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  1. I'll drive right past several local shops around here right to the local CAT. They charge $115 an hour for motor work and $85 an hour for anything else. They stand behind their work. Unlike cut rate shops who in my experience inflate hours on the job that's even if they fix the problems. That said one learns quickly to do as much as they can on their own.

    Cheap shops are like cheap cut rate carriers imo. You get what you pay for. Sometimes though you pay a premium and still get shafted. I will pay a good shop their rate without complaint if they can do the job right the first time. Hard to find shops that can do the job around here.

    A crate motor will cost you over $40,000. Changing from a CAT to a Cummins will also be expensive as hell. Really your cheapest option is to rebuild what you have. And it will probably cost more than the truck itself is worth.

    You want to trade into something with a Cummins or C15 you need to do it now while that C13 is still running. Because when it goes down you basically have a tractor worth scrap price on your hands. When you rebuild it you will never get what you sunk into it money wise, unless it is a half ### shade tree job, so at that point you might as well work it and make money.

    When my motor went down I had 3 choices. Spend $20,000+ on an inframe. Buy a $25,000 truck and start over again working bugs out of someone elses problem truck. Quit and sell my tractor to a junk yard. I was not going to finance anything especially not brand new. It seems crazy to dump more money than something is worth into the motor but 3 years later it's made that money back and then some so not so bad.
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  3. In my previous post, I didn't say I wouldn't use CAT. I merely was stating that I wouldn't finance through them. The work that I have had done by them seems to have been top notch thus far.
  4. There are more headaches when changing engine brands such as motor mounts, engine wiring harnesses and so on that can really make it too expensive to be worth it. As far as rebuilding versus a drop-in, that is like comparing apples to oranges. If you want to cover all your bases, you have to replace the engine with a rebuilt drop in, period. You can overhaul an engine 100 different ways and still not replace every single seal and gasket. When you overhaul do you replace the oil pump, oil cooler, turbos, water pump, vibration dampener, and so on? The list can go on and on. Even just a basic "overhaul" is only new pistons and liners. What about the engine sensors, wire harness, actuators? Again, there are several parts and gaskets that never get touched during an overhaul but are also worn and ready to fail. With a drop in engine everything has been redone. Plus, there is warranty on everything, not just what the overhaul shop touched. Replacing an engine will always be more expensive, but I think what you get in return is worth every penny. While the engine is out, this is a good time for a new clutch or motor mounts, or anything else that is easy and fast to do with no engine in the way.
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  5. I couldn't ever see putting a crate motor in anything, except a glider, as being cost effective. For a basic platinum inframe from CAT you're looking at $20,000. I had that and some extras above/beyond standard platinum inframe. In the 3 years since that there have been zero issues with the motor.
  6. This is what I was quoted 2 years ago. At the time they had 0% financing. image.jpg
  7. Just my .02 cents. I will never take my truck to a cat shop, but I have a good local shop that I trust. I had a estimate of about 16,000 (give or take a few grand, my memory sucks) to rebuild my 6nz. Same parts the cat house would use, still in the cat database as rebuilt, only a 1 year warranty. That same job at cat would have been 20 to 24,000 but with a longer warranty.

    That's a lot of extra coin for 2 more years warranty. When I'm my shade tree opinion if something is going to fail on an overhaul it's going to do it sooner than later or be something they didn't touch in the overhaul to begin with
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  • Sours:

    Platinum Overhaul Kit Caterpillar C12 Engine 2KS, 1YN & MBL



    CAT C12 Platinum Kit Includes:

    7 x Main Bearing Std.

    6 x Rod Bearing Std.

    2 x Thrust Plate Std.

    6 x Piston

    6 x Piston Ring Set

    6 x Piston Pin

    12 x Piston Pin Retainer

    6 x Liner

    6 x Liner O-Ring Kit

    1 x Complete Overhaul Gasket Set

    (Includes Upper, Lower, Oil Pan, Exhaust Manifold Sleeves, Water Pump, Oil Pump and other Minor and Major Gaskets)

    1 x New Cylinder Head, C12, Loaded with Valves & Springs

    6 x Cat Elec. Injector, C12, Reman

    6 x Connecting Rods

    Water Pump – New

    Oil Pump – New

    Fuel Filter

    Oil Filter

    Temperature Regulator

    Manifold Stud Kit

    Head Bolts Kit


    *************Injectors Core Deposit Required. ***************

    ****Core Shipping Labels Will Be Provided*****

    Free Shipping to The Lower 48 States | Call +1-888-642-6460 for freight Info for Other States and Countries. Or Email at [email protected]

    Additional information

    Weight0.00 lbs
    Dimensions0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 in
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    HHP - IF1442948 | Caterpillar C12 Rebuild Kit - Inframe
    Think you know the truth about Aftermarket Rebuild Kits? We'd bet you'd be surprised.

    It’s no secret, rebuilding your rig is one of the most labor (and wallet) intensive repairs out there. Sure, you want your engine to last another million miles but you also want the best price; so what should you choose- OEM or Aftermarket? 

    When it comes to engine parts, the aftermarket often gets a bad rep. The idea that aftermarket retailers sell cheap parts with zero warranty, delivered in a beat-up box written in another language couldn’t be further from the truth. HHP is here to set the record straight; we only sell Rebuild Kits with new parts, zero core charges, and a 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty. On top of only offering premium quality parts, we also make sure you save up to 50% off OEM prices. So, when it comes to your rebuild, what’s left to want? 

    Need a little extra proof? Let’s talk Rebuild Kits.

    • At HHP, we make sure you receive all new parts made to OEM specifications, equal or better quality compared to the OE, at a much lower price. Since your rebuild kit is made with all new parts, no core charge. Giving you more cash in your pocket!
    • Ever hear of the Little Engine that could? I'm pretty sure he has this rebuild kit with the same piston pins hardened and tempered for improved strength and wear resistance. And his rig is still running!
    • You'll sleep soundly knowing this kit is manufactured and assembled in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility ensuring quality and consistency you can count on.
    • We only use the correct gasket materials throughout for leak free durability.
    • You will receive optimal performance with CNC turned pistons to ensure precise tolerances.
    • Think you are tough? The rod and main bearings in this kit are constructed of tri-metal for durability.
    • Additionally, all sealing products are proudly made in the USA,  using 100% asbestos-free material.
    • A brand new rebuild kit will restore your engine to good working condition and extend the life of it. The chances are pretty good your rig will be running for another million miles right into the next generation taking over the family business.
    • Get the right parts the first time with help from our on staff ASE certified techs.  They are here answer all of you questions!

    Kit Contents:

    • (6) Rod Bearings
    • (4) Main Bearings
    • (3) Main Bearings,
    • (2) Plate Thrusts
    • (6) Cylinder Kits
      • (6) Piston Crowns
      • (6) Piston Pin Retainers
      • (6) Piston Skirts
      • (6) Piston Ring Sets
        • (6) Top Piston Rings
        • (6) Intermediate Piston Rings
        • (6) Oil Piston Rings
      • (6) Piston Pins
      • (6) Cylinder Liners
      • (6) Liner Seals
    • (1) Gasket Set, Determined by ESN


    2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    OEM Applications:
    • C12101-017
    • C12101017
    • MCIF1442948CA
    • (6) Rod Bearings, 1161089 
    • (4) Main Bearings, 1161108, 2110587
    • (3) Main Bearings, 1161109, 2110588
    • (2) Plate Thrusts, 1161107, 2463144
    • (6) Cylinder Kits, CK1442948P
      • (6) Piston Crowns, 0R8777, 1300862, 1382016, 1442948
      • (6) Piston Pin Retainers, 1979251R 
      • (6) Piston Skirts,1618416, 2382712, MCB2382712
      • (6) Piston Ring Sets, RSC12E
        • (6) Top Piston Rings, 1139011,1979341 
        • (6) Intermediate Piston Rings, 1139012, 1323222, 2168570
        • (6) Oil Piston Rings,  2651113
      • (6) Piston Pins, 1138999, 1687296, 1979251
      • (6) Cylinder Liners, 115298,1260130, 1300859,1482130,1979330
      • (6) Liner Seals, 1043560, 4371409
    • (1) Gasket Set, Determined by ESN

    Works with ESN's:

    General Information:
    C12 Engine Specifications:
    Year: 1996-2003
    Liter: 12.0
    CID: 730
    Cyl: L 6
    Bore/Stroke: 5.1181-5.1211",5.9055"
    Compression Ratio: -
    Firing Order:1-5-3-6-2-4

    Tune-Up Specifications:
    Oil Pressure At Idle: 10 Psi at 600-800 RPM
    Oil Pressure: 40-60 Psi at 1400-1800 RPM
    Intake Valve Lash: .015" Cold
    Exhaust Valve Lash: .025" Cold

    • P016472
    • P016472
    • HHP
    • Caterpillar C12 2KS1-388 Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 2KS389-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 8YF1-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 9NS1-16227 Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 9NS16228-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 9SM1-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 CPD1-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 GEP1-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • Caterpillar C12 TME1-Up Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Kits & Components
    • New
    • Item Requires Shipping
    • 157.0 lbs.
    • W42.0000” x H24.0000” x L48.0000”

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    Rebuilt: Inframe Kit Overhaul - 1999 Caterpillar C12 Diesel Engine, engine for Sale 2KS22643

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