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Aesthetic Storage Baskets for BILLY Bookcase Shelves

Between Marie Kondo, The Home Edit, and looking at our homes more during quarantine, I&#;m willing to bet you&#;re in just as much an organizing spree as me. One place that particularly needed some aesthetic organization help was my office. AKA the studio. A few BILLY bookcases later, my &#;until further notice, permanent&#; office was coming together. It just needed some cute storage.

Finding nice looking storage options that fit the depth of the BILLY bookcase was shockingly difficult to find. The BILLY bookcase interior shelf size is exactly 10¼&#;w x 29¾&#;l (14¼&#;l for the smaller unit). I&#;d recommend not getting a basket that fits perfectly. Go slightly smaller for more visual breathing room to keep your shelf looking less cluttered. I also disregarded height in these options since you can adjust the BILLY shelves to whatever you want.

  1. Hand-Woven Palm Leaf Basket | $13
    S: 13¼&#; w x 9½&#;d x 5&#; h
    This is one of my favorites!! The weave and color are slightly different than most woven baskets, so it helps add variation to your shelf.
  2. Black Wire Grid Storage Bin | $
    S: 7&#; sq. x 6&#; h
    M: 9&#; sq. x 6&#; h
    L: 13&#; x 9&#; x 6&#; h
    Remember when wire baskets were de facto? This version feels updated with the thicker (and much safer!) edge and handle cutout.
  3. Water Hyacinth Storage Bin | $
    XS: 10¾&#;w x 7½&#;d x 4&#; h
    S: 13¼&#;w x 9&#;d x 6&#; h
    Another personal favorite, though I&#;ve seen almost the exact same design at Home Goods.
  4. Square Fabric Lined Basket | $15
    8&#;w x 8&#;d x 4&#;h
    A lined basket is a great choice if you&#;re storing delicate supplies. You could also DIY a basket liner for any of these other options.
  5. Storage Basket with Lid | $15
    11¾&#;w x 7¾&#;d x 4&#;h
    I love how completely organic this one looks. Slightly too small for paper, but possibly great storage for letters and mail.
  6. Recycled Fabric Patchwork Basket | $
    S: 7&#;diam. x 8&#;h
    Diego Olivero partnered with Southwest Creations Collaborative, a women-driven organization providing living wages and educational opportunities to low-income communities, to create these baskets from West Elm deadstock.
  7. Round Handwoven Colourful Sisal Basket | $22+
    S: 5&#;w x 5&#;h
    M: 7¾&#; w x 7¾&#;h
    Fairtrade baskets help communities build generational wealth. There are a ton of resources for finding ethical fair trade crafts and there might even be a local option near you!
  8. Storage Box with Lid | $13
    12¾&#;w x 9¾&#;d x 7¼&#;h
    Also great plain lidded options are photo storage boxes.
  9. Customizable Felt Storage Basket | $39+
    S: &#;w x &#;d x &#;h
    M: &#;w x &#;d x 9&#;h
    Custom sizes available
    OACHY uses Eco Felt for a durable, lightweight, wear-resistant basket that comes in the most beautiful colors.
  10. Black Bamboo Basket | $15
    13 ¾&#;w x 9 ¾&#;d x 7 ¾&#;h
    A lot of IKEA storage has a distinct IKEA look. This bamboo basket manages to break the mold and strikes a modern & natural balance.
  11. Small Leaf Basket With Rolled Edge | $15
    8&#;w x 8&#;d x 6&#;h
    Another favorite for the same reason as the palm leaf basket. The pattern and color are just different enough that it&#;ll help keep your eye moving without being distracting.
  12. Yamazaki Dual Handle Storage Basket | $35
    S: &#;w x &#;d x &#;h
    L: 14&#;w x &#;d x &#;h
    The Instagram pantry classic. The OG design that spun off many look-alikes. The original sizes are perfect for a BILLY bookcase.
  13. Natural Folio Bin | $14
    12&#;w x 17&#;d x 6&#;h
    Folio baskets are the perfect size for hiding important documents in plain sight.
  14. Studio McGee Woven Box | $
    S: 7&#;w x 5&#;d x &#;h
    L: 10&#;w x &#;d x &#;h
    Every time I go to Target, I fight the urge to buy these. My bookcases are perfectly full, but I love the ease of styling this as a set.
  15. Rectangular Basket with Color Bands | $20
    11&#;w x 10&#;d x 8&#;h
    These are even prettier in person! It&#;s hard to tell from the photos, but there are deep emerald bands woven throughout the basket. There is also a round version that fits the Billy too!
Aesthetic Storage Baskets for BILLY Bookcase Shelves
Sours: https://ctrlcurate.com/storage-baskets-billy-bookcase-shelves/

KOMPLEMENT Wire basket - x58x16 cm

KOMPLEMENT Wire basket - x58x16 cm
Article number
-Comfortable Way to store folded clothes.
-Vydvigaetsya And provides quick access to the right things.
-Durable Steel wire; can withstand heavy loads such as bedding.
product dimensions
Width: cm
Frame, width: cm
Depth: cm
Frame, depth: 58 cm
Height: cm
Max load: 15 kg

Packaging dimensions and weight
Main parts: Steel, Pigmented powder coating based on epoxy / polyester
Runners: Polypropylene
Care instructions
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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I like it!GRACEI like it!4

I love this baskets I"mElizabethI love this baskets I'm waiting for Ikea to send me a email stating that there is more to order.5

Great colorIdaLove this basket, especially the color. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be.5

RISATORPAntonioelegant addition to my kitchen5

Using as my gardening basket.HALEYUsing as my gardening basket. Love it5

I love itAnnaI love it4

I love itAnnaI love it4

Great productStevenWell designed and made.5

Love this for my veggies,KIMLove this for my veggies, will be picking up another one soon!5


Perfect for pantry storage!TessaPerfect for pantry storage!5

Great basket!JeannieLove this super useful basket.5

Practical and attractiveSandraLove this user friendly basket! It is practical and attractive!5

PerfectPThese baskets are beautiful and functional.5

Great findREBEKAHHigh quality basket that looks really cute in my kitchen! Wish they would bring back the red color though.5

High quality, no plasticAnnThis is a perfect size to store items in my pantry and on my shelf. Nice shape, attractive appearance, and no plastic!5

Perfect sizeHeatherWe were looking for a storage basket for an smaller size space and this fits perfectly. Great value and well made!5

Love these Baskets!SusanThese cute little baskets are the perfect size for storing many different things. I use them to store pet supplies, craft items, medicines, etc. I have used them to hold a plant as well. They come in different colors at different times of the year too.5

Holds the perfect amount ofKELLYHolds the perfect amount of yarn5

Love Love Love these basketsJennifer L.Just enough color. The perfect size for fruits , potatoes , Onions. I bought three and am thinking I can also use in my office as well.5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/risatorp-wire-basket-white/

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Baskets white ikea wire

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UTRUSTA Wire basket drawer 60 cm for IKEA METOD kitchen self assembly installation guide 002.046.72

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