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If you associate silver hair with getting older, it's time to think again. In the past few years, gray hair dyes have become super popular with both millennials and Gen Z—and the younger generations are completely transforming what it means to "go gray."

Of course, if you're lucky enough to have naturally gray hair, you might not want to bother with a hair dye. But for those who want to transition to gray hair for the first time, it may not be that it may not be as simple as making a trip to the drug store. As with any big hair change, it always pays to consult a professional first to talk over your specific gray hair color ideas and make sure you can get the results you want. You'll also want to note that silver and gray hair dyes will be easier to achieve for some hair colors than others. For example, if your hair is already a light shade, you should be able to tint it gray fairly easily. That's not to say it's impossible to dye dark hair gray: You can still get the look with a little more time and effort.

In order to achieve a pretty, even shade of gray, darker hair colors have to first be lightened. Sometimes this will take a few trips to the salon to give hair the chance to recover before it gets processed again. While the extra steps and time might seem like a nuisance, it’s for the best. No one likes damaged hair—or even worse, a botched dye job. Patience is key—as is maintenance (get ready to load up on gray hair shampoo!).

Ready to take the dive into the gray unknown? Channel your inner silver fox with these gray hair dyes!

P.S. Feel like taking care of your newly-dyed strands? Check out our best tips for how to get shiny hair, and don't miss our picks for the best frizzy hair products on the market.

1Moroccanoil Platinum Color-Depositing Mask


Here's one way to make gray seem a lot more exciting: Call it "platinum!" This easy-to-use mask will leave you with an enviable silver sheen and leave your strands feeling healthy and conditioned.

2L'oreal Paris Feria Shimmering Permanent Color


This smoky shade promises to look super glossy—the kit includes both a serum and a conditioner that are designed to give the color extra shimmer.  

3Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color


If your hair is already blonde, you're good to go with this kit. The metallic silver hue will make your strands pop! 

4Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor


This formula is free of ammonia, peroxide, and alcohol, so it won't strip your hair. We call that a win! 

5Clairol Color Crave Temporary Hair Color Makeup


If you want to try going gray but aren't ready to commit, consider this product, which is essentially makeup for your hair. It'll last one to two shampoos, perfect for testing out the trend.

6Overtone Vibrant Silver Coloring Conditioner


Good-for-your-hair ingredients like coconut oil make this coloring conditioner a game changer, because they help prevent damage while stimulating growth. 

7Lunar Tides Hair Dye Ombre Hair Dye Kit


Fifty shades of gray it is! Just kidding—but this kit does include both a slate gray and pastel gray dye so you can give your hair the perfect ombré effect. 

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If you're naturally gray but want to amp up your look, try this colorwash shampoo, which helps refresh faded or ho-hum color. It also can help you prolong a new dye job.

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At the hair-dye company Arctic Fox, an influencer boss created a toxic workplace and used homophobic slurs, former employees say

  • Arctic Fox is one of the most followed indie hair-dye companies in the US, led by alternative beauty influencer Kristen Leanne.
  • Despite the company's stated mission of inclusivity, Leanne's former employees said that her leadership style was toxic and she used homophobic language.
  • Staffwide disagreements with Leanne over how to address the Black Lives Matter movement were followed by Arctic Fox employees being asked to return to their California office in June, despite the pandemic.
  • After the staff's refusal to return, Leanne quietly conducted layoffs, and eight of the 15 people in one Arctic Fox office were terminated. Two others quit.
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At the top of Arctic Fox's website is the hair-dye company's logo in bright rainbow colors. The visual is meant to represent the alternative brand's commitment to LGBTQ pride, but former employees said the look is deceiving.

Inside the company's San Marcos, California, office, the language used by the face of Arctic Fox, Kristen Leanne, the creative director, was anything but inclusive, the employees said.

Nine former Arctic Fox staffers said they overheard Leanne use homophobic language, and eight said they heard her call her ex-husband and business partner Ryan Morgan a "faggot," and mocked his choice to wear nail polish and asking him if he was gay because of it.

The homophobic language didn't end there, a former marketing manager, Lindsey Hardin, said.

Leanne, a controversial beauty influencer with an "N-word" scandal and more than 800,000 Instagram followers, also said a female modeling candidate looked "like a dyke." Leanne then requested a model with more traditionally feminine features, Hardin told Insider.

Kristen Leanne attends the 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards at Dolby Theatre on November 18, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
Presley Ann/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards

Arctic Fox is one of the most prominent indie hair-dye companies in the US, carried by Hot Topic, Sally Beauty, and Ulta Beauty. Known for its rainbow variety of cruelty-free, vegan, long-lasting colors, it's been praised by Allure, Nylon, and InStyle for having one of the best at-home hair-color products, particularly for shades like bright pink.

With nearly a million Instagram followers, Arctic Fox has nearly double the social-media following that the household name Manic Panic does.

Insider interviewed a dozen former Arctic Fox employees, some of whom started at the company as early as 2015, the year Leanne began her tenure at the company. Every source interviewed said Leanne would go on to become the greatest detriment to Arctic Fox's success as a company. Some spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

In a phone call with Insider, both Leanne and Morgan denied that she used homophobic language. Morgan and an Arctic Fox representative pushed back on accusations that Leanne cultivated a toxic workplace. Rather, they touted what they said was Leanne's work ethic and generosity to the staff through office perks.

The same Arctic Fox representative said the company's leaders, including Leanne — who remains in her current role — would undergo sensitivity training as a result of Insider's inquiry into the accusations.

After this article's publication, Leanne posted a statement to her personal Instagram account calling the claims against her "vicious and simply not true." 

Leanne directed Arctic Fox while promoting herself as a beauty blogger and YouTuber

As beauty consumers have shifted their attention to Instagram and online retailers, beauty influencers have become uniquely positioned to turn their followings into business empires. Arctic Fox launched in October 2014; Leanne and Morgan assumed leadership roles in 2015.

Neither had experience in hair care, but Leanne got her start as a beauty blogger. Her Facebook page racked up 2 million likes by 2014, when she started her beauty YouTube channel, which now has 600,000 subscribers.

In a since deleted March 2015 blog post, Leanne said she and Morgan successfully pitched their Arctic Fox co-ownership to Edward Bae, the chief executive, after Leanne received a dye sample for a product review on her YouTube channel. She wrote that she "ended up falling in love with the product."

"My fiancé and I put together a proposal basically outlining what we felt we could bring to Arctic Fox," Leanne wrote. "The two people who created Arctic Fox met us for sushi after they received our proposal and they were very excited about working with us and wanted to make it happen!"

In a 2017 interview with HelloGiggles about the company's growth, Leanne attributed the success to her fan base of "foxes." In more recent years, Arctic Fox's success grew as Leanne's own following declined. She and Morgan eventually pushed the false story line that they independently created the company.

Arctic Fox's central manufacturing and shipping office is in Gardena, California, and is run by the company's CEO and CFO. Leanne and Morgan oversee the creative team for Arctic Fox, in San Marcos. Over the past three years, Arctic Fox has swelled to its largest staff size. Inc. reported that it has experienced 324% growth as a company.

Leanne told Allure in 2018 that the brand was built around social media, but Arctic Fox's earliest employees said Leanne's presence on social-media complicated her staffers' experiences as much as it boosted the company's fan base.

Former employees said Leanne's internet personality got in the way of work

Arctic Fox and Morgan characterized Leanne as hardworking and kind to her employees. One former Arctic Fox employee, Christopher Marriott, praised Leanne as someone who devoted herself to her career, particularly as a beauty influencer.

Marriott described himself as Arctic Fox's first employee and a former friend of Leanne and Morgan (who even lived with them for periods of time). He also said Leanne used her large social-media platform to retaliate against him after he left Arctic Fox.

In May 2019, Leanne published a YouTube video on her main channel. In it, she named Marriott and discussed grievances that included claims he vacated his position before the two weeks' notice he'd given were up. Marriott told Insider the claims were misleading, which he'd reiterated in an email to Arctic Fox leadership at the time.

"I want the Marketing team of Arctic Fox to succeed and be happy but with things like this going on I don't see that being the case," Marriott wrote in his May 2019 email to Arctic Fox. "In my opinion Kristen has been strangling the marketing team so to speak, which is why many people have been quitting including myself. It is very difficult to work with her and deal with her ever changing rules, moods, and behaviors."

Leanne edited the segment discussing Marriott out of the video after 10,000 people had already viewed it, screenshots in the May 2019 email viewed by Insider show.

Leanne's presence as an influencer has also been rife with scandal.

Leanne strongly denied viral accusations of animal abuse on her pet YouTube channel in June. Internet sleuths dug up an old "tattoo tour" in which Leanne shows off a tattoo of a can of beans she says she got to represent her Mexican friend, whom she then said she refers to by a racial epithet associated with the food.

"Whenever Kristen had done this kind of stuff, inevitably we would get a handful of messages of people being, like, 'I can't believe Kristen did this — I'm never buying Arctic Fox again,'" Coley Baker, a former community-engagement supervisor at the company, said. "It was very frustrating to have to personally be, like, 'Yeah, you're right.'"

Arctic Fox said Leanne's online presence was irrelevant to the workplace in the San Marcos office, but each of the 12 former employees Insider spoke with cast doubt over whether Leanne was fit to remain the face of Arctic Fox.

More recently Leanne (who Insider previously reported apologized for mouthing the N-word on her Instagram story during a song in November 2019) liked an Instagram post from the conservative commentator Candace Owens that said "It's okay to be normal. . . . I'm not homosexual."

The official Arctic Fox Instagram then reacted with kissy-face emojis to a callout of Leanne's endorsement, screenshots of direct messages obtained by Instagram account Here For The Tea show. "Won't be 😘😘😘 when you lose customers," a top comment on the post said.

A post shared by HERE FOR THE TEA (@hereforthetea2)

Employees who worked closely with Leanne said she was aggressive and demanding

The dozen former employees all characterized Leanne as behaving in manipulative, toxic, and unprofessional ways. Hardin, the former marketing manager, worked closely with Leanne for more than two years and resigned from Arctic Fox on June 15. Hardin told Insider her main reason for leaving Arctic Fox was that Leanne and Morgan displayed an unwillingness to take a progressive company stance during the Black Lives Matter movement. She also described being a buffer between Leanne and the rest of the staff.

"She hires people, she works them to death, she burns them out, and then she turns them over," Hardin said. Eight employees who worked at Arctic Fox before 2019 said they believed Leanne's conduct contributed to the high turnover.

In response to Hardin, Leanne and Morgan said Hardin brought her own emotional issues into work. Hardin's 2020 coworkers who spoke with Insider denied that Hardin was the source of issues with Leanne or that her emotions contributed negatively to the workplace. Leanne also described inviting Hardin to celebrate holidays with her family and purchasing a new mattress for her when Hardin complained of back issues. Hardin said she felt like she couldn't say no to either of her boss' offers.

Kristen Leanne (L) and Ryan Morgan at the 2017 NYX Professional Makeup FACE Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on August 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for NYX Professional Makeup

Additionally, all 12 employees said they directly witnessed Leanne and Morgan fighting in San Marcos.

"When I first started working there, as an office assistant, I sat in the same room as Kristen and Ryan, and that was the time when they were going through their divorce, but nobody knew," Lauren Hale, a former project manager, said.

"If they were both there, it would always be very uncomfortable. I would be sitting at my desk, and typically Kristen would start going off on Ryan, just calling him names, being so aggressive and shitty toward him. He would take it, but he kind of poked her buttons here and there."

Seven employees said Leanne talked down and were dismissive to them. Leanne also delegated entry-level Arctic Fox employees to do personal tasks for her outside their job descriptions, including getting her coffee and cleaning up the empty PR boxes that Leanne received as a beauty influencer, three former assistants said.

Hardin, acting as a stand-in for Leanne's creative authority when she wasn't in the office, was in regular communication with her. Hardin said Leanne called her "worthless," berated her if she didn't respond on weekends, and encouraged her to be "on call 24/7." Leanne denied using that language to speak to Hardin.

"If I had an idea that worked and made a ton of money but it wasn't her idea, she started to hate it," Hardin said. "I don't regret leaving at all."

In a lengthy statement, Arctic Fox said Leanne "bent over backwards to create a positive work environment and make everyone feel appreciated." At the same time, Arctic Fox said that Leanne was present for only two to three weeks of the year in the San Marcos office in 2019.

Nine former employees who worked at Arctic Fox in 2019 also said that Leanne was largely absent throughout the year, and all nine said that during her "hands-off" periods the company thrived. Whenever Leanne returned to the office is when the work environment turned toxic, all the former employees said.

"When she was in one of her more hands-off cycles, I'd feel like the job was great and it was a very fun work environment and I loved the people I worked with," Coley Baker, the former community-engagement supervisor who worked at Arctic Fox for more than three years, said.

"But every six months, like clockwork, she'd get something in her head and half the people I worked with would be gone in the span of like a month, and then we're scrambling to hire on more people."

This summer, tensions at Arctic Fox resulted in the staff being turned over, then threatened for speaking out

Tension between Leanne and her staff peaked in June, as Black Lives Matter protests over the police killing of George Floyd swept through the US. That month, nine former employees said an internal power struggle erupted with Leanne and Morgan over how the company should address the movement.

Arctic Fox traditionally donated 15% of website profits to animal-rights organizations, but staffers involved in discussions over donations in June said they had to convince Leanne and Morgan that a donation to a racial-justice initiative wouldn't be seen as "political," four former employees said.

Eventually, it was decided that 15% of June online sales would be donated to the civil-rights-advocacy group Color of Change. Arctic Fox has yet to receive confirmation that the donation went through. 

On June 1, Leanne asked two Black employees if they'd like to take a day off. She also asked them if they'd appear on the company TikTok to discuss their experiences, a move they declined and that they and seven of their coworkers described as "tokenizing."

"This has been an emotionally charged week," Leanne wrote them each on Slack, in messages viewed by Insider. "I was trying to think of what I could offer in the immediate to help alleviate stress." Three weeks later, both Black employees' positions were terminated, they told Insider.

What's in your cart? ✨🛒

A post shared by Arctic Fox Hair Color (@arcticfoxhaircolor) on Oct 20, 2020 at 3:35pm PDT

The week of June 1, Hardin said she decided independently to take part in the "#PullUpOrShutUp" challenge going viral in the beauty industry, in which companies posted the breakdown of Black employees at the corporate and executive levels.

In Arctic Fox's case, there were no Black executives, though two of the C-suite team leaders were nonwhite, and a self-critical post from Hardin about the company's C-suite diversity statistics went up on the Arctic Fox blog and Instagram story.

Leanne dropped a message (viewed by Insider) in the company's main Slack channel after asking Hardin to remove the posts: "Our company is small, and founder information is 100% private. It is NOT public knowledge. This verbiage implies that our executives were hired on, when in fact we are the founders, and created the company from the beginning."

Leanne and Morgan are the public faces of Arctic Fox and are described on the company blog as its cofounders. As alluded to in Leanne's since deleted March 2015 blog post about her pitching her involvement in the company to Bae, Arctic Fox's CEO, the company has a discrete C-suitewho first registered Arctic Fox as a trademark of parent company Boinca Inc. in 2014.

Ryan Morgan (L) and Kristen Leanne attend the House 99 by David Beckham party hosted by Ken Paves at his salon in West Hollywood on August 20, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for House 99 by David Beckham

Within 48 hours of the "#PullUpOrShutUp" post's removal, Morgan sent an email to staffers — who had been working remotely since the outbreak of the pandemic — asking them to return to the office. All 15 Arctic Fox employees responded to express concerns related to the pandemic and ongoing protests in the San Francisco area.

"To be quite frank, with the timing of it all & the slow response & silence by our executives towards the social injustices currently happening, it seems like you are trying to force us back into the office to prevent us from speaking out & participating in the protests," one former Arctic Fox employee responded in an email chain viewed by Insider.

"Your profits have been at the forefront of my life for two years. Can my life now, at least, be considered alongside your profits?" Hardin responded in the thread. Morgan said he'd meet with Leanne and the other executives to discuss.

Starting June 8, at least six people had their Shopify account permissions revoked without explanation, they told Insider. Shopify is the e-commerce platform Arctic Fox uses, and the employees saw the unexplained change as a sign of things to come, since it prevented them from doing their jobs.

Baker, who had been at Arctic Fox the longest at that point, was the first to be let go. Insider viewed Slack messages Morgan sent him on June 12, with Morgan asking Baker to call him. Baker asked if the communications could be in writing instead. Morgan doubled down, but Baker wouldn't budge, and Morgan fired him the following Monday, citing insubordination, in an email that Insider viewed.

Hardin says she quit that day, too, handing her laptop off to her direct supervisor rather than heading back into the office. A third employee, assuming that layoffs were coming, told Insider they resigned.

On June 22, five employees were laid off. An intern who had yet to transition to a full-time position and a contractor were also terminated that day. Five of the employees terminated on June 22 who spoke with Insider said the financial effect of the coronavirus was cited as the reason for their termination. That Monday, as wary Arctic Fox employees filed in and out of the office one by one, they say they were greeted not by Leanne and Morgan but by an executive from the Gardena office whom no one at the San Marcos office had ever met.

Each employee who spoke with Insider said they were offered two weeks' severance pay in exchange for signing a nondisclosure agreement that would prevent them from discussing details of the layoffs. Out of the five employees who spoke to Insider about their June 22 termination, no one took the severance pay, they said. Nine former employees told Insider they believed the layoffs were retaliation for employees refusing to return to the San Marcos office.

Initially, Leanne and Morgan said the layoffs were not a quick decision. When challenged by phone over why one employee was given instructions for a future assignment two weeks before being laid off, Leanne and Morgan acknowledged that the decision was made in the two weeks after the staff declined to return to the San Marcos office.

Leanne and Morgan also told Insider the layoffs were financially necessary because of the pandemic's effect on sales. Arctic Fox would not provide revenue data.

Kristen Leanne (L) and Ryan Morgan attend SEPHORiA: House of Beauty – Session One at The Majestic Downtown on October 20, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Presley Ann/Getty Images for Sephora

In November, after Insider reached out to Arctic Fox with the former employees' accusations, a lawyer acting on behalf of Leanne and Arctic Fox sent all the employees cease-and-desist letters.

The letters contained a 24-hour deadline to retract their claims to Insider — cc'ing the lawyer — or else the employees would be ordered to pay $10,000 each "in liquidated damages" for violating the NDA that each employee signed at the beginning of their employment, which said they wouldn't disclose propriety information about Arctic Fox.

None of the employees responded, and no further action has been taken against them.

Since the June staff turnover, Arctic Fox has hired Leanne's stepmother to take on customer-service duties. It has also hired additional employees, which Insider found listings for online, including for roles that were previously fulfilled by employees who were laid off. The company's social-media accounts have stalled in growth.

"What sucks is that there are people out there who are, like, 'Well, I'm not buying Arctic Fox because Kristen sucks,'" Hardin said. "But the people who did the work there were beautiful and intelligent and creative people who worked night and day to make that brand something.

"And now she gets to have it and have all the credit, and hide behind all the good there was. And she doesn't have to face what she did."

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No customs fees, and direct from CA with no going through Jeff Bezos’ pocket in the middle! Hooray (:

Fast shipping and good products

Incredibly fast shipping. I got the shampoo + conditioner set, a hair dye diluting solution, and a set of hair clips. Haven't tried the shampoo but the conditioner and the diluter worked great and I love their scent. The clips are also handy. Would recommend to anyone who dyes their hair often.

Britt Heemskerk

Would definitely recommend!

Ordered 2 bottles 'Frosé' and it arrived within 1 week! I live in the Netherlands, and it came al the way from Los Angeles (since i cannot order anywhere in Europe) with FedEx. Very satisfied.
Also, the product is amazing. Easy to use and result is stunning. Would recommend!!

Carina Kirschner

Just love it

Love this hair colors and also the shop! I received goods from America in about one week in Austria (Europe) with Fedex and there was no problem! I already orderd a second time. There was just a little problem with bleach - it looked like I cannot order this to Europe, but the most important things are colors. Bleach I can buy everywhere here ;)


If I could give this company more stars…

If I could give this company more stars I would! I live in the UK and ordered this to come from America on the Black Friday weekend. I ended up placing an order for the incorrect colour dye! Worried that I would have to either have the hassle of sending it back or having to pay out twice for the colour I actually wanted I got in touch with their customer services. A very, very nice lady by the name of Karen managed to cancel my first order for me which meant I didnt have to worry about a thing and could just re-order the colour I wanted! She sorted everything out for me and communication was excellent! All sorted within a couple of hours! Not a lot of companies seem to want to help with stuff like this but Karen at Arctic Fox couldn't have been any more helpful!

Daniela Foulkes

Informative Review

I’ve used arctic fox for absolutely years. I use it on myself, friends, family and random people who are referred to me to give them a temporary splash of colour.

Something I think that new users of arctic fox or just hair dye in general need to understand is that precious colourings, addition of outside chemicals or substances such as conditioners or poor prior bleaching can result in a bad colour job, or something which is different to what was advertised.
I can assure you, as someone who purchases 2-3 8oz bottles every couple of months- what they advertise is what you get.
Also- the dye staining your hair a colour is not a fault in the product, it is a common result of hair colouring. This is Especially known for products with a blue or green base.

My orders always arrived within the given delivery period and any which may have taken longer were due to The COVID pandemic or courier error.
I have absolutely never had a problem with any of the colour products.

Victoria Brancati

I didn't want to look like a mermaid!

I really wanted my bleached to level 10 platinum blonde hair to have a silver look to match my natural gray coming in. I was assured by Ulta and Sally's that the Arctic Fox Sterling color was what I should use. Well, now my hair is a bright TEAL! I hate teal
and my hair...Hopefully it will wash out VERY quickly!

I ordered hairdye back in the end of…

I ordered hairdye back in the end of October, it arrived today. I haven't used the hairdye so I can't say much for the product itself. But I can say that I think 7 months is a fairly long time to wait for hairdye. I even tried returning it, talked with the team and they said it would get shipped back and I would get my money back but here I am with the hairdye sitting on my table.


Brittany Weekley

Best hair dye ever!

I love Arctic Fox! I used the Virgin Pink on my hair a few months ago, and I loved it. It washes out quickly, but it doesn't damage your hair, so you can touch-up when needed. I've also used Transylvania, a deep blue/black. I love how the color turned out, but it was so messy. It got on pretty much everything, so if you use this color, make sure you use petroleum jelly, gloves, and have some towels you don't care about for clean up.

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Hair arctic fox silver

Searches for Lilac Hair Increased 1,077% This Year — Here's How to Get the Look for Just $13

If you’ve been mulling over a wine-tinted hair change as of late, you’re not alone. According to a Pinterest trend report, platform searches for the term “Lilac Hair” rose over 1,000 percent from last year, making it one of the biggest hair trends of 2019.

Call it the Cardi B effect, or give a nod to Lady Gaga, either way, this pastel hue has taken over and is expressing itself in all shapes and sizes. Now, it’s easier than ever to achieve this celeb-approved style, thanks to one product that thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by.

Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye has almost 4,000 near-perfect reviews from customers who love it for its straightforward usage and full, non-damaging color.

With Girls Night, a soft purple shade of the dye, it’s easier than ever to achieve the dreamy pastel tresses you’ve seen all over your Instagram feed. In fact, it’s as easy (and good for your hair) as using a deep conditioner. On freshly shampooed and dried hair, apply the dye in sections, ensuring it coats each strand completely. Leave on for 40 minutes, and then rinse with cold water. This dye will appear best on bleached or blonde hair, but if you have darker hair, it’ll still impart a rich, deep purple color — just not quite the signature lilac Pinterest users can’t get enough of.

Aside from its spot-on tone, Amazon shoppers love this product for its gentle touch. Unlike other dyes, this hydrating colorant will actually strengthen hair as it imparts pigment.

“I love this product so much,” writes one reviewer. “As someone who has been dying my hair every color imaginable for over a decade, this is by far one of the best brands I've tried. It smells really good but it is also conditioning which my super dry hair really needs. I definitely still recommend deep conditioning before and after dying your hair but like I said my hair is extra dry so it may not be as necessary for everyone.”

VIDEO: Lady Gaga Just Got the Most Popular Hair Color on Pinterest

“I bought the color Girls Night which came out beautifully,” they continue. “Compared to other products I've used such as Splat and Sparks, this product did not stain the tub, my hands, or my towel. In fact, there was very little rinse out so I felt like my hair really absorbed the color. I have chin length curly hair and ended up using about half of the bottle. Best part is you can keep the leftovers for another application or to add to your conditioner to refresh your color. Overall, I'm very satisfied and will be trying the color Transylvania next.”

Shop the dye that Amazon shoppers swear by for their lilac hair for just $13 on

SILVER HAIR! Arctic Fox Sterling Hair Dye Review

Not very long ago in this galaxy there was an adventurous lad who learned by mistakes and would like to share.

Arctic Fox Silver leaves white hair undiluted exactly like the color of the dye. The color of the dye was a dull battleship medium gray, which I liked a lot. The result after 20 minutes was hair a dull battleship medium gray. Hair was in same condition before and after dying. The medium gray faded to a dull army olive green. I have never had a silver dye fade to any shade of green and was shocked. The dull olive green I did not like the green shade and green is my favorite color. In attempts to remove the olive green with different fading techniques was slow and hard to remove. Eventfully 30 volume bleach for about 35 minutes completely faded to a very light yellow. A purple based shampoo helped to turn the hair back to white. I would not suggest Arctic Fox Silver unless you also want dull olive green hair.

Arctic Fox Raven was used to create a light silver with about four ounces of conditioner and maybe a fingernail amount of Arctic Fox Raven. Any other black diluted with conditioner for me for me became a dull army olive green. Arctic Fox Raven mixture was a very light gray almost silver. The results after strand tests and application was a light to medium silver over my initial white hair. The color faded to a lighter and lighter shade of silver until eventually the hair was white again. Caution I discovered too much Arctic Fox and Conditioner does not give white hair the color of gray to silver hair or dark gray hair. The result of a dark gray mixture of Arctic Fox and conditioner on white hair for about 30 minutes was a purplish black. Fading the hair after many attempts hardly noticed any difference or change. Two bleach attempts many weeks apart of 30 volume bleach did eventually return to nearly white hair. There is a fine point of no return and unable to use Arctic Fox Raven to make gray hair.

This information has been apart of my nearly three decades of non-professional experience with semi-permanent dye in black, silver, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, lavender, aqua, magenta, rose, turquoise, peach, salmon, pink, etc. The information provided is part of my opinion based on my years of non-professional experience.

Please have a good day.


Now discussing:

How to remove arctic fox hair dye without damaging your hair

removed the dye with detergent

There are several ways to remove Arctic Fox hair dye.


Some popular methods include using vitamin C tablets or even dish soap. But believe me: the only thing those methods will do is dry out your hair within an inch of its life.

Trust me. I’ve seen my best friends try them all, and it puts my teeth on edge just to think about it. But I’ll tell you about that later.


The best way to remove Arctic Fox hair dye is with a color remover.

But not just any color remover: choose one with peroxide and ammonia-free formula.


I have a long history with semi-permanent hair dyes. I prefer these dyes mainly because most of them are vegan and free of harsh chemicals.

And of course, I wanted to try those trendy rainbow hair colors the moment they hit Instagram.


I started with a bright fuchsia, which without a doubt will be my first and last venture into fantasy hair color.

It didn’t take long for me to realize those bright rainbow colors just weren’t for me. While I don’t have anything against them, I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance they require to keep their vibrant colors.


The eye-catching fuchsia -and all the looks I got- were fun for a few days, but the fun faded fast when I couldn’t wash my hair more than twice per week and when my boyfriend looked at me like I was from another planet.

 Long story short, I was fed up with the fuchsia just a few days after I dyed it. 


But I didn’t want to do anything as drastic or damaging as bleach my hair.

So, of course, I asked my girlfriends for advice.


  • My friend Angela had mixed ground vitamin C tablets with her regular shampoo. The result was downright strange. The vitamin C had transformed her green hair into a zebra print of light and dark shades of green. She was shocked, to say the least.


  • So, I asked my friend Brittany, who changes her hair more often than chameleons change their skin. She washes her hair with dish soap to remove semi-permanent dyes.

But to be honest…


  I don’t know how she still has hair. Dish soap is exactly the opposite of what any decent hairdresser would recommend for hair care.

Are you curious why?


  • Because while vitamin C and dish soap can remove the unwanted dye, they strip your hair of all the natural oils produced by your scalp at the same time.

And less natural oils means dehydrated, dry hair. Which eventually leads to breakage and split ends.


 After chatting with my girlfriends, I decided that my best bet was a hair dye remover. 


If you want to remove your Arctic Fox dye while keeping your hair as healthy as possible, keep reading because we're going to discuss:

  • The best color remover for Arctic Fox dye, and how to apply it.
  • How to prepare your hair for the color remover and care for it after.


Are you tired of your semi-permanent hair dye?

Then keep reading and learn how to remove it.


Tabla de Contenidos


What’s the best color remover to get rid of Arctic Fox dye from hair

for semi-permanent color

Check Hair Color Remover price on Amazon


While there are endless color removers on the market, most of them contain ingredients that are almost as harsh as bleach, such as ammonia.

After extensive research, I decided to try Ion Color Brilliance.

I chose this color remover for two main reasons:


  • First of all, it gave me the best chance of returning my hair to its natural color. This color remover has a gentle, ammonia-free formula that can lift the semi-permanent dye without stripping your hair's natural pigment.

Which is exactly what I wanted. Many color removers are so strong they strip your hair's natural pigments along with the hair dye, but this product can remove dye without lifting your hair's natural color.


One more tip:

 The sooner you use a color remover, the more effective it will be. If you wait three weeks before using the color remover, you're less likely to get a desirable result. 


  • Second of all, because it is very affordable.


 Why is this method of removing Arctic Fox dye the best for your hair? Not only does it have ammonia and formaldehyde-free formula, but it's also effective on all hair types: straight, curly, thick, or thin. 

And last but not least, it doesn't smell like rotten eggs.


Not only that, but you don't need to worry about damaging your hair when you use it because this product makes the color molecules slightly smaller, making them easier to remove. The result is healthier hair.


And while it's easy to mix and apply, it's important to follow the instructions carefully.

Let's learn more about how to use this product.


How to use hair color remover

Everything you need to apply to color remover -including gloves- comes in the box.

To get the best possible results, I recommended applying it to dry hair.


  • To get started, mix equal parts of the two liquids included in the box.
  • Once they are evenly mixed, apply the formula to your hair. When I used this product, I divided my hair into four sections to make it easier to apply it to every strand.
  • Once the formula has been evenly applied to all your hair, cover it with a shower cap.
  • Then let it process for twenty minutes.  Just make sure not to leave the remover in longer than recommended, as it's not only unnecessary but can also damage your hair. 
  • After letting the production process for the recommended time, wash your hair. I washed my hair twice with a sulfate-free shampoo.


And when I was finally done, I couldn't believe the results.

First of all, the dye had vanished. And second, my hair didn't look damaged or feel dry.

I finally got that fuchsia out of my hair, which, to be honest, didn't look that great anyway. It didn't suit my complexion or go with my make-up.


Now, I did take a few precautions before using the hair color remover. With hair, it's always better safe than sorry.

Curious what I did?


What to do before removing your Arctic Fox hair dye

The adage is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So, the night before using the remover, I used a deep conditioning treatment with coconut oil.


I won't go on and on about coconut oil's benefits, but I do encourage you to try for yourself and tell me what you think.

 But I will say that coconut oil is very effective in restoring your hair's natural moisture and protecting it from damage. 


After all, although hair color remover is less damaging than bleach, it still opens the cuticle of your hair to remove the pigment.

The day after using the hair dye remover, I applied a coconut oil conditioning treatment again and let it sit for twenty minutes.


As you can see, there are several ways to remove Arctic Fox hair dye. And at the end of the day, it's up to you to decide how to treat your hair.

If you're thinking of removing a semi-permanent dye, let us know what method you plan to use in the comments.


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