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Kyongwon Ahn

South Korean taekwondo master (born )

In this Korean name, the family name is Ahn.

Kyongwon Ahn, 9th dan (Kukkiwon), is a South Koreantaekwondo master who founded the United Taekwondo Association (UTA)[1] in the United States.

Ahn was born in in Seoul, Korea,[2] and began training in the martial arts began when he was 12 years old. He served an internship with his instructor, Chang Bok Lee,[3] as the Master Instructor for the South Korean and American armies from to In , Ahn achieved his Juris Doctorate (Civil Law) from Kangwon University. In August , he emigrated to the US and began teaching tang soo do[4] at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. He has also held teaching and advisory positions at the Miami University (in Ohio) and Xavier University. Ahn founded the International Martial Arts Federation, now the United Taekwondo Association in in an effort to standardize taekwondo teaching methods.


In , Ahn was a founding member of the Amateur Athletic Union's Taekwondo Committee. The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) awarded Ahn his Master Instructor certification in He received 9th dan ranking from Kukkiwon in [5] Through the s, Ahn worked within the United States Taekwondo Union (USTU) and ultimately served as the association president USA Taekwondo.[6][7] He served as a member of the board of directors for the United States Olympic Committee and worked to bring taekwondo to the and Summer Olympic Games. In , Ahn was one of the founders of the United States Taekwondo Won (USTW).[8][9] From to , he served on the WTF's Legislative Committee. In , the Republic of Korea awarded Ahn the National Sport Merit Award in recognition of his work in promoting taekwondo and helping it to become a full medal Olympic sport.

Major Taekwondo career accomplishments[edit]

  • – Arrived in Cincinnati, OH to establish the martial arts program at the University of Cincinnati and to provide instruction to the R.O.T.C. students
  • – Founding member of the National AAU Committee
  • to – President of the Ohio Taekwondo Association
  • – Head of the U.S. National Team at the 3rd World Championships held in Chicago, IL
  • – Author of the promotion standards and code of operation for the National AAU Taekwondo Committee
  • to – Vice President of the United States Taekwondo Union
  • to – President-elect of the United States Taekwondo Union
  • – Director of the 1st World Cup Taekwondo event held in Colorado Springs, CO
  • to – President of the United States Taekwondo Union
  • to – Executive Board Council member of the World Taekwondo Federation
  • to – Member of the Board of Directors of the United States Olympic Committee
  • – Team Leader for the U.S. National Team at the 1st Taekwondo Demonstration at the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea
  • to – Chairman of the Law & Legislation Committee of the World Taekwondo Federation
  • – Certified as an International Referee by the World Taekwondo Federation
  • – Promoted to 9th Dan by the World Taekwondo Federation / Kukkiwon
  • – Team Leader for the U.S. National Team at the 2nd Taekwondo Demonstration at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain
  • – Member of the Promotion Committee for the Taekwondo Olympic status
  • – Member of the Arbitration Committee for the Barcelona Taekwondo Olympic Games
  • – President of the Ohio State Taekwondo Association
  • – Founding member of the United States Taekwondo Won
  • to – President of the United States Taekwondo Won
  • – – Member of the Kukkiwon International Advisory Committee


  • – Award from Dr. Un Yong Kim for Outstanding Contribution to Taekwondo
  • – Award from Pan American Games
  • – Award from the Barcelona Olympic Games
  • – Award from Dr. Un Yong Kim for Outstanding Contribution to Taekwondo
  • – National Martial Artist of the Year from the International Tang Soo Do Federation
  • – National Sport Merit Award from the Republic of Korea


  • One of the founding members of the AAU Taekwondo program
  • Responsible for establishing the United States Taekwondo Union as the National Governing Body for Olympic Taekwondo
  • Lobbyist for Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport
  • Initiator for the World Cup Taekwondo event when President of the United States Taekwondo Union
  • Founding member of the United States Taekwondo Won
  • Has taught Taekwondo from through ( to in Korea) ( to current in the United States)

Senior students[edit]

As an instructor Ahn is responsible for teaching and promoting thousands of under black belt students, hundreds of black belts and several master instructors and five Grandmaster Instructors - Grandmaster August K. Oneal, Grandmaster Kim Limes, Grandmaster Ron Hickey, Grandmaster Jamie Beasley, Grandmaster Robert K. Fujimura (former executive director of the US Taekwondo Union/now USA Taekwondo) and Grandmaster Sean Pearson.[10] These masters and students made their mark as Taekwondo instructors, International Referees, state and national champions and successful business leaders in many fields. He also sponsored other Korean instructors when they first came to the United States of America. Noted as much for his patience and kindness toward students as he is his ever-demanding standards of perfection within the study of Taekwondo, Ahn is known as a beloved mentor to thousands of who have learned under his instruction over the last half-century.

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See important COVID 19 message at bottom of page.

NOTE: if Plano ISD is closed for weather related issues, Ahn's TKD is closed.

Ahn's Tae Kwon Do extends you a very warm virtual welcome! If you are in search of an authentic, hard-core martial arts school then you have just found one of the best.

Click the image to the left to watch Master Chun Ahn demonstrate a self-held, open-handed break of four boards. Self-held breaking is one of the most difficult breaking methods, requiring unparalleled focus, speed, and precision. Very few people can match this display of power and skill.

The main elements to consider when trying to determine if a martial arts school is “right” for you are the instructors, the overall instructional philosophy, and the style of martial arts offered.


  • -

  • Born and raised in Seoul, Korea.

  • Trained and received black belt rank in Seoul, Korea within Grandmaster Hwang Kee's school system. Grandmaster Hwang Kee was one of the primary founding fathers of Tae Kwon Do.

  • In began teaching Tae Kwon Do in Texas, subsequently training thousands.

  • Mission Leader of United States Tae Kwon Do team that took second place in the first International Tae Kwon Do Championship in Seoul, Korea.

  • In recognition for his numerous accomplishments and contributions, inducted into the International Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame.

  • Raised in Texasby Grandmaster Ye Mo Ahn

  • 6th degree black belt Kukkiwon certificate #

  • Kukkiwon master certification #

  • Junior Olympics Texas State Tae Kwon Do Coach

  • Junior Olympics National Tae Kwon Do Coach

Overall Instructional Philosophy


When he established Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do (Ahn's TKD), Grandmaster Ye Mo Ahn replicated the instructional style that he received in Seoul, Korea in the s 's from one of the primary founding fathers of Tae Kwon Do (i.e., Grandmaster Hwang Kee). You cannot get any closer to the source than that without traveling back in time to s - 's Seoul, Korea. If you enroll at Ahn’s TKD it will not be to simply study martial arts. It will be a commitment on your part to receive Tae Kwon Do training as it was originally designed and taught by Tae Kwon Do's founding fathers. On the Videos and Photos page you can watch a video of how Tae Kwon Do was first practiced in Seoul, Korea in the s.

When you evaluate any martial arts school, a degree of skepticism is warranted. Far too many individuals illegitimately declare themselves as black belts, or even as grandmasters, in order to open up a martial arts school and attract students. Fortunately, these con artists are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Ask the main instructor where he / she received training and what international governing body granted him / her rank. All legitimate black belts display their rank certifications, granted by an official international governing body, in public view (usually prominently displayed in their studio). Using an Internet search engine you can not only determine what the international governing body is for a given martial arts style but you can also see what an official rank certificate looks like. In the case of Tae Kwon Do, Kukkiwon is the international governing that grants rank.


A black belt cannot be obtained easily or quickly at Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do (Ahn’s TDK). You should pass on Ahn’s TKD if you are not prepared to work hard and to challenge yourself on multiple levels. Over the years, Ahn’s TKD has successfully trained a wide variety of individuals possessing varying levels of physical ability - some with limited mobility. With practice and dedication, virtually anyone can achieve a respectable degree of proficiency in the art of Tae Kwon Do.

Students at Ahn's TKD are challenged on many levels such as aerobic conditioning, complex kicking techniques, sparring, and the development of the focus / technique necessary to smash through solid objects. Ahn’s TKD’s safety record is second to none. However, make no mistake about it, Ahn’s TKD provides instruction in one of the most lethal martial arts, not in dance. Over a multi-year journey towards black belt rank, there will be a few minor bumps and bruises along the way. This is unavoidable unless you select a school at which you can avoid all of the "blood, sweat, and tears" necessary to become a "bona fide" black belt. Easy martial arts schools, in which you can quickly obtain a black belt, are not hard to find. Ahn’s TKD is definitely NOT one of them.

Instructing Children vs. Adults:

Ahn's Tae Kwon Do (Ahn's TKD) instructs adults separately from children. The same basic instruction is provided to both, however children receive a few extra instructional elements designed to instill and to reinforce structure, respect, and confidence. At certain times children's classes engage in games / activities designed to improve physical and mental skills; each of these activities have a direct martial arts application.

The progress and developmental needs of every single child is constantly monitored. Ahn's TKD's safety record is second to none. The health, safety, and well-being of each and every child is the top priority of every instructor. All Ahn’s TKD studios contain a comfortable observation room from which parents are encouraged to view their children during class. Additionally, Ahn’s TKD instructors welcome and encourage a constant dialogue with parents regarding their children's progress and overall developmental needs, be these needs martial arts related or not.

Martial Arts Tournaments:

Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do (Ahn's TKD) has produced champions at both the state level (i.e., 32 Texas champions) and the national level (i.e., 17 USA champions). After more than a decade of heavy involvement in the tournament circuit, Ahn's TKD has chosen to reduce its emphasis on and its involvement in tournaments. The point has been proven - Ahn's TKD students can compete with anyone, at any level, and will win more often than not. Unfortunately, modern tournament sparring has simply digressed too far from what was originally intended by the founding fathers of Tae Kwon Do. If you were to observe a tournament sparring match today you would see two individuals bouncing up and down, in very close proximity to one another, attempting to be the first to "touch" the other with a foot. Points are awarded to ineffectual techniques and the combat strategy necessary to win a tournament sparring bout would be of very little help to you in a "real world" self-defense situation.

Sparring at Ahn's TKD is consistent with the original intent of Tae Kwon Do's founding fathers. Ahn's TKD uses sparring to teach students how to effectively defend themselves in a "real world" self-defense situation. However, instruction in tournament style fighting is available to Ahn's TKD students who care to participate in tournaments.


Martial arts schools can be found in virtually every city around the world. Across these martial arts schools you will find instruction in a wide variety of styles. The styles that most people associate with the phrase "martial arts" are the ones that originated in China, Japan and Korea. Generally speaking, martial arts styles can be grouped into two broad categories: hard styles and soft styles.

Hard styles meet an attacker’s force with direct force; that is “head on.” Hard style techniques are predominately characterized by linear movements and brute force blocking / striking. Soft styles involve merging with and redirecting the force of an attacker so as to gain advantage. This merging and redirecting usually involves circular, non-linear movements that require a great deal of skill and precision to employ. With soft styles, success hinges on maintaining superb balance and using mechanical leverage / advantage to great effect. Individuals of smaller stature often find more success employing soft styles rather than hard styles. However, with sufficient practice any individual can gain skill in and successfully employ any given style. In reality, most martial arts styles incorporate a wide variety of techniques and are not % completely hard or soft.

Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do provides instruction in Tae Kwon Do. Tae Know Do is a hard style martial art that originated in Korea in the s. However, as with all things in life, it is not quite that simple. Click to read more about the history of Tae Kwon Do.

Final Thoughts

Why would you want to begin training at Ahn's Tae Kwon Do (Ahn's TKD), or any other martial arts school for that matter? Perhaps you want to improve your aerobic conditioning or you want to learn how to defend yourself / friends / family should the need arise. Maybe you've always been drawn to martial arts and you just don't quite know why. You are reading this page right now for a reason, even if you can't articulate that reason. You can continue to be someone who "would have" or "should have" or "could have." Or you can wake up and realize that its time to do this thing. Make it easy on yourself list out all of the pros and all of the cons for starting martial arts training. If, after careful thought, the pros side of your list outweighs the cons side, then just do it! Take control and just do it!

The general public is welcome at any Ahn's TKD studio location. No appointment is required. All studios have comfortable observation rooms with plenty of available seating. There is usually a small group of people, mostly parents, observing a class in session. You are more than welcome to observe and you will not be bothered. The instructor will be busy teaching class so you will need to wait until class is over if you would like to speak with an instructor. Review the Ahn's TKD class schedule.

If you are interested but just not % sure that you are ready to commit, then take advantage Ahn's TKD introductory program offer. For $30 you will receive two, twenty minute semi-private lessons. This introductory program allows you to learn a few basic techniques as well as gain a general feel for martial arts instruction at Ahn's TKD. Contact an instructor today to set up your two introductory lessons.

COVID 19 Related Information

To help mitigate the negative societal impact of COVID 19, Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do (Ahn's TKD) has multiple policies in place.

First, refrain from bringing any person to the studio currently infected with a communicable disease, or exhibiting symptoms consistent with the onset of a communicable disease. This is a pre-COVID policy.

Second, all common surfaces are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.

Third, class activities have been adjusted to enable students to maintain safe distancing from one another.

Note that Ahn’s TKD cannot control all movements of all students at all times. Safe distancing can only be maintained by the combined efforts of every single student in a given class. Parents should carefully consider the realities of children in a group setting before deciding to bring their children to Ahn's TKD for martial arts instruction.

It is not possible to maintain any sort of distancing between participants of a sparring match. Therefore, until further notice, sparring is not a required activity. Parents who do not want their children to participate in sparring, might elect to not bring them to class on scheduled sparring days as sparring consumes a fair potion of class time.

If you have social distancing concerns but would still like engage in martial arts training, or have your child engage in martial arts training, you might consider private lessons. Consistent with pre-COVID policy,private lessons involve an additional fee and there is a limited number of available time slots per week. If you are interested, please contact Master Ahn directly to discuss private lessons (see contact information).

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Our programs will help you and your child via the practice of physical skills of self-defense. You will follow a blueprint for a successful life based on discipline, focus, and perseverance.

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– Kevin J., Google Review

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