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12 Natural Remedies for Fibroids

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Starmaker (Saskatoon, Sk, Canada) on 12/31/2010
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I have tried to submit this a couple of times. I'm not sure if I have been successful or not. Will try one more time. I don't as a rule respond to online testimonials. However, I am very aware that the ACV I have been consuming the past couple months is worthy of a serious mention here. I suffer with uterine fibroids. And at 46 yrs old, the doctor wanted to apply watchful waiting to see if they would start to shrink once menopause hit me. My mom didn't go into menopause til her mid 50's so I was not about to wait that long for relief. Besides, the pain, flooding, fatigue, clots and not being able to leave my toilet has been getting progressively worse over the past couple years. I'm a lead singer in a rock band and I can recall recent gigs that I did where I was bleeding so heavy, I had to wear a flippin bladder pad (and black clothes) to simply get through an hrs worth of performing before our set break when I could run to the can and fix things up for another hour. Very embarrasing. But there have been even more embarrasing moments let me tell you. (sad face)

I first read about apple cider vinegar on this site, and if it weren't for the many many believable testimonials, I probably would have laughed it off. But after taking this miracle juice for the past 2 months. I feel I really have to contribute my story. I always believed most testimonials were crap that were written by fakers trying to sell their product. However, there is nothing anyone can gain here except relief from the shared knowledge. So I am happy to add my story. Hope it helps one or more of you.

My fibroids which the doc claimed were few and very small (and shouldn't be causing me any distress) made my life a living hell. Periods were 5 to 7 days of gushing blood and clots. Clots so big I swore I was miscarrying. I had many days each month where I sat on the toilet with my laptop. Afraid to even get up. If I did, I gave birth to another huge painful to pass clot. My breasts were always sore a week before my period, during and sometimes after for a couple days. I blew threw maxi pads in less than an hr, and the pain and fatigue was terrible. Sex and penetration was also becoming very painful. I started taking regular Heinz store brand ACV 2 months ago. I will go to the health food store and pick up some higher end stuff now that I know it works well for me.

The first thing I noticed on month 1 was zero PMS, my period literally snuck up on me. No breast swelling or tenderness the whole period. Wha? I'll take it! Period was what I would deem as normal. It has been so many years since having a normal period, I almost didn't recognize it. I passed 1 small clot and barely even noticed. Period slowed by day 4 and by then I was no longer wearing any sanitary protection. Wow... Just Wow! Pain was manageable. Still took a couple advil once or twice during the heavier period days. But used to take 10 advil a day for 7 days. What a difference! The biggest shock was the absence of the gushing. Sorry TMI but no way to really explain this properly without being frank. Seriously... Gushing was gone. Clotting all but gone. That cycle, I did a stage show with my band and wore a WHITE dress. Haha never would have been that brave before. Waited another month to see if I was just as fortunate before posting my findings here. Happy Happy happy to report that I just finished another period that was as easy and managable as last months. Oh happy day! Again one very small clot. No gushing. I am taking 2 tbsp of ACV twice a day in a bottle of water which I drink down fast a few mins before meals. I was also surprised and thrilled to note that the last 20 lbs that I have been struggling to lose (I am a zero to low carber) have been coming off since taking ACV. Seems as if water weight is the first to go. I'll take that thank you very much!! Lol

I don't know if the ACV is shrinking my fibroids so soon. I hope it is. And will ask for an ultrasound sometime this next year to see whats happening with them. But what I do know for sure. Is the pain, distress, and emotional upheaval I experienced with each and every period for the past 7 years is now all but gone away. I would have tried the Black strap molasses, but when I read the carton how many carbs and calories are in there... Ummm nope, not for this kid!

I hope someone out there who is a skeptic like me, reads this, and gives it a whirl. What do you have to lose anyway? I was slowly losing my mind and my sex life before this. Should mention that the pain from sex hasn't yet gone away, but it is less noticeable. I suspect the fibroids are pressing on my cervix, bladder and intestines. Thanks for reading my lil story. Sammy

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maylin (Tampa, Fl ) on 08/27/2010

Dear Fibroid Sisters:
Please email me soon, as I am in desperate times with my doctor. She is wanting me to do surgery since my fibroid has grown fm 9cm to 13 cm in the past couple years. Please eamil if your fibroid is at 9cm or bigger and you had good results w/proof that you did go to get an mri done and your fibroid has shrunk after taking ACV with any other stuffs. Or if you done something else naturally to shrink your fibroids.

What size was your fibroid before it shrunk? What size it is now? how long did it take to shrink to the size it is? What are you eating? Is it all organic foods?

HOW ABOUT PLASTICS? Anyone can email me on this subject as well. I know I keep hearing and seeing to not use plastic. That would be crazy.... Everything is in plastic. Meats wrapped in plastic. Fruits and produce wrapped in plastic. I have plastic food containers I used all my life.... So I have to go and get all GLASSWARE to store all foods now? I even email Zephyrhills water and they said the plastic bottle they use are safe to drink from. Its just so much info to take in and so much plastic around us. Creams. Lotions are in plastic. The dish holder is plastic where I put my dishes after washing them. The shampoo bottles are plastic.... So even the organic products are in plastic containers.... So I don't know what it means to NOT USE PLASTIC?

I know not to microwave my foods in plastic for sure. I try to drink out of glass. Email me if you have answers on PLASTIC usage. But mainly.... Please email me on uterine fibroids. Let me know how you shrunk yours. I so appreciate your time and I can't express how upset/depressed it has caused me on this subject. Please help.
Thank you so much, Maylin

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cathy013 (Monroe, Louisiana, USA) on 11/10/2009
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I suffered from VERY heavy bleeding and was diagnosed with uterine polyps and possible fibroids. First was told hysterectomy; I didn't want this so I was prescribed a hormone; made the cramping, etc., WORSE; a year later I had more tests - same problem, heavy bleeding & cramping - the tests (such as saline ultrasound) were so UNCOMFORTABLE and no relief, still recommended surgery which I really didn't feel comfortable about. I searched "natural remedies for fibroids, heavy bleeding, etc." and found this site. Tried ACV and black strap molasses first (1 dose of the molasses-could NOT handle that!); then tried the ACV with baking soda (2 TBSP natural ACV from health food store and 1/2 to 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in 8 oz water once daily has worked for me). I started this in August; it is now November and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! It is unbelievable - very little bleeding at regular cycle time - little to no cramping; and I was in misery before-periods lasted for weeks and would only stop for a few days and then start again. I no longer have that problem-haven't since I started the ACV & baking soda in August. It WORKS!

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Steff (St Thomas, USVI) on 07/28/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I have been diagnose with Fibroids, I had a myectomy before. I was looking forward to having more kids, I have two boys, my husband has none so I wanted at least one with him. Over the last three years my cycle got so bad that I was bleeding for two weeks straight. Then I would go to the Dr. to get pills to stop the bleeding. Then over the last couple years my cycle started becoming irregular, the clots were heavier and more painful. I started really praying that God would shot the mouths of the fibroids so that they would shrink. When my cycle stopped for a month or two I would go back to the Dr. to get pills to make it come again. But recently, I noticed that I have lost some weight, got more energy and the itching stopped, well, I have been drinking ACV every morning to start my day before working out and now I have gone from heavy periods to no bleeding. I'm concern about that and wondering if the ACV could stop one's cycle. I feel great. I don't have pain and large clots, my energy is up, my weight is coming off, the varginal itch has stopped; these are great things but I wanted more kid(s) and I'm in my early 40's and concern. Any ideas or comments or suggestions. I'm curious as to my next sonogram which is scheduled for next month. So will ACV stop or slow down cycle?

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Melanie (Venice, Florida) on 05/27/2009
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I was wondering if i am using ACV correctly and how long it actually takes to see improvements. I started to drink ACV in a 16 ounces bottle everyday since my last menstrual hoping it would help (I was diagnosed with fibroids 4 years agao) but 1 month later i can sadly report that nothing has changed. I still have terrible abdominal pain and heavy bleeding.. :( Please help me i am going crazy!!!! Also, can someone tell me where to find blackstrap molasses??? Thank you in advance.

EC: Most grocery stores carry at least one brand of blackstrap molasses. If not, Whole Foods Market has a good number of brands.. Finding it online will be a piece of cake, too.

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Candy (Nashville, TN) on 04/27/2009
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I can truly say that when taking 2tbs. of ACV and a squeeze of lemon juice, it cured my fibroid and I lost weight. I went to the doctor and had the Mirena (IUD) placed in to control the heavy bleeding. During my 6weeks checkup the IUD apprently came out. I was sent to have an ultrasound done and the fibroid had degenrated. I also lost 22pounds in 6weeks. My doctor wanted to removed my uterus, but I prayed about it said no to the surgery. Thank God for ACV!!!!

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marina (Cape Towm, South Africa) on 01/25/2009
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I live in South Africa and have a friend who had been suffering with seven painful uterine fibroids for four months. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford health insurance, and in the Township where she lives, the hospital facilities are not exactly confidence inspiring. As result, she was afraid to go there for a much needed operation.

In desperation, she came to stay with me. She was at her wits end and almost suicidal from the never ending pain. I took her to my local doctor. After examining her he announced he could do nothing further, except prescribe pain killers and give her a letter of introduction to a much better free hospital. That hospital scheduled an appoint for a consultation some three months later. She was sleeping most of the day, unable to eat without vomiting afterwards. Could not bend over, nor have a proper bowel movement.

Even after the hospital consultation, she'd probably have to wait six months to year to actually have the op, as fibroids are not regarded as priority cases. This made her even more depressed and tearful. I started juicing for her; fresh fruit and veggie juices in place of meals. She got somewhat better and the pain was less, but she was still in very bad shape and zonked out from the pain killers and stress. Finally I gave her apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon in a little water, three times a day. Within two days she was totally free of pain. She had good bowel movements and regained ALL of her previous strength, energy and vitality within a week.

That was two months back. Since then she has telephoned me to say she feels terrific and thinks the fibroids are gone. She will not be going for that operation now! ACV IS A MIRACLE. (I understand it also works just as well for period pains.)

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(Kingston, Jamaica)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Judy (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 11/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say I was a total skeptic when I was reading about ACV & how it helps with menstrual problems. I suffered from fibroids & had 5 pounds of them removed last year. I also had been having a cycle about every 2 weeks which was driving me crazy that I thought having the fibroids removed would have cured. I tried ACV during the beginning of my last cycle & am very happy to report that it gave me a regular cycle of 28 days!!!! It has been over 2 yrs since I had a regular cycle of 28 days & this was done without the aid of birth control pill ~ YEAH!!!! Also, when I went back to the surgeon who removed my fibroids last year, he was surprised to find only 1 small growth of a fibroid. He said that he thought for sure that he would be going back inside of me again to remove more fibroids because typically they grow back after a year. I was so very happy about this :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tijuana (Chicago, Illinois) on 08/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just want everyone out there to know that I suffer from fibroids (the heavy cycle, anemia...). On August 12, 2008 I began using apple cider vinegar after visiting the site. Now almost a week ago whenever I would bend over it would feel as if I had a cramp right above my stomach. As of today August 16, 2008) I cleaned my whole house-bending and stretching. I didn't feel a thing! I hope that these pesky fibroids are beginning to shrink. Thank you so much for the useful site info.

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Barb (Tucson, Arizona) on 04/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I used to use apple cider vinegar years ago - never had fibroid pain. Currently I have terrible pain caused by fibroids. Thank you for opening my eyes to the awesome healing power of ACV. As a pharmaceutical sales representative I can admit the side effects from most drugs are not worth it. Natural remedies are truly the way to go - I should switch to the other side - we need more naturopathic sales reps in our country! I will report my progress w/ACV & grape seed extract soon. Thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tara (saskatoon, saskatchewan) on 08/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have not taken anyting yet. I am scheduled for urinary artery embolizatoin next week I have a fibroid on my uterus that is 8" and I just read this website today as a lady I met today told me about apple cider vinegar she took for her fibroids 15 years ago and they are gone! I did not beleive her. I am thinking of reschuling my surgery and giving this a try. Also I do not know where to buy the molasses?

Replied by Jennifer
(Mount Vernon, WA)

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Posted by Louise (Liberia) on 01/03/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I discovered the remedy of fibroid on this website, I know that the fibroid maybe getting smaller after taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda as directed by this website, I notice reduction in the size of the fibroid. At the hospital I diagnosed 23cm, I could not lie on my belly, but now I sleep on my stomach with out feeling that sharp lump in my belly. I am very greatful to this website. The problem I am confused with is the heavy discharge, I mean heavy clear Water discharge.

My question is am I getting better or is this fibroid dissolving? I don't like this discharge, please help me.

Replied by Rita

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Jane (Saint Lucia) on 11/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I came across Apple Cider Vinegar baking sida for fibroids on this site. I decided to try it after the molasses seemed to be ineffective. My lower abdomen was growing like a pregnant belly. I couldn't sleep on my belly, there was a hard lump on the right side where my three small fibroids are. Within a month of taking it 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar and 2.5 ml aluminum-free baking soda with a cup of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night, that lump was gone and I realized some weight loss. I haven't gone to do the ultra sound to see the size of the fibroids but my belly looks flatter, I've lost some good weight, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy. I cut out gluten, and animal products from my diet about one year now and there had been no weight loss, but the acv/bs has shrunk me, lol. I was about 160 pounds before starting d regime and had to be getting new clothes for work but in this my second month I can fit into clothes that I couldn't even get on me 2 months ago.

Different things work for different folk but this one surely works for me. I've had some very wonderful "side effects" for example increased vaginal lubrication. I hope that this helps someone as others have helped me too.

Replied by Anj Sans

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Vivianne (San Diego, Ca) on 10/25/2011

I have a question. I have started taking ACV for my fibroids. I read here that it should be mixed w/ BS. But vinegar and baking soda= Sodium acetat (salt) co2 water.

Are u sure we should mix ACV w/ BS? Is it ok to take it on its own w/ water? Also I have low bone density. How can I address that? Is calcium bad for fibroids? Is coffee bad? I love coffee.

Thank u all . I love u guys. :)

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Chayah (Bronx, New York) on 04/13/2011

Greetings everyone, Read all the wonderful testimonies and support the fact that ACV and BS ease the pain. However, I have not (unless I missed that) read any testimonies of the Fibroids DISAppearing completely... I am 49, and now my doctor want to perform a hysterectomy... I dont eat meat, eat lots of veggies, and recently started drinking alkaline water (VERY expensive), etc... Thanks and Blessing to all.

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20 Effective Natural Remedies for Fibroids Most Girls Don't Know ...

All Women's Talk

health • ★★★★☆

By Joseph

Fibroids are an abnormal growth that develops in the wall of the womb or uterus, but there are lots of natural remedies for fibroids. They can be of any size. Some have even grown so large that they seemed like pregnancy.

Often, women who have fibroids experience some health complications, like severe abdominal pain, increased menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding, as well infertility.

Other symptoms are pain during intercourse, frequent urination, anemia and a backache. Some tumors can also be malignant, leading to death if the condition is not properly managed.

A number of factors can cause the growth of fibroid tumors. However, women with higher levels of progesterone and estrogen are often at a greater risk of having them. Also, fibroid can be a genetic abnormality inherited from one’s family.

Other causes of fibroids are improper diet, some medications and early puberty for girls. Studies suggest a higher risk of fibroids for women who began their menstrual cycle before the age of 10. If you have the condition, try one of these natural remedies for fibroids.

1 Garlic

Garlic contains vitamin B6 and C, both of which inhibit the growth of fibroids. Women should incorporate garlic into their meals regularly. You can even snack on it raw, if you don't mind the odor on your breath. Garlic is one of my favorite natural remedies for fibroids.

2 Soybeans

Soy is also helpful in the treatment and prevention of fibroids. It contains protein and phytoestrogen properties that can help in controlling the estrogen production in your body. This will inhibit the growth of fibroid cysts and alleviate symptoms of fibroids.

3 Ginger

Ginger can help to reduce the pain associated with fibroids. It can also improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation that occurs in the uterus. For relief from symptoms of fibroids, drink ginger tea several times a day.

4 Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the best known home remedies for fibroids. Apple cider vinegar contains active properties that can help to inhibit the growth of tumors. To use, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda to a cup of water. Drink this daily to get relief from your fibroids.

5 Olive Oil

Olive oil contains active properties that help to limit estrogen production. It also helps to maintain the hormonal level of the body. To use, take one tablespoon of olive oil with some lemon juice first thing in the morning.

6 Turmeric

Turmeric is another healthy ingredient that counters the growth of cysts in the body, due to the properties it contains. Boil two tablespoons of turmeric leaves in water for about 15 minutes. Then strain the leaves out and let the brew settle for up to 40 minutes before drinking. Better still, turmeric is available in capsule form and you can take about 445 mg of turmeric capsules three times a day. A lot of women also sprinkle turmeric powder into their cooking. Try it. You’ll love it.

7 Licorice Root

Licorice root is a rich herb that contains anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help to relieve the symptoms of fibroids. It can also help to reduce production of estrogen and prevent the growth of fibroids in the first place.

8 Evening Primrose Oil

This is an anti-fibroid ingredient that targets tender breast fibroid tumors. Taking evening primrose oil supplements regularly will cause the newly forming cysts to dry and shrink back.

9 Onion

Onion is a powerful antioxidant that can help in correcting hormonal imbalance, which is great for eliminating fibroids. Aside from adding cooked onions to your meals, you should eat them raw as often as you can, especially if you already have fibroids.

10 Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent the growth of tumors. For the best results, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and one of baking soda into a glass of water. Stir and drink. Repeat this daily for a while, until you begin to notice significant relief from the symptoms of your fibroids.

11 Gooseberry

Gooseberry is another natural remedy you don’t want to ignore when you’re talking about fibroids. It contains active properties that can shrink the growth of tumors in your body. Simply mix some gooseberry powder and honey into a paste and eat it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. That should help make you feel better.

12 ChasteBerry

Chasteberry, like several herbs we’ve mentioned on this list, help to regulate the hormones. Taking chasteberry tea for only a few months will grant you steady relief from symptoms of fibroids. The good thing is that chasteberry is also available in tablet form at most drug stores.

13 Red Raspberry Leaf

This is another very important herb on our list of fibroid busters. Red raspberry leaf helps to actually stop and reduce the growth of the tumors. To take raspberry leaf as tea, add some chopped raspberry leaves to a cup of boiling water and allow to steep for up to 10 minutes before filtering out the leaves.

14 Dandelion Root

The main function of dandelion root is that it helps to dissolve the fibroid tissues gradually. Also, it can help to flush excess estrogen from the body. To take, add three tablespoons of dandelion roots into about 1½ cups of boiling water. Let this brew simmer for about 15 minutes, and then steep for another 15 minutes. Strain out the leaves and drink three cups of the liquid every day.

15 Lady’s Mantle

This rich herb has shown to be helpful in treatment of fibroids. But that is not all. Lady’s mantle is also effective in regulating the menstrual flow. To prepare, boil your lady’s mantle extract in water for about five minutes. Let this tea cool a little bit before drinking.

16 Echinacea

Echinacea is most often used together with other herbs like white ash and red root, and it has shown to be quite helpful in fibroid treatment. Also, Echinacea contains anti-inflammatory agents that can help in flushing toxins from your body.

17 Hot Water Compress

Fibroids can cause tremendous pain. The main aim of having the hot water compress is to counter that pain. To suppress abdominal pains, fill up your hot water bag with boiled water. Then place this bag on the abdominal area where you feel the pain. This will not cure the fibroids, but it will bring you temporary relief from the pain.

18 Fish

Fish is a viable source of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, which are both active ingredients for the treatment of fibroid tumors. Eating fish regularly will help in dealing with your fibroid issue, as it will supply you a hefty amount of nutrients that your body needs to get rid of the growth.

19 Honey

Honey is the super food, highly nutritious and a rich source of protein and other anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties that are helpful in treating fibroids. To use, add a teaspoon each of honey and pollen into a cup of aloe juice. Drink this daily for instant relief from symptoms of fibroids.

20 Reishi Mushrooms

This herb is mainly helpful in limiting the histamine levels and reducing the BFGF, or basic growth factor of fibroids. To prepare reishi mushroom tea, add 3-5 mg of reishi mushrooms into about 5 cups of water and boil for a few minutes. Then allow the brew to simmer for about 2 hours before drinking.

Wow! So here you have it. Amazing natural remedies for fibroids. I hope you have found this list practicable enough? Please share with your friends, because you never know who needs this information.

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A lot of women develop cysts and fibroids during the childbearing phase. Fibroids tend to develop in the female reproductive system and are known as uterine myomas or fibromas. They are firm and compact tumours that have smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. Cysts, on the other hand, are sacs filled with fluid that develop inside or outside the ovaries.

In most cases, cysts and fibroids are benign and non-cancerous in nature.

Here are some effective home remedies to get rid of them:

Lemon juice

Juice extracted from lemon contains citric acid, which is a great anti-oxidant and works directly against a uterine tumour. Take two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it in a glass of water. Continue to drink this on a regular basis for best results.


It is rich in vitamin C and B6 which are effective for balancing female hormones. It’s antioxidant properties cure fibroids and prevents its further growth. Garlic removes catabolic wastes from the pelvic cavity and uterine and ovarian tissue, thereby reversing fibroid growth. Chew garlic cloves on a regular basis and add some to your food.


By stimulating the endocrine glands, ginger helps the body gain hormonal balance. As a result, the excess supply of oestrogen is stopped and the growth of the fibre is checked. You can consume grated fresh ginger or take a ginger capsule.


It is good for treating a number of ailments and fibroids is one of them. You can eat raw turmeric or take turmeric capsules. You can also add turmeric to your food. Fill a saucepan with water, add some turmeric powder to it and boil the mixture for 15 minutes. Once the mixture cools down, drink it up.


It is an effective way of treating cysts in ovaries. Mix a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of pollen to a glass of water. Add aloe vera juice to it and drink.


It contains a compound called betacyanin which helps the liver clear toxins from the body. The alkaline nature of beetroot also helps balance the acidity in the system. This helps to reduce the symptoms of ovarian cyst. Prepare a mixture of fresh beetroot juice with one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and blackstrap molasses. Continue drinking this mixture until the fibroids symptoms have reduced.

Olive oil

It blocks oxygen, thereby preventing the growth of fibroids. When the level of oestrogen is within the desired range, there is no risk of fibroids. Take a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice and mix them in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

Apple cider vinegar

It is a great way to treat cysts and fibroids. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. You can also add one tablespoon of baking soda to it. Drink this solution regularly for best results.  


Omega-3 fatty acid present in fish is very effective for shrinking fibroids. Choose cold water fish like tuna, salmon, herring and sardines to get rid of uterine fibroids.

Castor oil

This oil is a traditional remedy for treating cysts and fibroids. Apart from clearing the body of excess tissues and toxins, it stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system which helps reduce and dissolve cysts. Heat some castor oil and put it in a bowl. Soak a clean washcloth in the oil, fold the cloth and place it on the abdomen area. Cover the cloth with a plastic wrap and place an old towel over it. Now place a hot water bottle on it and let it stay for half an hour. For best results, repeat the process for three nights a week and continue this practice for three months.

Home remedies are great when cysts and fibroids are not too serious, but if the pain gets out of hand, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. Make an appointment with the experts at Apollo Spectra Hospitals to get all the facts straight and make an informed choice about the way forward.

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Shrink Fibroids with Apple Cider Vinegar: Does it Really Work?

Uterine fibroids affect millions of women. Because their symptoms range from mild to severe to incapacitating for some, many natural remedies have been suggested for relieving or even curing the symptoms of uterine fibroids. Women have tried to shrink fibroids with apple cider vinegar, castor oil packs, and herbal cleanses, and in some cases, women swear by these remedies. The problem with many of these 'natural approaches' is that medical evidence demonstrating that they work is seriously lacking, and most of the success stories behind them are anecdotal. Read on to learn more.

Shrink fibroids with apple cider vinegar: does it work?

In this Article

  • Why medical evidence matters and how we use it to advance our understanding of medical treatments

  • A brief review of the natural remedies that have been suggested to help with fibroids

  • Our conclusion: do natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, castor oil packs, or dietary changes shrink fibroids?

Medical Evidence Matters

Medical evidence is important because it allows patients to know that a treatment, either medical or surgical, has been proven to be safe and effective for large numbers of people. Proper clinical research may also reveal the side effects and complications that could arise with a given treatment. Without observing the use of a treatment in a large group of people in a controlled manner, we have no way to know if the treatment really works or if it’s safe in the general population.

How Medical Evidence is Created

Evidence based medicine has long been used by physicians to make informed decisions about what to prescribe patients. You may have heard buzzwords like “randomized controlled trial” or “meta-analysis” mentioned when researching different treatment options. These are different types of studies that are done to evaluate whether or not a treatment is safe and effective.

A randomized controlled trial is a clinical study that compares two treatments by giving the first treatment to one group of patients and a second treatment to the second group of patients. These types of clinical trials are typically used to evaluate a new treatment against the current gold standard of care or a against a placebo to verify that the new treatment has health benefits. A meta-analysis looks at various scientific studies that have been done and pools together the knowledge gained from each, and can be a valuable tool for a physician or patient to learn more about how well a treatment works.¹

Apple Cider Vinegar for Fibroids

Apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice, and the beneficial effects are said to come from the main ingredient in vinegar, acetic acid.² It has become popular as a “cure all”, with benefits for various ailments including acid reflux, heart disease, diabetes, and dandruff. It has also been touted as a remedy to shrink uterine fibroids. Our research didn’t reveal any credible science that’s able to explain why this might work, but the internet is full of women swearing that their fibroid symptoms have been alleviated by apple cider vinegar. Some websites instruct women to drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water daily,³ others say that the exact amount is unknown and any amount will have an effect. Researchers have begun studies on the effect of apple cider vinegar on weight loss and body fat content, however no scientific study has been done to determine if it does indeed shrink fibroids.

Castor Oil Packs for Fibroids

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Like apple cider vinegar, it has been popular amongst natural treatments for multiple issues including increasing wound healing and scalp health. A study done in Turkey in 2011 showed that castor oil packs combined with heat packs might be beneficial for constipation, and that the castor oil packs may increase circulation and lymphatic flow when placed topically on the abdomen.⁴ Some natural medicine websites claim that this increased circulation may also help reduce uterine fibroids,⁵ however no scientific studies have been done to quantify this. Castor oil packs are made by soaking a cloth in warm castor oil and placing it on the abdominal skin, sometimes with heat packs. The duration of application and how often it should be done varies from website to website.

Dietary Changes to Shrink Fibroids

The growth of uterine fibroids may be due to the amount of hormones circulating in a woman’s body. The liver is responsible for detoxifying blood, and may play a role in regulating hormone levels by breaking down estrogen and progesterone. As such, many dietary changes that are said to positively affect liver health are said to be beneficial for uterine fibroids. Foods and supplements listed by many websites include olive oil, lemon, garlic, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains.³ Some supplements such as milk thistle may play a role in estrogen metabolism, and when ingested, could reduce estrogen levels. Clinical studies have not been done to test any of this, however, and evidence so far is only anecdotal.⁶

Conclusion: Can Natural Remedies like Apple Cider Vinegar Shrink Fibroids?

Various natural remedies for shrinking uterine fibroids exist, both on the internet and by word of mouth. Proper medical research has not been conducted for the majority of these natural remedies, which put their efficacy in question. And while these remedies are unlikely to cause negative health effects when used in moderation, waiting for a miracle cure to take effect may prolong your journey to finding real fibroid relief from symptoms. There are a handful of other fibroid treatments including non-surgical uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) and dietary supplements that do have some clinical evidence to support their use, and we encourage our readers to look into them.

If you’re seeking immediate relief from your fibroids, you may want to consider seeing a specialist. A quick, clinically proven, non-invasive fibroid treatment may help you find relief from your fibroids.

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Dr. Michael Lalezarian fibroid specialist

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Dr. Michael Lalezarian is a practicing interventional radiologist with the Fibroid Specialists of University Vascular in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to patient care, Dr. Lalezarian teaches and supervises medical students, residents, and fellows as a full time teaching Professor in the Department of Radiology at UCLA. He is regarded as an expert in uterine fibroid embolization. You can view Dr. Lalezarian's full bio here.

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[1] Masic I, Miokovic M, Muhamedagic B. (2008) Evidence based medicine - new approaches and challenges. Acta Inform Med 16(4):219–225.

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[6] Reid, R., Casteleijn, D. (2014) Oestrogen modulation in the management of uterine fibroids: A potential role for herbal medicine. Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine, 26(4): 145-149, 167.

Medical Disclaimer

The Materials available on the blog are for informational and educational purposes only and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients.


Fibroids and baking soda


1. Garlic

Garlic is a good source of vitamin B6, C, and minerals that are effective in balancing the female hormones. Its antioxidant properties cure fibroids. Garlic also prevents the growth of the tumor in the uterus. Chew some raw garlic cloves on a regular basis. Drink a glass of water after chewing it, to prevent pungent taste left in the mouth.

2. Lemon Juice

One of the other natural remedies for the treatment of fibroids is, lemon juice. Add two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Stir the solution well and drink it. To reduce the symptoms of fibroids, drink this solution on a regular basis.

3. Ginger

Ginger root is very effective to reduce the pain and increase blood circulation. You can prepare tea by adding some fresh ginger roots in a glass of boiling water. Strain the tea and drink it many a times in a day. Ginger root also helps reduce inflammation in ovaries and uterus.

4. Olive Oil

One of the natural cures for fibroids is olive oil. It is known for blocking estrogen. You are required to take one tablespoon of olive oil with some lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also prepare olive tea by brewing olive leaves that help boost the immune system.

5. Castor Oil

Castor oil is very effective against fibroids. Take some warm olive oil in a bowl. Soak a clean washcloth in it for some time until it absorbs oil. Fold the cloth and place it on the abdomen area. Now, cover the cloth with a plastic wrap and put a hot water bottle on it. Leave it overnight. Continue this method for five nights. After a break of two nights, repeat the same. To notice positive results, try this method for three weeks.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

To treat the non-cancerous tumor of fibroids, apple cider vinegar is the best solution. All you need to do is add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water. Stir it well and drink daily.

You can also pour one teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink it after stirring well.
Note – Do not drink undiluted apple cider vinegar.

7. Milk

Milk helps cure fibroids effectively. It is rich in proteins. You are required to pour some warm milk in a glass of water. Add one teaspoon each of coriander powder, turmeric powder and Triphala powder to it. Stir the solution well and drink it twice a day.

8. Turmeric Powder

The healing properties of turmeric fight against fibroid tumors. You are advised to have 445 mg turmeric extracts or capsules thrice a day. If you do not want to have turmeric capsules, you can add turmeric powder in your regular diet, like curry.

Alternatively, drink turmeric water by adding two tablespoons of turmeric powder or roots in 32 ounces of water. Let it boil for 15 minutes and steep for 40 minutes. When the solution cools down, drink it.

9. Master Cleanse Technique

Master cleanse technique is helpful in flushing out the waste or harmful toxins present in the body, which ultimately balances the hormones. To prepare master cleanse, you need to pour 10 ounces of water in a vessel and add two tablespoons, each of lemon juice and organic grade B maple syrup, to it. Add 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne powder to it. Drink 6-10 glasses a day. It will help reduce inflammation.

10. Onion

The antioxidants present in onion help heal fibroids very easily. It is beneficial in balancing the female hormones. Therefore, to reduce the size of fibroid tumors start eating raw onions.

11. Gooseberry

Gooseberry is one of the most used remedies against various skin as well as hair problems. Just prepare a paste by adding one teaspoon of gooseberry powder in one teaspoon of honey. Mix well and consume it. You are advised to have this paste on an empty stomach in the morning. It is a very useful remedy for decreasing the size of fibroid tumors.

12. Soybeans

To alleviate the symptoms of fibroids, eat soybeans. Soybeans, being loaded with phytoestrogen, help control the estrogen level. Prepare soups or stews out of soybeans. The protein present in soy blocks the growth of fibroid cysts.

13. Yoga and Meditation

One of the simplest remedies to reduce fibroid tumors is practicing yoga regularly. To balance the physical functions of our body, yoga is the best option. Meditation and yoga also help maintain menstrual cycles and hormonal levels.

14. Warm Compress

Use warm compress to get relief in pain arising as a result of fibroid tumors. All you are required to do is boil some water and fill it with a hot water bag. Place this bag on the abdomen area.

Alternatively, take hot water bath. The heat acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It will not reduce the size of fibroid tumor but relieve the pain.
15. Fish

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acid that is very effective for healing fibroid tumors. One must consume cold water fish, like salmon, tuna, herring, etc., to get rid of uterine fibroids.

16. Honey

To treat cysts developing in ovaries, honey can be a wonderful solution. A blend of various ingredients, like pollen, aloe juice, water, etc. with honey, is effective against fibroids. Just take a glass of pure water. Add a teaspoon of 100% natural honey and one tablespoon of pollen to it. Blend all the ingredients adding one cup of aloe juice. Drink it.

17. Beet and Garlic

To prepare anti-fibroid juice, crush a piece of fresh raw beet and a garlic clove. Mix it well and add it to a half cup of freshly extracted carrot juice. Add one teaspoon of honey to it. Stir well and drink regularly.

18. Banana and Corns

Prepare tea with the help of banana and corns to eliminate fibroid tumors in the uterus. Put two quarts of water to boil. Add two corns, five bananas, and five sheets of achiote to it. Let all the ingredients boil for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it stand for 10 minutes. Strain the solution and drink this tea several times a day.


19. Aloe Vera

One of the most useful plants for the treatment of several health problems is Aloe Vera. It is equally beneficial for healing fibroids. All you need to do is to mix ¼ cup of aloe vera juice with 1 cup of beet juice in a glass. Add some lemon juice and 1-2 tablespoons of un-sulphured blackstrap molasses. Pour enough water to fill a glass. This mixture helps shrink fibroids.

20. Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms limit the histamine levels and reduce the BFGF (basic fibroblast growth factor). It helps reduce the growth of fibroids. You can prepare tea out of it. All you are required to do is boil 4-5 cups of water and add 3-5 gm of Reishi mushrooms to it. Put the mixture to simmer for 2 hours. For taste, you can add honey or ginger. You can also have it in the form of a tablet or tincture.

21. Chasteberry

Chasteberry is considered as a natural treatment for fibroids. It helps regulate female hormones and stimulates the pituitary gland. You can prepare chasteberry tea or have it in tincture or tablet form.

Apart from tincture or tea, you can also consume chasteberry extract. Take 30-50 drops of the extract thrice a day. Intake this herb regularly for three months.

22. Goldenseal Root

The anti-inflammatory properties of goldenseal roots help maintain healthy uterine tissues. It is suggested that 400 mg goldenseal root should be regularly consumed. The alkaloid berberine present in goldenseal stops the growth of fibroids.

You can prepare tea by adding one teaspoon each of goldenseal, bethroot, and false unicorn root in a cup of hot water. Let them simmer for a few minutes. Turn off the heat and let the mixture steep for twenty minutes. Strain the solution and drink two cups on a regular basis. For the best results, consume it for 3-6 months.
Note – It should not be consumed for a long time.

23. Triphala

To treat uterine fibroids, Triphala powder is very beneficial. It provides relief when taken with milk. Apart from this, you can also have it with water. Just add one teaspoon of Triphala powder in half glass of water. Let it soak for 10 minutes. Drink this solution before going to bed.

24. Black Cohosh Root

Black cohosh root is very effective in relieving the symptoms of fibroids. It also reduces the inflammation and regulates the menstrual cycle. This natural herb shrinks the fibroid tumors.

25. Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry restores the lost minerals and vitamins. It also helps reduce the size of fibroid tumors or cysts. Prepare tea with the help of fresh and dried raspberry leaves. Just add chopped raspberry leaves in a cup of boiling water. Cover the cup with a lid and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Filter it to remove leaves and drink it.

You can also prepare tea with the help of raspberry tea bag. All you need to do is bring 3-4 cups of distilled water to boil. Now soak four red raspberry tea bags in the water. Let them steep for maximum 30 minutes. Take away the soaked tea bags and put some sweetener to add taste to the tea. Stir well and drink it.
26. Dandelion Root

One of the natural ways to dissolve fibroids is dandelion roots. It helps flush out excessive estrogen from the body. Simply prepare the tea by putting 1½ cups of water on simmer. Add three tablespoons of dandelion roots in it. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. After heating, let it rest for 15 minutes. Strain and drink three cups on daily basis. Or else, you can also have two capsules or 1-2 teaspoons of liquid extract of dandelion roots thrice a day.

27. Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s mantle is a natural herb, which helps regulate the abnormal menstrual periods. It heals the uterine fibroids. To use it, you just have to prepare tea by putting 3 quarts of water to boil. Add ¾ cup of lady’s mantle in it. Let it boil for five minutes. When it cools down, drink it hot. The tea will relieve the symptoms of fibroids.

28. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is very effective for the treatment of fibroids, as it shrinks tumors. It removes excess estrogen from the system. You are advised to take 140 mg of milk thistle three times a day. Continue having it for three months. It also helps treat gallbladder and liver disorders.

You can also prepare tea with the help of milk thistle and chaste tree. Just put one tablespoon of chaste tree in one quart of water. Let it simmer for 50 minutes. Remove it from the heat and add one tablespoon of milk thistle in it. Let it soak for 30 minutes. Drink a cup of this herbal tea four times a day.
Note: Avoid usage of milk thistle during pregnancy.

29. Motherwort

Motherwort is rich in leonurine that relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus. It also prevents menstrual cramps and pain. Add 1-2 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Drink it thrice a day.

30. Echinacea

Echinacea is another natural herb to shrivel fibroid tumors. It is effective in reducing inflammation and removing harmful toxins from the body. Echinacea, when mixed with white ash and red root, becomes very effective in treating fibroids.

31. Licorice Root

The anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice roots help cure fibroid tumors. To reduce the excess production of estrogen, combine licorice root with red clove.

32. Burdock Root

Burdock root is a tested remedy for fibroids. You should take 400-500 mg capsules every day. Continue taking capsules for 3-4 months or until the tumors are not completely treated.

33. Chamomile

Chamomile is the most used remedy for several health disorders. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of chamomile help cure fibroids cysts naturally. Prepare chamomile tea by adding 2-3 teaspoons of chamomile flowers in a cup of hot water. Let it infuse for 3 minutes. Strain it and add a few drops of lemon juice for taste.

34. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil works wonders against the soft or tender breast fibroid cysts. You are advised to have evening primrose oil tablets on a regular basis. Small fibroids disappear completely, when evening primrose oil supplements are ingested.

35. Nettle Herb

Nettle herb works effectively against irregular menstruation and women infertility. Put some water to boil. Add some washed nettle leaves in the boiling water. Let it steep for 20 minutes. Pour the tea into a cup and add some honey as a sweetener. For the effective results, drink two cups a day.

36. Willow Bark

Collect some bark of willow tree. Boil some water and add willow bark in the water. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes. Drink it twice a day for two months.


Maintain a balanced weight.
Eat a lot of green veggies and fruits.
Do exercise regularly.
Take oral contraceptives (avoid at an early age).
Drink plenty of water.
Consume high-fiber and low-fat diet.


Avoid consumption of caffeine, red meat, dairy and fried food.
Don’t take stress and tension.
Do not smoke

Світлина від Motswana WOMAN.
Fibroid Tumors

As I was looking through the pictures I’ve taken while charting my progress with shrinking my fibroids over the last few years, I realized that outside of fasting, I saw the best results while using apple cider vinegar and baking soda daily. I know I previously said that I didn’t think this method really worked; but I think I should reconsider. I believe that because the fibroids grew back to their usual size I concluded that the remedy did not work when in fact it was that I did not keep up with the treatment and I did not change my lifestyle in any way once I stopped the treatment. So of course the fibroids grew back. It wasn’t like I had gotten rid of them. There’s no way to do that except by removal of the uterus. The thing is, you can’t stop the treatment once the fibroids shrink down enough for you.

Obviously my best results came via fasting; but I don’t know that I can or that I want to keep fasting all the time. Right now I am struggling to get through my most recent fast. I find that the fasts are having to be done too frequently. I wrote in another post about my concerns that fasting is having an adverse effect on my metabolism. I think it is also becoming less effective as a fibroid shrinking remedy. My stomach is smaller after 12 days than it was when I started the fast but not by very much. I will have to extend the fast if I want to try to get back to where I was a year ago; but to extend the fast by another 5 days is to lose more weight; and while I won’t pretend like it’s such a bad thing that I’ve managed to get off the few extra pounds I put on over the long and dreadful winter, I think I’m good as far as weight goes. I don’t think I need to get any smaller. I’m not a teenager or even in my twenties and once you’re past a certain age you don’t want to get too skinny because you just look hard and beaten down and often older than your actual age.

So for me the ideal situation would be to find a remedy that works without me having to fast; and my photos seem to be telling me that apple cider vinegar with baking soda did work for me. I’m thinking maybe once I complete my fast I will start using that remedy again. I will continue with the DIM supplements also because that has seemed to help in other areas even if it has not helped to shrink the fibroids; and I will make a more concerted effort to pay attention to what I eat, how I treat myself, how I manage stress and all the things that keep my life in a state of chaos.

I have to admit that I am feeling a lot better since I started my fast than I had been feeling. I am hoping I can make it to 21 days; but I’ll settle for 14. I have 2 days to go to make it to Day 14. Then I will begin a new cycle of trying to shrink my fibroids naturally because the more I think about it the more panicked I become at the thought of getting cut open and having a part of me removed. I know I said I am ready to work on overcoming my fears; but I don’t think I want to make getting the courage to undergo a hysterectomy my first challenge. So I’ll see if I can get my stomach down a second time around using the apple cider vinegar and baking soda remedy in conjunction with DIM supplements and any other supplements I think might be useful, proper diet, and a commitment to mental, emotional and physical wellness.

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Now discussing:

A Miracle Home Remedy for Fibroids That Works Every Time!

by Jane
(New York)

Here's a natural remedy for fibroids that's guaranteed to work fast, along with other highly effective home remedies for reversing uterine fibroids...


Hi. Love what you guys are doing here. Very insightful and very helpful. However, I must say that I do not see anything concerning fibroids. Do have any information that you can share on how to get rid of fibroids with natural remedies?

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


Hi Jane, and thanks for your question regarding natural remedies for fibroids.

Firstly, for those who don't know, fibroids, or uterine leiomyomas are predominantly non cancerous (benign) tumors of the uterus. They are in fact extremely common with around 3 million women diagnosed in the U.S. every year and 80% of females actually developing them by the age of 50. Fibroids can cause symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, extended periods, pelvic and rectal pressure and pain, bladder weakening and lower back pain.

Thankfully, natural remedies can help tremendously with uterine fibroids and are definitely a much better and safer option than surgery.

Here's the top 6 you may want to consider...

Home Remedy for Fibroids #1... Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Black Strap Molasses: This should certainly be your first remedy of choice for shrinking fibroids. Uterine fibroids only occur and grow in an acidic environment. So if you have fibroids, your body's pH level will be low (acidic) which is definitely not what you want. Apple cider vinegar and black strap molasses boost your pH level and make the body alkaline (opposite to acidic). In an alkaline environment, fibroids begin shrinking immediately. As a side benefit, the ACV helps with brown fat metabolism, so if you're overweight or suffering from cellulite, this will help with these problems as well. In addition, the black strap molasses is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, boron, B6 and selenium, which are all vital nutrients for women's health.

So here's what you do...

Purchase some organic apple cider vinegar containing the "mother" apple. Make sure that what you buy still contains the mother as no other ACV's will work. Bragg's apple cider vinegaris the best for this. Also purchase some organic black strap molasses. Once again, this must be organic and it must be "unsulphured black strap molasses". No other molasses will work. Here's some reputable brands if you're interested... Organic Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses.

Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of black strap molasses in a glass of warm filtered water (it needs to be warm enough to dissolve the molasses). Drink this concoction 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach. (First thing in the morning and last thing at night are two of the best times). Or if you like, you can have the ACV in a shooter glass and the molasses straight off the spoon. It doesn't really matter how you do it as long as you have them every day!

Now, the most important part to this remedy is the time frame you take it for because this is where many women get mixed up. This is not a "prescription" remedy, meaning you don't just take it for a few weeks or months then stop. You take it for the rest of your life! You don't just want to get rid of your fibroids right now, you want to keep them away for good. That's what this remedy will do! You can back off on the dosage once your fibroids have shrunk and your symptoms have disappeared if you like, but don't stop with it altogether or those fibroids will slowly start to grow again.

Natural Remedy for Fibroids #2... Baking Soda: Whereas the first remedy listed here is a permanent (rest of your life) protocol, this one is only temporary. The baking soda is a very powerful pH booster, so it alkalizes the body very quickly. It basically gives you an "alkaline" shot (remember, fibroids shrink in an alkaline environment) which is important at the beginning when you're trying to reverse the growth of fibroids.

So what you do is mix a teaspoon of baking soda (Bob's Best is the best!) in a glass of filtered water and chug it down. Do this once daily before you've eaten. We do admit the baking soda doesn't taste the best, which is why you'll probably need to drink it in one hit. However, you only need to do this for two weeks so it's not so bad.

Natural Treatment for Fibroids #3... Lugol's Iodine: Both Dr David Brownstein and Dr Marcus Sircus recommend iodine for shrinking fibroids of the breast, uterus and ovaries. Iodine therapy (painting the uterus with iodine) was once the standard treatment in conventional medicine for reversing severe uterine fibroids. Studies have also shown that liquid iodine will shrink fibrocystic breast disease.

Lugol's liquid iodine is definitely the best and most effective iodine for reversing fibroids. In his book "Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It," Dr David Brownstein recommends you take 100mg's, or 16 drops of the 5% Lugol's iodine solution under the tongue in divided amounts to reverse fibroids (eg, 4 drops taken 4 times throughout the day). This should be done for 8-10 weeks before backing off to a dosage of 25-50mg's (4-8 drops) per day. You then continue with this amount indefinitely (permanently). Just make sure you purchase the 5% solution and not the 2%. Here's what it looks like... Lugol's 5% liquid Iodine.

Natural Cure for Fibroids #4... Milk Thistle and Maca Root: The estrogen hormone contributes to fibroids by stimulating unwanted cell growth. But both milk thistle and maca root work to metabolize and get rid of excess estrogen, which in turn helps to shrink uterine fibroids.

You can buy both of these herbs from any good health food store or online. Just make sure the maca is genuine maca rootthat comes from the Peruvian mountains.

Home Remedy for Fibroids #5... Matcha Green Tea: Green tea contains some very powerful antioxidants, particularly the catachin antioxidants, which have been found to inhibit and even shrink fibroid cells. Green tea is also a great anti-inflammatory and studies have shown it helps to reduce fibroid symptoms. Matcha green teais by far the best and contains 137 times more catachins than regular green tea. For best results, be sure to drink 3-4 cups a day.

Natural Remedy for Fibroids #6... Herbs: Certain herbs are also terrific for helping to shrink fibroids and reducing the symptoms. Garlic, gotu kola, cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon and dandelion are all powerful anti-inflammatories and contain some strong antioxidants. Ginger and cayenne pepper in particular help with excessive menstrual flow and menstrual cramps, so if you suffer with these make sure you include these two herbs and spices in your diet as much as you can.

And finally, don't forget to eat well. Plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are the key. And be sure to stay well clear of all refined and processed foods and drinks. These foods mess with your hormones something chronic and will do nothing to help with your fibroids or their accompanying symptoms.

So hopefully these tips and remedies help you out Jane.

Good luck and all the best to you!


Troy (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach)


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