-magnolia-white-storage-cabinet-cvfzr3682-345339

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Cabinet white storage

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Large White Storage Cabinet

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