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Magic is a big part of Skyrim. There are so many magic related mods out there, I can’t possibly talk about all of them. But I can mention what I use and provide a brief explanation of what each one does. You can also watch the video if you prefer. Some of the mods on this list might not be 100% exclusively magic related, but they do influence the gameplay significantly so that’s why they’re there.

Also, if you never modded Skyrim and would like to get started, here’s my beginner modding guide that should bring you up to speed.


Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

The biggest and arguably best perk overhaul mod of all time. It provides so many different build possibilities, it’s insane. It also improves crafting and gives you tons of new spells and powers to mess around with.

This is why it’s on the list. Because with Ordinator, you can play as a mage in many different ways. Kinda like in vanilla but with many more different types of specializations and perks related to those specializations.

There’s also a couple of optional plugins, so take a look at them too.

Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim.

Undeath Remastered

This is a content DLC mod that will set you on a collision course with someone who wants to ascend to lichdom. Once you’ve dealt with this enemy, you will have the option to complete the ritual yourself and become a lich. As an immortal lich (you can still be ‘killed‘ just not for good) you will also gain new buffs, debuffs, spells and abilities etc.

It’s a pretty cool mod in my opinion. Just remember, when in lich form you will be hostile to all humans by default.

Undeath Remastered.

Undeath Immersive Lichdom SSE

This is an expansion that brings even more stuff to Undeath. It’s done by a different author and the first mod is a requirement. Simply add this one after the first one and you will expand the original mod significantly.

Undeath Immersive Lichdom SSE.

Magical College of Winterhold

MCoW overhauls the college area completely. It edits literally everything in it, and it also provides additional stuff for you to play with. Things such as scroll and soul gem crafting. You can study different types of magic and get all kinds of buffs and bonuses for being enrolled in the college.

In addition to that, it also adds a small new area at the top of the college accessible to the archmage. Speaking of being the archmage, the archmage’s quarters have received a complete overhaul as well. You can plant alchemy reagents, access all crafting stations etc.

One of my favorite mods since I love playing as a mage in Skyrim.

Magical College of Winterhold.

Magical Staves and Staffs

This mod is from the same author and the previous mod is a requirement if you want to use it. What it does is simple. It fixes up issues with staves in Skyrim. They will now be more in tune with their spell counterparts, they will benefit from perks etc.

Crafting staves is also affected. Now you will need a soul gem and a spell book (and an unenchanted staff of a specific kind) to successfully make a staff in the archmage’s quarters.

You can make any staff in the game from any spell book.

Magical Staves and Staffs.

Wards Functionalities Extended

Playing with wards in vanilla Skyrim is simply terrible. They are weak, they charge too slowly and they cost too much. This mod fixes that completely, and it also gives you an MCM menu where you can tweak things as you see fit. Wards can now also interact with physical weapons and projectiles.

In addition to all that, it also integrates an expert level ward spell, as well as a couple of master level ones.

Wards Functionalities Extended.

Summermyst (Enchantments of Skyrim)

This mod will add 120 new enchantments to the game, as well as polish vanilla ones a bit. Enemies will also have access to them, so be prepared to see some new stuff happen to you.

You can learn them all, apply them to your weapons & armor etc. Phenomenal mod and a must have.

Summermyst (Enchantments of Skyrim).

Apocalypse (Magic of Skyrim)

150+ new spells for all schools of magic. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of all of them, but there are so many new and interesting spells, it’s incredible. They’re all integrated seamlessly in the world.

Also has an MCM menu where you can tweak some stuff around.

Apocalypse (Magic of Skyrim).

Shadow Spell Package

Ever wanted to play as a shadow mage? Well now you can. You’ll get access to a significant amount of different types of shadow spells, as well as some buffs and abilities. They function similarly to other destruction spells but are shadow themed and quite useful against certain types of enemies (for example Dwarven constructs).

Shadow Spell Package.

Psijic Teleport Spells

Very interesting pack of spells designed to help you move around a bit more efficiently, in combat as well. There’s spells of different levels so for example the master level spell will let you teleport anywhere you want on the map.

Psijic Teleport Spells.

Summonable Spriggans

This is a fun mod for those who would like to play as a more nature oriented mage. Kind of like a druid that can also summon Spriggans. There’s different variations of Spriggans for different spell levels. They’re quite useful and have high DPS but they’re not very tanky.

Summonable Spriggans.

Necromaster Skills

Now this is an interesting mod that will allow you to play your mage a bit differently. You can transform yourself into a bone-tyrant and gain access to all kinds of powerful buffs and abilities. It’s last on the list but definitely a must have if you want to play as a necromage.

Necromaster Skills.

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6 Best Skyrim Magic Mods in 2021

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Nicolas Ng

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Picture Credit: Powerofthree on the Nexus

Of Skyrim’s three main playstyles, magic-based builds might suffer from some of the most diverse yet most dull gameplay styles in the game. Samey spells, barely helpful effects, and cheesy gameplay have led to an abundance of Skyrim magic mods.

Unfortunately, finding the best mods that Skyrim would benefit from can be a difficult, challenging process given the incredible variety of Skyrim and Skyrim SE magic mods available today. With this in mind, we have narrowed down the list to 6 of the best mods updated in the last year that should improve magic-based gameplay. 

Skyrim Magic Mods List

  1. Arcanum - A New Age of Magic
  2. Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul
  3. Phenderix Magic Evolved
  4. Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul
  5. Witchhunter Spells and Prayers Pack
  6. Strange Runes

1. Arcanum - A New Age of Magic by noptasis


One of the new spells featuring new visual effects and elemental combinations. Picture Credit: noptasis

Arcanum really lives up to its name. It is one of the most ambitious magic mods created, mixing new visual effects and gameplay mechanics to dramatically shake up the way the Skyrim’s magic system works. Its creator, noptasis, has been steadily going over and reworking Skyrim’s five schools of magic and has completed everything except Alteration. The changes have made each school viable in their own right and with all of their gameplay shortcomings addressed.

For example, Destruction magic has its elements reworked from their more basic iterations to much more interesting forms. Fire has changed from applying simple damage-over-time effects to emphasising rapid spell casting with a touch of self-healing. This ties in well with Shock magic’s powerful but health draining spells to be more sustainable to cast. 

There are some incredible possibilities open in the endgame such as the option for the player to amass magical orbs for self-developed spells a la Invoker from DOTA or the mages from Magika. All of these examples only touch on Destruction magic, to say nothing of the way the player can buff their allies with the new Restoration spells or how Conjuration’s expanded summoning list adds more interesting gameplay. 

You can download the mod here

2. Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul by SimonMagus616


Picture credit: SimonMagus616

Where Arcanum reinvents the way the game’s magic works, Mysticism is one of the Skyrim Magic mods that instead works within the original set of mechanics. That’s not to say that it doesn’t add anything new to the game. In fact, it adds over 200 new spells to all five Schools of Magic while tweaking the existing spells to encourage more variety in how the player can approach combat and the game in general. 

Some of the new spells add some fantastic utility to the game that would make the game much more enjoyable. Alteration’s Pack Mule which raises the player’s carrying capacity by 200 is one example.

Some Schools have new types of spells that make them more interesting in combat. Restoration has new spells added to it that work better against Undead enemies while giving it options for dealing damage over time. Similarly, Destruction has some spells that can steal health similar to vanilla Skyrim’s vampire magic. Overall, this mod works well if you’re trying to add some spice to Skyrim’s magic without changing too much. 

You can download the mod here

3. Phenderix Magic Evolved by Phenderix


Image credit: Phenderix on the Nexus

Phenderix Magic Evolved adds over 170 new spells to the game with new visual effects that look great. It’s easily one of the best magic mods Skyrim has to offer simply because of its Elemental Archetype system. 

With the mod installed, spells will represent an archetype as well as their school. For example, some spells from the Illusion tree are also Darkness spells and some spells from the Alteration tree are under the Magnetism archetype. This new system encourages players to mix up the spells they use by giving special effects for mixing elements. 

Phenderix Magic Evolved is also part of the Phenderix Magic World mod, a combination of Phenderix’s Skyrim SE Magic mods. While it does have a Skyrim version, it is not as updated as the SE version. 

You can download the mod here

4. Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul by EnaiSiaion 


Picture Credit: EnaiSiaion on the Nexus

Odin is one of the few exclusively Skyrim SE Magic mods available on the Nexus. It is similar to Mysticism in that it keeps close to the original magic system found in Skyrim. EnaiSiaion has kept the mod lean, only adding spells that would expand on the existing spell list without simply bloating it for a more impressive spell count. 

That is not to say that very little has changed. Spells are simply rebalanced to encourage more diversity in the way that players can approach the game. It’s also worth noting that this mod is part of EnaiSiaion’s wide array of Skyrim Gameplay overhauls which make its changes more impactful when placed in the context of a specially designed environment that it is a core part of. 

You can download the mod here

5. Witchhunter Spells and Prayers Pack by Robbie922004


Picture Credit: Robbie922004

While many Skyrim Magic mods focus heavily on magic-centric builds. “Spellsword”-style builds are often restricted to only using one-handed weapons and are unable to use shields or two-handed weapons because of the need to have at least one hand channeling a spell. This mod opens up options by having its additions in the form of Powers, which can be cast without using a hand to cast the spell. 

Many of its spells are designed with spellswords in mind with a good collection of new spells adding special effects to weapons in place of enchantments. Some of these spells add fire and ice effects to weapons and others add health absorption. It also adds prayers, letting the player pray to Tamriel’s many gods for special themed effects. 

You can download the mod here

6. Strange Runes by powerofthree


Picture credit: powerofthree

Strange Runes is unique on this list because it doesn’t add any new spells. Instead, it adds new visual effects while casting spells by creating glyphs that hover over hands while casting. This mod makes casting seem a little more magical and a little more interesting and should work well with the other mods on this list. 

You can download the mod here

Final thoughts on Skyrim Magic Mods

There’s a fantastic range of Skyrim and Skyrim SE magic mods that expand on one of the game’s core systems. Any of the mods in this list would be a fantastic addition to your load order and would definitely spice up your next playthrough if you haven’t tried them before.  

If you would like to see more Skyrim mod lists, check out our list of body mods and of weapon mods

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20 Best Skyrim Magic Mods That Every Mage Should Have

Practicing magic in Skyrim is easily one of the main reasons why so many people love the game.

Embarking on a journey across the cold region of northern Tamriel can be fun when you’re slaying foes left and right with the power of your spells. Mastering the various schools of magic also gives you enough variety to keep you entertained for hours.

But now that Skyrim has been a thing for almost a decade, it’s only natural that people are looking to add more spells and learn new magical goodies to keep the game fun and fresh.

That’s where magic mods come in! Many of the spells included in these mods are as balanced as you get from the ones included in the base game, so balance won’t be a thing to worry about.

In any case, not every mod in this list is about adding new spells to the game. Some of these add amazing mechanics that greatly improve magic in general, so be sure to check out everything here and download anything that catches your eye.

20. Colorful Magic

Colorful Magic Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

Colorful magic gives a new taste to the way spell casting works in Skyrim.

Firstly it aims to add a plethora of new unique spells and enchantments, all of which can be freely used depending on your school of preference.

It also adds many enemies to the game, amongst which you’ll find some very colorful foes that give you a magic vibe like no other creatures in the game.

In general, even though this mod isn’t the most balanced on this list, it does give you over 350 unique spells to add to your large arsenal.

19. Face Light

Face Light skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

Face Light makes this list because of its magical principles, but not mainly because of how effective or powerful it is.

It simply makes the lighting of your character’s face much more realistic upon activation, which makes this one of the best mods for people that need to take close-up pictures of their characters for one reason or another.

Face Light is a custom spell that you can choose to activate during any time in the game, as long as you have it equipped. And as long as you get this mod installed.

18. Enchanted Arsenal

Enchanted Arsenal Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

Sure enough, you’ll come across various enchantment mods during your search for magic mods online.

However out of all those mods that change the way enchantments look, the Enchanted Arsenal mod is a fan-favorite. Mainly because of how easily customizable it is.

The mod gives you access to a variety of animations that you can add to any of your weapons, giving them a unique feel that the base game fails to provide.

It’s awesome and the best enchantment mod for those who want full customization of their weaponry.

Although there are some better mods on this list when it comes to the quality of visual effects added to the game, this one is worth looking into.

17. Spell Crafting for Skyrim

Spell Crafting for Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

One of the features that you might be missing the most is spell crafting.

This mod adds the ability back into the game so you can create your own spells and abilities based on powers that the mod has included.

I mean really, you can create your own spells however you want them to look. That’s pretty boss.

16. Animated Enchantments Overhaul

Animated Enchantments Overhaul mod

Check Out This Mod

If you want unique-looking weapons and enchanted weaponry to look like no other in the game, then this is the mod for you.

It will make your weapons look unique depending on the type of enchantment that they have, whilst also projecting a different vibe while wielding them that no other mod in the game is capable of achieving.

Easy but definitely a noticeable difference.

15. The Way of The Force

Way of The Force Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

Are you a Star Wars fan?

I’m gonna guess yes and say you’ll absolutely love this mod.

With this you’ll be able to learn the ways of the Force thanks to a series of quests that get added to the game, and you’ll also be able to choose whether you want to be a Sith Lord or a Jedi Master with the powers that you’ll learn.

The mod adds countless new abilities to the game as well as many weapons fitting of a Force user.

14. Spellmaking in Skyrim – The Last Altar

Spellmaking in Skyrim last altar mod

Check Out This Mod

Spellmaking in Skyrim makes it a little bit better to craft spells than the first mod that we reviewed on this list.

For starters, this makes it for players to go to an altar if they are to craft spells, which means you won’t be able to make spells wherever you go.

Although that’s a bit more inconvenient, it does make it fairer and more balanced. Sometimes mods try to do that!

In any case, this mod will allow you to combine abilities and spells to enhance your powers and come up with unique abilities that only you will be able to use. So there are plenty of upsides to try it out.

13. Elemental Destruction Magic

Elemental Destruction Magic mod

Check Out This Mod

Have you ever wondered why there are so few natural abilities to attack with?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could summon rocks and other natural elements to cast powerful spells of the School of Destruction?

The answer is most definitely, yes.

With this mod, you’ll be incorporating countless of new powers and abilities to the game based on some elements that the School of Destruction should be able to control in the base game.

That means that this mod is fully lore-friendly and really fun to play with.

12. Skyrim Spells and Powers

Spells and Powers by WarriorKeKe mod

Check Out This Mod

Made by the same author of the Bend Time mod, this one incorporates a ton of new spells to be used by mighty mages that have already reached higher levels in Skyrim.

As you might know, one of the main problems of vanilla magic is that some abilities get extremely repetitive and boring when you reach the higher levels.

So this mod is specifically meant to combat that little issue. Pros will love it.

11. Bend Time

Bend Time mod

Check Out This Mod

As its name suggests, this mod allows you to play with time and bend it at your will.

When you cast this spell you’ll be able to stop time(as the name kinda suggests).

This ability comes to be extremely useful in any type of combat situation as you’ll be able to freeze over your enemies and deal damage fast. And they only get hit once time resumes.

Furthermore, you aren’t affected by the time-bending itself. Which means that you can freely walk and shoot arrows and steal all while your enemies are frozen in time.

10. Bat Travel Power

Bat Travel Power mod

Check Out This Mod

This mod is ideal to be used by players who are working on a lore-friendly vampire character.

This is a special type of fast travel that is meant to be used by vampires, as it turns them into a cloud of bats and helps them traverse Skyrim much quicker without having to discover some locations first.

You can even set your own markers and decide where you want to go on the map!

9. Midas Magic Evolved

Midas Magic Evolved mod

Check Out This Mod

Summon new creatures, destroy foes with powerful beams of energy, and use new conjuration spells with the Midas Magic Evolved pack of over 250 new abilities.

You can even shoot magic arrows with the new powers that you’re given, but beware!

Some of them can be very strong if your mage is a highly leveled up being. Be sure to use the powers wisely and don’t let things get out of control.

8. No Enchantment Restrictions

No Enchantment Restrictions mod

Check Out This Mod

This mod allows you to enchant and disenchant items that the base game wouldn’t naturally allow you to do.

Which is highly convenient as it unlocks many more features that you can work with when crafting new pieces of armor and magical weaponry.

This also removes restrictions regarding the type of armor or weapon that you’re enchanting.

With this mod you might create enchantments that would be exclusive to armor that matches your build. It’s highly convenient, although some might consider it a bit overpowered.

7. Lost Grimoire of Skyrim

Lost Grimoire of Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

Lost Grimoire of Skyrim is carefully created to allow players to add a plethora of new spells to the game, all of which you can use in a balanced environment without having to worry about the spells being broken or too overpowered.

In fact, this mod is one of the best at keeping things balanced and in check when adding new stuff to the game.

If you want to add a bunch of new mechanics to your magical repertoire and not having to worry about discarding the ones that are overpowered then this mod is exactly what you’re after.

6. Phenderix Magic Evolved

Phenderix Magic Evolved mod

Check Out This Mod

One of the largest additions of spells to the game, Phenderix Magic Evolved is a gigantic project that adds a lot of variety to the spells that come with base game Skyrim and introduces many new features.

One of the coolest features is spell combos that you can create with the many magical spells combined together.

You’ll be able to come across new spells by approaching magic vendor throughout Skyrim, and the best thing about this mod is that it also makes them appear as random loot too.

This means that you’ll be able to encounter new, powerful spells as you traverse the realm and slay foes with your magical prowess. Just play the game as normal and be pleasantly surprised along the way.

5. Forgotten Magic

Forgotten Magic mod

Check Out This Mod

Forgotten Magic isn’t made to introduce a lot of spells into the game as most other magic mods do.

In fact, it does the exact opposite.

The main purpose of Forgotten Magic is to provide the player with a small roster of new spells to cast, all of which feel like they belong in the game and complement each other surprisingly well.

4. Wintermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim

Wintermyst Enchantments skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Sure, base game Skyrim does have its fair share of enchantments to make your weapons and armor as powerful as can be.

But how cool would it be for you to enchant your armor with Overbearing spells?

How about arrows that do piercing frost damage?

All of this can be done with the Wintermyst set of enchantments which add over 120 different enchantments to the game. Neat!

3. Flying Mod

Flying Mod Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

Riding a dragon is cool and all, but you know what’s even cooler?

Blasting past dragons by flying like a demigod across the lands of Skyrim!

The Flying Mod, although it remains in beta, is currently the best option that you have to traverse the skies of Tamriel with the sheer power of magic – no mount required!

The mod provides you with a powerful spell that lets you lift off from the ground with ease.

And it has a ton of different animations included to make you feel more immersed in your newfound abilities.

2. Deadly Spell Impacts

Deadly Spell Impacts mod

Check Out This Mod

One of the major flaws of Skyrim (which might limit your immersion level) is that all spells leave the same mark when you cast them toward something.

Deadly Spell Impacts changes the damage done to structures and items when a spell hits them, making it more accurate to the type of spell that was cast.

As such, frozen spells will leave an icy mark on the surface that they land. And fire spells will make it even more clear that a blaze of flame has passed through the targeted point.

Maybe not a required addition but certainly adds more realism to this already incredible game.

1. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Apocalypse Magic Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

I really don’t want to spoil the magnificence that is the Apocalypse magic mod. So I say download it and try it for yourself first.

But it adds over 100 spells, all of which are carefully crafted and balanced, and they include amazing textures that you won’t find anywhere else in the game.

The creators of the mod have also made sure to make it compatible with other spell mods on this list so feel free to install it with other mods if you like!

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