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Could Vegeta's Ultra Ego and Goku's Ultra Instinct Become Dragon Ball's Perfect Fusion?

Neither Ultra Ego nor Ultra Instinct could defeat Granolah in Dragon Ball Super, but what would happen if they were used together?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter 75 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook, and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.

The unveiling of Vegeta's Ultra Ego transformation has turned Dragon Ball Super on its head. Even though Goku and Vegeta each fell to Granolah despite their divine powers, the powershift brought about by Ultra Ego's debut has endless, exciting possibilities. While it's certainly impressive that Granolah was able to defeat Goku's Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego, how would he fare if Goku and Vegeta Fused with their new powers?

Goku's and Vegeta's partnership is more exciting than ever now that they both have godly abilities to further improve upon. Most interestingly, it appears that Goku has some catching up to do for once, considering that Vegeta's Ultra Ego fared much better against Granolah than Goku's Ultra Instinct did. Let's take a closer look at these two divine powers and discuss what could happen if Goku and Vegeta ever decided to use Fusion again in the future.

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Vegeta's Ultra Ego & Goku's Ultra Instinct

Ultra Ego is not technically the power of Destroyer Gods, it's simply Vegeta's name for the form he takes on when he wields the power of Destruction. Achieved from his training under Lord Beerus, Ultra Ego causes Vegeta to get a boost to his power whenever he takes damage in battle. Deliberately getting hit by his opponent's attacks is the best way for Vegeta to capitalize on the form's limitless potential, but the downside is that once his stamina gives out, he is no longer powered up by his opponent's attacks.

Ultra Instinct is the technique used by Angels, which Whis has confirmed is not a transformation, but rather a state of mind. The power of Ultra Instinct allows the user's body to move without thinking, granting unbelievable speed and reflexes that prevent the user from taking damage. When used for offense, Ultra Instinct allows the user to maximize their attack power with the most efficient and effective strikes. However, when Ultra Instinct is used inexpertly, the user is left vulnerable, and their attacks become ineffective.

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Could Goku's and Vegeta's Fusion Use Ultra Ego AND Ultra Instinct?

In the past, Goku's and Vegeta's Fusions, Vegito and Gogeta, have used techniques that only one of the Saiyans actually knows, so it's only logical that this would apply to their divine abilities as well. Considering that Ultra Ego is a transformation, while Ultra Instinct is a state of mind, it stands to reason that the techniques could be used simultaneously. Goku has already used Ultra Instinct while using the Super Saiyan God transformation, so using it on top of powerups is already canonically possible.

Despite being opposites, Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct complement each other perfectly. Ultra Ego's dependence on taking damage is its greatest weakness because once the user's stamina gives out, he's no longer powered up by taking hits. Ultra Instinct would perfectly cover for this by allowing the user to pick and choose which of his opponent's attacks to deliberately be struck by. It'd also allow him to avoid further injury when he is approaching the limits of his endurance. On the other hand, Ultra Instinct isn't infallible, and a powerful fighter can still land a blow against it, but simultaneously using Ultra Ego would turn this into an advantage.

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If Goku and Vegeta Fuse, Where Does Dragon Ball Super Go Next?

Goku's and Vegeta's Fusions, Vegito and Gogeta, are already so overpowered with Super Saiyan Blue that it's hard to imagine how strong they'd be with Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct. Vegito is too powerful for Potara Earrings to handle and Gogeta busted a hole into another dimension in his fight against Broly. Adding Goku's and Vegeta's new, divine powers to their Fusions would create warriors far beyond anything the series has ever seen.

The ability to wield the power of Destroyer Gods and Angels at the same time would make it hard to believe that there could be an enemy that Goku and Vegeta would lose to if they Fused. As a result, Dragon Ball Super will probably do with Fusion what Dragon Ball Z did with the Saiyans' ability to get stronger after a near-death experience -- just quietly stop doing it and pretend it never existed in the first place.

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This article is about the ability. For the incomplete transformation, see Ultra Instinct Sign. For the complete transformation, see Perfected Ultra Instinct. For other uses, see Ultra Instinct (disambiguation).

"You two are still thinking before you move rather than just moving. I'm afraid this habit is especially strong with you, Vegeta. This overthinking is limiting your fighting speed. Messages can only travel through your nervous system so fast. When you rely on thoughts for physical action, you lose precious fighting time. (...) Your end goal should be to master the ability to have each part of your body move independently of the other parts. But I admit this is exceedingly difficult; In fact, not even Lord Beerus has mastered it, and he's a god."
— Whis explaining Ultra Instinct to Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Autonomous Ultra Instinct

Migatte no Goku'i

Alternate names

Mastery of Self-Movement
Secret of Selfishness
Selfish Doctrine
Autonomous Ultra Instinct
Absolute Impulse

Autonomous Ultra Instinct (の,Migatte no Goku'i, lit. "The Secret of the Self-centered") is a very rare and highly advanced mental state. It is notorious among the gods for being exceptionally difficult to master, even for them.[1]

This ability can only truly be used once the transformation that enables one to utilize it is achieved,[1] this transformation must then go on to be completed and further refined. It is, however, possible to utilize this ability, or its principles, to a limited degree without the transformations.


Autonomous Ultra Instinct is considered the "absolute peak" for those who master the martial arts. It effectively allows for each and every part of the users body to think and move independently of all the other parts, as opposed to how a person normally has to think about their movements beforehand and let the command travel from the brain and through the nervous system. A sequence which wastes precious fighting time, as command signals only travel through the nerves so fast.

With each part of the body able to think and act on its own, the user of this technique is able to automatically react to any situation or threat with the perfect move with perfect timing. They don’t even need to acknowledge the threat; meaning the user can still fight effectively, even if they are focusing on something else.

Limitations and Drawbacks

While Ultra Instinct seems to make the user virtually unbeatable, it is not an absolute guarantee against all danger, as shown by Whis being oblivious to stepping on poop or (in the anime) when Goku managed to bite Whis to escape his hold, possibly because they were not of genuine danger to his being as they were such obscure threats. In addition, it is also seen that someone with colossal raw power can bypass the instantaneous defense impulse of Ultra Instinct. In fact, if users of the ability face each other and one of them has a refinement of the Ultra Instinct superior to the other, they will have an advantage and will be able to bypass the instant defense without inconvenience. While using the ability may make the user's vital points extremely difficult to target, it is still possible for an immensely-focused attack to break through if the user is not careful, as demonstrated by Granolah's Evolved Right Eye.

In the anime, since Ultra Instinct is a technique of the Gods, for mortals without sufficient divine training, there is one major risk of using Ultra Instinct. Similar to the reckless over-usage of Kaio-ken, the user can only sustain the sheer power of the ability for only a minute or so before their body breaks down from pushing itself so far beyond ones natural limits. Once this time limit is reached, blood will rupture from the user's body and dark ki electrical shocks will cause them severe pain and eventually force them into unconsciousness. In more severe cases, Whis noted it could potentially kill the user. In the manga, there is no such risk, as a mortal user will only be worn out after using the Ultra Instinct for some time. In any case, both in anime and manga, once the mortal has the proper training and is able to access the ability at will, they will no longer be at risk of suffering the adverse effects. According to Whis, however, even once a mortal has mastered the form, there is still a time limit on the form. This was shown during Goku's battle with Granolah, as though he had the edge due to his usage of his Perfected Ultra Instinct form, the accuracy of it dropped during the course of the fight, till Granolah could once again strike him.


The ability requires the user to have extreme and refined self-control over themself, something that very few warriors (even those considered geniuses), naturally have. For that reason, Ultra Instinct is extremely difficult to master, even by the standards of deities. In order to learn to use it, there appear to be three steps, the last one more challenging than the others:

  1. The user must clear their mind completely and abandon any distraction or thought that would disrupt the focus of their body so that it concentrates only on the current struggle through natural reaction (or instinct).
  2. The user needs to break their "self-limitation shell" in an extreme way in order to explore their most intimate hidden potential. In the anime, Whis points out that for this to happen, it is necessary for the user to experience a "trigger" of some kind, such as resisting an exceptionally strong attack (anime), or culminating the compression of multiple martial arts teachings (manga).
  3. The user must combine the first two steps without losing complete clarity and control of their emotions.

Completion of the final step is the most difficult to achieve, and until it is fully understood, Ultra Instinct, even if it is accessed, will remain incomplete and will not reach its full potential. In this regard, according to Whis, while dodging and moving is easy to master, attacking while in Ultra Instinct is far more difficult to learn, as fighters are inclined to think about their attacks before making them and constantly search for weaknesses in their opponents to exploit. Sending attack commands to the muscles sends contradictory signals to the muscles that are moving on their own, thus slowing the user down and weakening their attack capabilities while performing the move.

Although somewhat unorthodox, the entire Ultra Instinct learning process can be circumvented simply by copying/absorbing a user who has already mastered the ability. However, this method is not advisable; the risks of using Ultra Instinct without divine training are even greater, as the user's body is not be able to handle the overwhelming power of the ability and will suffer negative effects that will inevitably end up causing the death of the user. This is seen when Moro gained Ultra Instinct by copying Merus prior to his erasure, due to not undergoing the proper training to utilize these abilities, his body began to mutate once Goku was able to land hits on him.

Impossibility of learning

Due to the demand for extreme self-control and clarity, both in the mind and in terms of their emotions to learn Ultra Instinct, fighters of an analytical and moody nature are unable to learn the ability because of their tendency to think about their attacks and get carried away by their emotions during a fight. This is seen in the anime where Whis claims that Vegeta could hardly learn the skill, given his fighting style.

Vegeta attempted to make use of Ultra Instinct - by folding clothes in the manga, and by trying to instinctually dodge Catopesra in the anime - however he failed , leading him in the manga to realize he was not suited for learning the technique, and opted for a different path. By extension, due to Beerus' comments, it is indicated that the Gods of Destruction are incapable of fully mastering Ultra Instinct, due to their inherent nature preventing them from achieving the emotional balance necessary to master the ability. In order to make up for it, they tend to practice a derivative technique that takes advantage of their more impulsive tendencies in battle, the Ultra Ego.

Levels of precision and accuracy

According to Whis, although it is said that those capable of achieving Perfected Ultra Instinct have reached the absolute peak, the ability is just the "initial path" to obtain peak combat efficiency. In fact, just like any technique, Ultra Instinct can be perfected by its users so that their precision using the ability becomes even more refined.[5] This refinement, in turn, is only achieved when the user who masters the ability is able to use it without activating its transformation state, which will prevent their body from being harmed by the stress that the prolonged use of Ultra Instinct causes.[8]

The lowest level of this ability is when one is only capable of using it's principles. After achieving the perfected state of the Ultra Instinct transformation, Goku's use of the ability is said to be the bare minimum of what Ultra Instinct is truly capable of, referred to as being "at the bottom of the ladder". It is noted by Moro that with the Ultra Instinct he copied from Merus, his abilities are equal to Goku's, later Whis is said to have far greater mastery over the ability than Merus, while the Grand Minister's use of Ultra Instinct is even greater than what Whis'.

Usage and Power

Via transformation

Main articles: Ultra Instinct Sign and Perfected Ultra InstinctAngels are naturally in the Perfected Ultra Instinct state and this ability is said to be their signature. Whis was the first person shown using this ability.

Whis often uses this ability against Goku and Vegeta during training, and reveals its existence at around the time of Frieza's revenge. During his demonstration, Whis was able to casually observe the blooming flowers while effortlessly dodging Goku and Vegeta's combined assaults.

During the Tournament of Power, Goku achieves a transformation known as Ultra Instinct Sign for the first time. In this form, Goku is capable of using incomplete Ultra Instinct. However, Goku could only subconsciously activate this form after enduring prolonged stress against a stronger opponent and can only maintain it for a brief period of time before collapsing in exhaustion; his thoughts will somehow start to take control of his motions when Goku switched from defense to offense, which makes attacking less adequate. In the anime, Whis commented that before Goku is capable of exerting the full potential of Ultra Instinct, he has to master it at the offensive level, by separating his body from his consciousness while attacking. Frieza also noted that Goku's body needs to withstand overwhelming physical stress as the cost of such a boost in power.

Once Goku fully focused his heart and soul into the Ultra Instinct Sign form, he managed to access the completed form that gives him complete mastery of Ultra Instinct. In this ultimate state of fighting, Goku was able to utilize both the defensive and offensive might of this ability.

Prior to the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Goku could not access Ultra Instinct on his own and it only activates when he is in the direst of situations. Goku achieves the ability to use Ultra Instinct Sign at will during his training with Merus, a trainee Angel who also possesses the Ultra Instinct ability. Later, Merus comments that Goku is one step away from having full mastery of the skill. Afterward, after seeing Merus' sacrifice and maintaining calmness, Goku achieved a new clarity of spirit that allowed him to perfectly and consciously access the complete Ultra Instinct state. Goku had the complete ability to change from Ultra Instinct to his base form after severely wounding Moro before immediately changing back after Moro attacked Goku despite Goku sparing the wizard and giving him a Senzu Bean.

After copying Merus' abilities and gaining Ultra Instinct, Moro was able to fight on par with Goku and match his speed even when Goku was also using the state. However, due to Moro's body barely having any experience with Ultra Instinct, his body mutated into a large bloated state, rendering the form useless for him at that point.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Whis did not need to use this ability against Broly, simply using normal movements with no swiftness to dodge the Super Saiyan's assault.[9]

Grand Minister is an Ultra Instinct user of such a domain that he outperforms Whis in accuracy and, by extension, all of his children, thus making him the most powerful holder of the ability.[5]


In the anime, Goku shows the first signs of this ability when he first fought Beerus as a Super Saiyan 3, where he instinctively dodged Beerus before the destroyer even moved to attack, piquing Beerus' interest.

In the manga's Universe Survival Saga, during the Zeno Expo, Beerus uses Ultra Instinct against the other Gods of Destruction, enabling him to handle multiple Gods of Destruction simultaneously; however, he is eventually restrained by Mule due to not having yet perfected the ability.

Thanks to his many years of martial arts experience, Master Roshi became capable of utilizing a similar but not quite as advanced automatic dodging technique. He can instinctively anticipate the tactics and attack patterns of his foe (even while blindfolded), enabling him to seamlessly evade harm - causing Beerus to believe he was actually using Ultra Instinct itself. Such a feat made Whis declare that Master Roshi at the time was by far the closest mortal to understanding and mastering Ultra Instinct, even though he is unaware of it.

Master Roshi can only use this pseudo-form of Ultra Instinct when his heart is clear;[10] this makes the ability difficult for him to use due to his perverted nature. When Roshi utilized it against Miza, Iwaza and Kikaza, it was noted by Miza that Roshi had become stronger than before.

Roshi has used this power[10] on three occasions: during the Tournament of Power to defeat Kahseral, then against Jiren - where he was quickly overcome, and later once more against Miza, Iwaza and Kikaza - where he triumphed against the convicts until they merged. During the Tournament of Power, he also implied earlier in the tournament that he could use it to hold his own against the likes of Frost.[11]

In his mortal state, Merus utilizes Ultra Instinct to train Goku and to combat Moro on a few occasions, however, as he is not in his true Angel state he cannot use the ability to its full potency.

According to Whis, it is possible for Goku to use Ultra Instinct without needing to transform, thus it will free him of the stamina drain that is creating a time limit while using it with a transformation. After a period of time training with the angel, Goku is now able to access the ability even in his normal form,[12] though he needs to close his eyes to activate it outside of the full Ultra Instinct transformation. Vegeta notes during Goku's fight with Granolah that the Super Saiyan forms increase the accuracy of Ultra Instinct in battle, as demonstrated when Super Saiyan God Goku uses the technique to effortlessly slide through Granolah's energy volley.

While Master Roshi's usage of an Ultra Instinct-like ability is only talked about in the manga, Roshi performs a similar feat against the transformedGanos in the anime.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Ultra Instinct -Sign- appears as Ultra Instinct Sign Goku's Super Attack. In the fifth Big Bang Mission trailer for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the Saiyan Hero is able to utilize this ability to dodge the God of Destruction Berserker's punches before counter attacking, dodge a rush attack from the God of Destruction Hero then counter attack him from behind, and sense the God of Destruction Elite preparing to attack allowing him to get behind her and interrupt her attack before she can finish shortly after achieving Ultra Instinct -Sign- form after losing an Energy Clash between SSGSS Saiyan Hero's Kamehameha and the God of Destruction Hero's Sphere of Destruction.

In Dokkan Battle, iterations of Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) and Goku (Ultra Instinct), Whis and Vados have the ability represented by significantly high chances of evading the enemy's attacks. This holds especially true for two specific iterations of Goku (Ultra Instinct) and Whis, both of whom raise their defensive ability by astonishing amounts for every attack they evade.

In Xenoverse 2, Dodge appears as an ability for Ultra Instinct Goku. Additionally, Whis can use Dodge if attacked during a certain New Parallel Quest which acts as an in-game representation of his Ultra Instinct ability.

In Kakarot, Whis can use Ultra Instinct during training battles during which he automatically dodges every attack that should hit him.


The original Japanese term is a pun that cannot be translated neatly into English.

While the term gokui in Migatte no Gokui 身勝手の極意 can be translated as secret, quintessence or focus point, migatte usually means egoism or selfishness in Japanese. So without any contexts, Japanese people would understand this phrase as followed:

Japanese 身勝手 極意
Transliteration migatte no gokui
Literal translation self-centered linking particle


Translation the secret of the self-centered

But in the context of DBS and its world of martial artists, migatte must be understood in a more literal way:

Literal translation body to win/to surpass hand
Translation the body prevails over both hands

With the original meaning of self-centered, migatte must be understood with the body representing inner urges and the hands representing the interactions with people, thus politeness and good manners. But in the context of DBS, migatte must be re-interpreted as the inner reflexes of one's body taking over the deliberate movements of the hands.

Yet, by understanding what it's all about, most Japanese people would interpret migatte as being the contraction of the below phrase, fitting a modern Japanese view instead of the classical Chinese view of the above explanation:

Japanese 勝手 動く
Transliteration mi ga katte ni ugoku
Literal translation body subject particle one's own convenience adverbial particle to move
Translation the body moves on its own as it wants

So, the correct translation of Migatte no Gokui should be "the secret of the self-centered". This is obviously impractical to use as-is in an English adaptation of DBS. The official translation Ultra Instinct used in simulcasts still renders somewhat appropriately the original meaning by replacing the concept of an uncontrollable body with one's instincts.


  • This technique closely resembles the real-life martial art concept of Mushin (無心,lit. "Empty Mind"), a mental state that highly trained martial artists are said to be capable of entering during combat. It is essentially a moment where their body reacts without the need of having any specific intentions or plans in mind, having refined their instincts and intuition to a level where they can respond to any threat without the need for thought.


Beerus Ultra Instinct

Beerus utilizes Ultra Instinct to a limited degree

Roshi vs Female convicts 2

Roshi utilizes the principles of Ultra Instinct


Whis stops Vegeta's attack


Whis stops Goku's attack


Goku utilizing the defensive Ultra Instinct -Sign against Kefla


Goku utilizing the offensive might of Ultra Instinct -Sign- against Jiren


Goku using Ultra Instinct offensively against Jiren

Bandicam 2018-07-11 22-24-17-992

Goku using Ultra Instinct defensively against Jiren


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Dragon Ball: Why Vegeta Doesn't Want Goku's Ultra Instinct Form

Despite Ultra Instinct being the most powerful of all the discovered forms in the Dragon Ball universe, Vegeta has no interest in it. Why?

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta had no interest in unlocking the Ultra Instinct form. During the show’s Tournament of Power story, Goku’s training with Whis paid off when he accessed the Ultra Instinct transformation, which allowed him to react to attacks at an amazingly fast rate. Before figuring out how to use this state to its full extent, Goku was able to physically challenge Universe 11’s Jiren and defeat Kefla. After developing the complete Ultra Instinct form, Goku was able to overwhelm Jiren without much difficulty.

Currently, Ultra Instinct is the most powerful transformation in the Dragon Ball universe. However, it’s not something that Goku’s rival is actively pursuing. Though Vegeta’s biggest goal has always been to surpass Goku, acquiring Ultra Instinct for himself isn’t a priority for the character. In his battles with Top and Jiren, Vegeta never attempted to acquire Goku’s new power-up. Instead, he managed to achieve the next level of Super Saiyan Blue, which he used to defeat Top in the tournament’s final minutes.

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Vegeta has good reasons for pursuing Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and foregoing Ultra Instinct. In the manga, Vegeta explained quite clearly why Ultra Instinct isn’t for him. Though Vegeta has trained with Whis, he told Jiren that he has “no master” and that his power was forged by “the fires of solo training”. He explained that he doesn’t like being taught anything, which means that he wouldn’t want to learn Ultra Instinct from Goku or Whis. Plus, he’s not in favor of remaining in Goku’s shadow. This prompted him to say that Goku could have Ultra Instinct “to himself”. This philosophy, combined with his pride in his Saiyan heritage, has made Vegeta committed to focusing on the Super Saiyan path, whereas Ultra Instinct isn’t connected to their race. This sort of devotion is what inspired him to access Super Saiyan Blue Evolved for the first time during the big fight with Top.

Part of what Vegeta wanted to do was demonstrate that he doesn’t have to follow directly in Goku’s footsteps in order to stay on his level. Vegeta wasn't stronger than Goku during the Tournament of Power, but he was able to at least keep Goku from totally leaving him behind. After all, Super Saiyan Blue Evolved is a transformation that even Goku hasn’t pulled off.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga continuation, Vegeta reaffirmed his disinterest in Ultra Instinct by telling Whis in no uncertain terms that he won’t be making an attempt to unlock it. While he’s risking Goku getting too far ahead of him, his decision has been a good one so far. From the looks of things, Super Saiyan Blue Evolved could just be the first step in Vegeta’s new journey to set himself apart from Goku. Vegeta has since learned powerful new techniques, such as Spirit Fission and, through Beerus, he has discovered that a formidable alternative to Ultra Instinct does indeed exist. The good thing for Vegeta is that it doesn’t require a tranquil state of mind like Ultra Instinct does. Letting go of his anger and clearing his mind has never really been Vegeta’s style, so it does look like Vegeta can catch up to Goku without copying him.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Doesn't Feel Like The Final Season

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Ultra Ego

Wagamama no Gokui

Ultra Ego (の,Wagamama no Goku'i, lit. "The Secret of the Self-indulgent") is a transformation which utilizes the Ultra Ego technique as well as the power of destruction.[2][3] It is used by Vegeta.


This state is attained by one who has received God of Destruction training and has gained the ability to use the powers of one. However, the state can only be utilized when the user is in the right mindset to act as a Destroyer. A user of this state gains the power of destruction.[2][3]

Usage and Power

When the Ultra Ego transformation is in use, the user becomes exponentially more powerful than before and gains the ability to use Power of Destruction in full. The user's aura can also be manifested in an opaque, flame-like state which can destroy enemy attacks on contact. Vegeta names the technique Ultra Ego in contrast to Ultra Instinct, which draws upon the principles of conquering oneself, while Ultra Ego seems to draw upon a severe level of self-indulgence in battle. Whereas Ultra Instinct allows a user's efficiency and power to increase as he continues to evade and counterattack, Ultra Ego allows the user's overall power to increase as they take more damage and delve more into their lust for battle. This is displayed by Vegeta's deeper dive into his Saiyan instincts. Being able to endure and even enjoy the pain inflicted by enemy attacks can also allow the user to hold their ground and counterattack through openings in an attacking opponent's guard with even greater power. The user must be careful not to let their battle lust take complete control, as though it may raise their strength to astounding levels, they may take unnecessary levels of damage whilst lost in their battle fervour.

Vegeta first attains Ultra Ego against Granolah after his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved is overwhelmed by the Cerealian. The transformation was powerful enough to cause Granolah to stumble back in noticeable fright. While fighting Granolah, Vegeta initially overwhelms him in strength, but as the fight goes on, Vegeta, somewhat lost in the thrill of the fight allows himself to take more and more attacks to push himself further. After a while, Vegeta realizes that he's taken too much damage and attempts to defeat Granolah with a large ball of power of destruction. However, Granolah manages to counter the attack after mutating his left eye and Vegeta fell to the ground by the impact.


The heightened lust for battle required for this state can cause the user to act rashly. Taking damage in order to fuel one's battle lust and become stronger can backfire if the user accumulates too much physical damage to continue fighting effectively. As noted by Vegeta, the form is at its highest capacities when one abandons their full morality.


  • This is the second transformation Vegeta achieves for the first time on-panel in the manga after Super Saiyan God SS Evolved.
  • This transformation was presumably based off on one of the concepts of Super Saiyan 3 that Toriyama had made prior to its official decided look.


Hakai Energy manga

Vegeta powers up into this state

Vegeta Destroyer Closeup

Closeup of Vegeta's transformation


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Vegeta ultra instinct

Dragon Ball Super: Why Vegeta Doesn't Need to Achieve Ultra Instinct to Surpass Goku

Dragon Ball Super has finally given fans something they've wanted for a long time: a way for Vegeta to surpass Goku's power, without copying it. The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga marks the beginning of the new arc, "Granola The Survivor", which quickly builds up the next stage of Dragon Ball power-ups for Goku and Vegeta to achieve. This time around, however, Vegeta learns that there is more than one form of godly powers like the sort Goku has tapped into with Ultra Instinct. In fact, we learn that there are forms of divine power out there that may be perfectly suited to Vegeta's rough personality.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 68 SPOILERS Follow!

The beginning of the "Granola The Survivor" arc sees Goku and Vegeta return to training with Beerus and Whis at Beerus' castle. Whis is giving Goku an eye-opening lesson in the higher levels of Ultra Instinct, helping Goku set a course for the next goals in his fight-training.

While Goku gets schooled on how to properly develop Ultra Instinct, Vegeta talks with Beerus about what's next for his evolution as a warrior. Vegeta makes it clear (in no uncertain terms) that he will not be pursuing Ultra Instinct as a goal. That's when Beerus makes it clear that the Saiyan Prince doesn't have to: Ultra Instinct is just one form of divine power available to a warrior.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 68 Spoilers Vegeta Godly Destruction Powers

As Beerus explains it, Ultra Instinct's zen-like tranquility is something well-suited to the angels - but it doesn't make sense for, say, Gods of Destruction, whose powers of annihilation are anything but serene and tranquil. Beerus teases Vegeta with the opportunity of watching him train, to begin to learn the divine techniques of a Destroyer, as an alternative to Ultra Instinct.


As stated, this development with Vegeta getting his own path to godly power is a welcome change to Dragon Ball Super. Why Vegeta has to be a Goku power-up clone has been a debate in the Dragon Ball fanbase going all the way back to Dragon Ball Z, where Vegeta constantly tailed Goku in achieving Super Saiyan power-ups. Dragon Ball Super tried to give Vegeta his own new path to power with the debut of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved - but from the name, down to the specifics of the transformation, SSGSSE has been more of. a confusing half-step forward for Vegeta, rather than a true Ultra Instinct rival.

Now, however, it looks like Akira Toriyama is going back to the drawing board, to give Vegeta a more clearly-defined set of godly powers, that will stand in obvious contrast to what Ultra Instinct offers. Better yet: if this new power is more tailored to Vegeta's gruff, bad body personality, it'll prevent him from sacrificing that personality in the pursuit of power.

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Ultra Instinct Vegeta Is Finally Born

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