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James Madison University vs University of Delaware

When students are admitted to two schools, they can only attend one. Which do they prefer? Compare colleges to find out.

For the full methodology, please see the bottom of the page. If the results are in color, then the difference is statistically significant at a 95% confidence level.


James Madison University

95% confidence interval: 29.0% to 44.6%.

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University of Delaware

95% confidence interval: 55.4% to 71.0%.

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This is a "revealed preference" tool. For each school's percentage, the denominator includes all members who were admitted to both of these schools. The numerator includes those students who chose a given school. In other words, students who were admitted to both schools reveal their preference for one over the other by attending that school. To test for statistical significance at the 95% level, Wilson's method is employed.

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University of DelawareNewark, DE

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James Madison UniversityHarrisonburg, VA

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#67 in National Universities

#1 in Delaware Colleges


#3 in Federal Region III Universities

#7 in Virginia Colleges

Public, 4 or more years
Research University (very high research activity)
School TypePublic, 4 or more years
Master's College and University (larger programs)
Offered Degrees
Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate (Research), Doctorate (Professional Practice)Offered Degree1 Year Certificate, Bachelor's, Post-BS Certificate, Master's, Post-MS Certificate, Doctorate (Research), Doctorate (Professional Practice)
Tuition & Fees
expensive$14,660 Delaware Residents
$36,090 Out-of-State
Undergraduate Tuitioncheaper$12,330 Virginia Residents
$29,230 Out-of-State
expensive$34,956 Delaware Residents
$35,192 Out-of-State
Graduate Tuitioncheaper$11,976 Virginia Residents
$29,016 Out-of-State
More$10,041Average Financial Aid AmountLess$6,998
Higher1,255 SAT
27 ACT
Test ScoresLower1,205 SAT
26 ACT
Tighter71%Acceptance RateEasier77%
(Enrollment Rate)
High School GPA
High School Rank
High School Record (or Transcript)
Completion of College Preparatory Program
Formal Demonstration of Competencies
Admission Test Scores
Application Requirements
(Required or Recommended to submit)
High School GPA
High School Record (or Transcript)
Completion of College Preparatory Program
Dual Credits
Advanced placement (AP) Credits
Accepted CreditsDual Credits
Advanced placement (AP) Credits
Credits for Life Experiences
Credit for Military Training
Larger24,120Total EnrollmentSmaller21,751
Larger19,956Undergraduate Student PopulationSmaller19,923
Larger4,164Graduate Student PopulationSmaller1,828
Smaller391Online Student PopulationLarger545
Completion & Outcomes
Lower81%Graduate RateHigher84%
90%Retention Rate90%
Special Learning Opportunity
Study Abroad
Teacher Certificate
Special learning OpportunityROTC
Study Abroad
Teacher Certificate
✔ (Dormitory Capacity: 7,302)Campus Housing✔ (Dormitory Capacity: 6,338)
✔ (Typical Annual Charge: $5,064)Board/Meal Plan✔ (Typical Annual Charge: $5,292)
Less Students per Faculty15 to 1Student to Faculty RatioMore Students per Faculty16 to 1
1,265Number of faculties1,432
Higher$121,769Average Faculty SalaryLower$85,803
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University of Delaware (UD) vs. James Madison University (JMU) Overview

You’re wrestling with a tough question: “Should I go to UD or JMU ?”

This complete guide analyzes both the quantitative and qualitative differences between UD andJames Madison University (JMU). This comparison is particularly valuable at understanding the cultural nuances between the colleges since it uses student videos to capture the “vibes” of campus - these videos are exclusively available on CampusReel :)

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s go through a general overview of the high-level differences between University of Delaware (UD) and James Madison University (JMU). The table below summarizes some of the most important statistics around competitiveness, costs, etc.

University of Delaware (UD)James Madison University (JMU)
In-state Tuition$12,520$10,018
Net Price$15,992.0$19,669.0
Average Financial Aid$7,911$7,020
Total Undergraduates1835319019
Average SAT Scores1090 - 13001040 - 1220
Acceptance Rate6773
Location104 Hullihen Hall800 South Main Street
City NameNewarkHarrisonburg

WARNINGS: Based on net price alone, University of Delaware (UD) is the cheaper option. However, this sticker price may not adequately represent the difference in living costs between Newark and Harrisonburg. UD is in a Mid-Atlantic and JMU is in a South Atlantic - sometimes off campus meals and housing costs can dramatically vary between schools.

Is University of Delaware (UD) or James Madison University (JMU) Harder to get into? Which school is easier to get into?

If you’re looking at acceptance rate alone, then University of Delaware (UD) is more difficult to get into. However, each college is looking to fill its incoming class with a variety of students with different strengths, backgrounds, etc. Therefore, the acceptance rate alone is not a good indicator that University of Delaware (UD) is a better school or will be more difficult for you specifically to get into. On the flipside, James Madison University (JMU) is easier to get into based on acceptance rate alone.

To read more about UD requirements go here
To read more about JMU requirements go here

How do UD dorms compare to housing options at JMU?

Both colleges provide on-campus living options. UD charges for on-campus living, while JMU charges N/A for on-campus living. Most importantly, though, check out the video below for a sample of dorm tours at each school.

Check out all dorm videos for UD here.

Check out all dorm videos for JMU here.

How does UD social life compare to JMU?

It’s tough to understand the nuances of social life with data alone. That’s why we’ve brought in real student videos to show how UD social life differs from JMU.

Check out all social life videos for UD here.

Check out all social life videos for JMU here.

University of Delaware (UD), % JMU, %
Others 8.8 11.7

How different is the UD campus compared to JMU campus?

The UD campus is located in Newark, DE and is characterized as Suburb: Large (outside principal city, in urbanized area with population of 250,000 or more). The JMU campus is located in Harrisonburg, VA and is characterized as City: Small (population less than 100,000).

Check out all campus videos for UD here.

Check out all campus videos for JMU here.

Which school gives more financial aid?

UD provides $7,911 whereas JMU provides an average of $7,020.

How does UD academics compare to JMU?

When analyzing academics between University of Delaware (UD) and James Madison University (JMU) we’ll look at both what current students are studying and also where they end up after graduation. After all, college should prepare you for a career! Analyzing each school’s outcomes is super valuable to understand the value of the degree.

Majors UD JMU
Agriculture agriculture operations and related sciences 73N/A
Natural resources and conservation 74N/A
Architecture and related services 3N/A
Area ethnic cultural gender and group studies 15N/A
Communication journalism and related programs 126374
Computer and information sciences and support services 65216
Communications technologies technicians and support services N/AN/A
Personal and culinary services N/AN/A
Engineering 43255
Education 257N/A
Engineering technologies and engineering related fields N/AN/A
Foreign languages literatures and linguistics 3932
Family and consumer sciences human sciences 9720
Legal professions and studies N/A91
English language and literature letters 111127
Liberal arts and sciences general studies and humanities 1263
Library science N/AN/A
Biological and biomedical sciences 248213
Mathematics and statistics 3449
Military technologies and applied sciences N/AN/A
Multi interdisciplinary studies 64161
Parks recreation leisure and fitness studies 205254
Philosophy and religious studies 924
Theology and religious vocations N/AN/A
Physical sciences 5189
Science technologies technicians N/AN/A
Psychology 155216
Hmlnd scrt lw enfrcmnt frfghtng and rltd prtctv srvc N/AN/A
Public administration and social service professions 11591
Social sciences 388343
Construction trades N/AN/A
Mechanic and repair technologies technicians N/AN/A
Precision production N/AN/A
Transportation and materials moving 1N/A
Visual and performing arts 94248
Health professions and related programs 551836
Business management marketing and related support services 723749

Which is better: University of Delaware (UD) or James Madison University (JMU)?

We’ve compared dorm life, costs, outcomes and more to provide the most complete comparison between UD and JMU. But, you’re smart enough to know that numbers paint a terrible picture for truly understanding what each college and community is like. And, the real answer to which school is better is: the school that’s right for you. No matter who you ask, if they know what they’re talking about, the answer is the same: the “better” school is whatever is the best fit for you personally. That’s why it’s extremely important to check out all the videos on CampusReel for each school.

CampusReel for UD
CampusReel for JMU

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Delaware–James Madison football rivalry

1 October 29, 1983 Harrisonburg, VA Delaware 26–23
2 September 8, 1984 Newark, DE Delaware 32–3
3 Newark, DE James Madison 42–352OT
4 October 9, 1993 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison 42–38
5 October 8, 1994 Newark, DE James Madison 30–10
6 October 21, 1995 Harrisonburg, VA Delaware 48–19
7 October 26, 1996 Newark, DE Delaware 27–13
8 October 18, 1997 Harrisonburg, VA Delaware 49–27
9 November 21, 1998 Newark, DE Delaware 28–14
10 September 25, 1999 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison 21–7
11 October 28, 2000 Newark, DE Delaware 33–14
12 November 3, 2001 Harrisonburg, VA Delaware28–3
13 October 12, 2002 Newark, DE Delaware 23–10
14 November 6, 2004 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison 20–13
15 October 22, 2005 Newark, DE Delaware 34–28
16 November 4, 2006 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison 44–24
17 November 3, 2007 Newark, DE Delaware 37–34
18 November 1, 2008 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison41–7
19 October 31, 2009 Newark, DE James Madison 20–8
20 October 2, 2010 Harrisonburg, VA Delaware 13–10
21 September 28, 2013 Newark, DE Delaware 29–22
22 September 27, 2014 Harrisonburg, VA Delaware 30–23OT
23 November 14, 2015 Newark, DE James Madison 24–21
24 October 1, 2016 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison 43–20
25 September 30, 2017 Newark, DE James Madison 20–10
26 Harrisonburg, VA James Madison 20–6
27 October 23, 2021 Newark, DE
Series: Delaware leads 14–12

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