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2 Fresh Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Create your Spring Bulletin board without all the hassle with these easy to print and post bulletin board materials. Remind yourself and your students that Spring Break is on the way with this simple and cheap bulletin board kit!

spring bulletin board

Bulletin Board for Spring

Spring is a time of hope and bright colors! My favorite thing about Spring is seeing flowers begin to bloom and fill the world with beauty. That was my inspiration for this bulletin board which features brightly colored flowers that will brighten any classroom and any mindset. I included a cute playful bumblebee that every elementary student will love and talk about! Click below to buy this bulletin board while it’s on sale!

spring bulletin board posters

Another option to decorate your bulletin board is to fill it with Holiday posters. Each poster prints as an 8″ x 8″ square, to fill any place in your room with Spring bliss. These 9 easy to print and set up posters can easily be adapted to a larger poster format by following the steps on my How to Print Poster Size blog.

Spring Bulletin Board Posters

more bulletin board material

Hey friend, if you want to make life easy for yourself while still keeping your bulletin board up to date all year long check out my holiday bulletin board bundle or my holiday poster bundle.

Each bundle includes EVERYTHING you need for 10 months of a fresh and exciting bulletin board. Each design is simple to print and cute making your life easy and your classroom beautiful! Tell me in the comments below, how will you make Spring come alive in your own classroom?

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Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for 2021

Spring often signals the school year is coming to an end. Step out of the dreary winter months with some exciting spring bulletin board ideas to create a fun learning environment for your students.

Bulletin boards or a classroom door can display the hard work your students have achieved this year while keeping them motivated to push through those last few months until summer break! Use these bulletin board ideas as a springboard to freshen up your classroom boards and doors.

Idea #1: Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud Bulletin Board

rainbow spring bulletin board idea

Have your students trace and cut out their handprints from colorful construction paper for this creative bulletin board. We love the motivating message that accompanies the board and that students can play a “hand” in putting it together.


Idea #2: April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Board

april showers spring bulletin board idea
When you think spring, a flower bulletin board probably comes to mind. This spring bulletin board leaves room for multiple art projects, making it a great way to display your craft ideas! Raindrops, flowers, and umbrellas are easy for students to make. This spring bulletin board idea is also a great lesson in what happens after all the rain. If you are looking for spring crafts, there are endless ways to make paper flowers.


Idea #3: Spring Into a New Book Bulletin Board

spring into new book bulletin board idea

If you’re looking to get your students inspired about some spring or summer reading, this easy library bulletin board is a great way to offer some titles. You don’t have to limit it just to the library, if you have school bulletin boards this would make a nice hallway display. You can get creative with your bulletin board letters and utilize multiple fonts to really make it pop.


Idea #4: The More You Know, The More You Grow Bulletin Board

the more you know spring bulletin board idea

We love the creativity of using door decorations if you’re running low on bulletin board space. What a great way to display some spring flowers with facts about what plants need to grow–science in action as door decor! This is also a great way to greet your students when they come to class.


Idea #5: Make Time for Mindfulness Bulletin Board

mindfulness bulletin board idea
What a great message for students surrounding a lesson on “pinwheel breathing.” This particular bulletin board has QR codes for interactive mindfulness techniques but could be tweaked for your specific needs. The pinwheels would make a fun craft if you have young students, but the lesson on mindfulness is wonderful for students of all ages. Pinwheels make a great classroom decoration, too.


Idea #6: We’re Having an Un-BEE-lievable Year Bulletin Board

bee theme spring bulletin board idea

Have your students make a list of the number one thing that made this a great year and put it on display. It’s a nice way to reflect on what this year has meant to them and makes an easy classroom bulletin board come together.


Idea #7: Shoutout to my Peeps Bulletin Board

peep spring bulletin board idea

An adorable Easter Bulletin Board idea, this is a great way to highlight something special about your students. If you want to make it extra interactive, have each student write a message to a peer to display on your board.


Idea #8: I Feel Lucky When… Bulletin Board

lucky spring bulletin board idea

St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to jump into springtime.  You can easily create a rainbow and pot of gold printable that your students can fill in.  They’ll love reading about what makes each other feel lucky.


Idea #10: Tree of Life Bulletin Board

tree of life spring bulletin board idea

This 3D bulletin board really pops! It’s not your typical flower board for the spring and would make for lovely classroom decor. Get ready to DIY with the tree trunk. Brown paper bags would work well if you don’t have craft paper. Create a butterfly template and let your students help cut them out. This is a great spring bulletin board idea for middle school students.

Source: Instagram @crafty_teacher_display

Idea #11: This Year I have Learned… Bulletin Board

learning spring bulletin board idea

This is a great end-of-school-year bulletin board idea for spring. The writing prompt will make your students think back and reflect on something they have learned. From daycare to high school, this simple writing prompt can be adapted for any student.

Source: Instagram @lottsoflearning

Idea #12: Hanging With My Gnomies Bulletin Board

cute gnomes spring bulletin board idea

A really fun way to recognize spring with garden gnomes! This is great for door ideas if you want to welcome students into the classroom.


Looking for more great ideas?

Find classroom inspiration for any season by checking out our Pinterest board, or head over to read 11 Bulletin Boards You'll Never Want to Take Down.

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Oh how we love these amazing spring bulletin board ideas for teachers to decorate their classrooms!

You will find lots of ideas and they are perfect for nursery, preschool, kindergarten and middle school.

Wonderful Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

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Some of the bulletin board ideas are meant to be made by teachers while others are a class project, where you have your students help you with the decorations. All of these will look amazing in your homeschool classroom too! Happy decorating.

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

We are sharing a few ideas that we prepared for you as well as featuring some of the coolest classroom decoation ideas submited to us by teachers from all around the globe (want to see yours featured here too? Send your photos to [email protected] – or join our Facebook group and share the photos with the community.

There are many cool themes you can use for spring, flowers, bugs, growing being the most popular picks. These are perfect for end of February, March, April and other spring months.

Never Stop Growing

Let your students help you with the most adorable and easy spring bulletin board. Have them stamp their hands on a piece of white construction paper (use the flower like paints).

If they can write their name next to the handprint that will be even cuter.

Never stop growing

Cut out the handprints and turn them into flowers! The grass on this one was made out of tissue paper (you can actually get one cut into strips at some party supply stores).

We are Hungry for Knowledge

Cateterpillars are certainly popular when it comes to spring bulletin boards, be it to appreciate nature or Eric Carle’s the Hungry Caterpillar.

Hungry Caterpillar

To make this one, use some of the brown packaging paper, wrinkled it up a bit to get the bark texture and stick it to the bulletin bard to make the branch.

We Are hungry for Knowledge Caterpillar Bulletin Board

Cut circles our of “caterpillar” colored construction paper (if you are decorating bulletin board often and cut cirles often I do recommend getting a circle cutter.

Spring is in the Air Bulletin Board Idea

Spring is in the air bulletin board idea

This one is a twist on air drying the laundry. Cut the letters (I do recommend using the cutting machine for this as it can be quite a challenge to cut them otherwise).

You could also print the letters on paper and cut them out in shapes of shirts, socks, pants and other laundry. It all depends a little on how much space you have on your bulletin board.

Spring is in the air

Hang the letters with clothespins on twine to make the laundry line look. I also added two clouds cut out of construction paper on each end.

Make paper flowers (you can check a smaller scale tutorial for making paper strip flowers). Cut grass out of green construction paper and decorate with ribbon, if you so wish.

Learning Gives You Wings to Fly

Another fun spring bulletin board idea are these lovely birds in a nest.

Learning gives you wings to fly bulletin board ideaTo make this one, use some brown packaging paper and wrinkle it up and shape into a nest. Cut a branch shape out of brown construction paper and stick it onto your bulletin board.

We made the birds super simple, with oval shapes. Two in the nests and one ready to fly.

Learning gives you wings to fly bulletin board

Paper Chain Rainbows

We do love paper chains and you can make the most impressive rainbow display with them.

Bulletin board by @classroom_decorPaper Chain Rainbow Bulletin Board Idea

Giant Blossom and a Ladybug – Spring into Learning

Both the blossom and the ladybug are beyond adorable on this one.

Made by:  @suzygosdanianGiant Blossom

Butterflies on a Balloon Tree

This idea was submitted by Katarina, and it’s one of the coolest looking ideas for a spring bulletin board. A whole bunch of green balloons tied to the board and decorated with paper butterflies to give a even more springy feel to it. We love it.

Balloon Spring Tree Bulletin Board

Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom

We love the title and decorations of this gorgeous bulletin board submitted by Kayla C. Tissue flower bulletin board border is screaming spring.

Reading Helps Your Mind Bloom Bulletin Board Idea

Clever Use of Umbrella

You can totally use your every day objects when making your bulletin board, just check out this wonderful display submitted by Emily H. Use your old broken umbrella, add a few paper raindrops and impress. The little clothespin butterfly is super cute too.

Clever use of umbrella for a bulletin board display

Learn the Letter B with Butterflies

Submitted by Andrea R.

Year on but her fly Bulletin Board Idea

Oh say can you say bulletin board ideaSend Us Your Ideas

Send your classroom (any season) to [email protected] – we are always on a lookout to feature new ideas. Or join our group on Facebook and share your ideas with the community.

Amazing Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

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