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Aka (Red)

Ao (Blue)


Mizu (Water)

Niji (Rainbow)

Sora (Sky)

Iro (Color)

~ Maaya Sakamoto, Shikisai, Fate/Grand Order Theme Song (Game Opening Song)


Gudako has been Chaldea's only Master for a long time. Her name's Izumi, though she goes by Gudako. She does everything with her Servants; from taking down Singularities or just dozing off and lazing around in the halls of Chaldea.

These are some glimpses of her daily life with her Servants. As Gudako gets to know her Servants, she will also learn some various lessons which leads all of the Servants to fall in love with their Master. May it be romance-kind of love, friendly-kind of love or some other.


This could be called series of oneshots where, in each oneshot, Gudako ends up in various situations with her Servants. But to be blunt, the Servants here are Servants from my Fate Grand Order game.

Sometimes, I may make a Oneshot special depending on my ideas~


Pics, Fate, and the characters aren't mine. The only things that belong to me are some of Gudako's OOCness and also the storyline.

Artoria Alter (Altoria?) actually has pretty good stats. Like Herc, she has the highest attack of any SR in her class (at this point in time in JP), and (also similar to Herc) with grails thrown into the mix she has a higher max attack than a comparable SSR—the 5* version of Artoria, in this case. She has low star gen and slightly below-average star weight for a Saber, but she does have fairly good NP gain. Sadly, her hit counts are the same as her 5* version’s—low.

Altoria is also relatively easy to ascend. Her only really annoying item is the scales, and she only needs six for her ascension. She doesn’t even need any for her skills! The rarest material her skills require (aside from Crystallized Lore) is the hearts, and eight of those per skill is really pretty forgiving compared to what many other servants eat up.

Altoria’s active skills are identical to 5* Artoria’s except weaker and in a different order (the latter of which only matters in that you’ll have to ascend her three times to gain access to Charisma).
Mana Burst is identical to the 5* version. Use it on an NP turn (or, even better, on an NPBB turn) for more damage. Arguably better than SSR Artoria’s in that Altoria’s NP is stronger and it’s easier to raise Altoria’s skills.
Instinct is such a bad skill. Ugh. And the fact that Altoria’s is even weaker (albeit only marginally) than the SSR’s already-terrible version feels like a slap in the face.
Charisma is always a good skill. This is the weakest version of Charisma, and its bonus—especially at level 1—is rather underwhelming. But still, 3-turn party attack buff on a normal cooldown. You’ll use it, for sure.

Altoria might as well not have any passives. She loses the (admittedly not that helpful) Riding from her 5* version and also gets stuck with a weaker Magic Resistance, which is as boring as ever.

Excalibur Morgan is the highlight of Altoria’s kit. She trades a tiny bit of spamability for more damage—a good trade, in my book. Her NP has a significantly higher multiplier than AoE Buster NPs usually do, especially compared to other NPs without an Interlude to boost them. This, combined with Altoria’s potentially higher attack, is what makes people say she has more potential than 5* Artoria.

Usage Tips:
Altoria’s not a servant who really needs a particular type of team to function well. She has two Buster cards and a Buster NP, so she can slot into Buster teams just fine. An Arts team (and/or Waver/Merlin) can help her get her Noble Phantasm out more often and allow her to serve as sort of a budget boss-killer. She’ll be at a disadvantage relative to pretty much any strong single-target servant *coughcoughHerc* but with a highly leveled Mana Burst and Charisma, she’ll still do respectable damage, especially with that high NP multiplier of hers.
The only type of team she really has nothing to contribute to is a Quick team. And no, Instinct doesn’t count.

Buster CEs are probably your best bet here. NP-gain CEs (or something like Kaleidoscope, maybe) could also be helpful if you’re trying to run her as an Arts team boss-killer.

In Conclusion:
Altoria’s a 4* Saber with very good stats, a solid NP, and skills and hit-counts that will get power-crept hard, especially by other classes. That said, Sabers—with a few exceptions—don’t tend to be all that amazing, and I know people who have grailed Altoria to 100 and still use her all the time. While she’ll never be amazing (unless she gets buffed somewhere down the line), she’s not bad if you invest in her.

Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings:

Overall: 7/10
Single-Target DPS: 7/10
AoE DPS: 9/10
Survivability: 2/10
Offensive Utility: 4/10 (weak Charisma… and Instinct, I guess)
Defensive Utility: N/A
Ahoge: Tamed/10

And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

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Altria Pendragon (Alter)


Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Servant Skills

Mana Burst A

Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).

Show Info

Buster + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Show Info

Stars +10111213141516171820

Show Info

Attack + 6%6.6%7.2%7.8%8.4%9%9.6%10.2%10.8%12%

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Append Skills

Class Skills

Noble Phantasm

Excalibur Morgan A++

Deal very heavy damage to all enemies.


Slightly restore your NP Gauge.

Show Info

Excalibur Morgan

Sword of Promised Victory


Deal very heavy damage to all enemies.

Overcharge Effect

Slightly restore your NP Gauge.


Assorted Info

Inst. Death Chance19.20%
Damage Distribution Quick33,67
Damage Distribution Arts33,67
Damage Distribution Buster100
Damage Distribution Extra12,25,63
Damage Distribution NP16,33,51

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Interlude Quests

✔ = Available ✖ = Unavailable

Ascension Materials

Skill Enhancement Materials


Append Skill Materials

Total Materials Required

Append Skill
Asc + Skill

Costume Dress Materials

Bond CE

4,500 20,000 2,500 2,500 10,500 160,000 365,000 315,000 310,000 350,000

Table of Contents


"I'm seething with power... There's no need to hold back anymore."

Drenched in All Evils of the World from the cursed Holy Grail, Altria Pendragon (Alter), the corrupted version of the King of Knights, is a straightforward but effective offensive powerhouse. As a Buster-based damage dealer, she specializes in obliterating a single wave of enemies with her unusually strong AoE Noble Phantasm.

Altria Alter’s focus on offense is exemplified by her sky-high ATK, one of the highest of any 4* Servant. The foundation of her kit is Excalibur Morgan, one of the strongest AoE NPs in the game. Its unique strength is a much higher base NP damage modifier than usual, allowing it to outdamage similar NPs by far. To further bolster her damage, she brings two handy steroids: the Altria signature Mana Burst for selfish Buster Performance, and the reliable team ATK Up of Charisma, albeit at a low rank. Between her multiplicative buffs and her high damage modifier, Altria Alter is one of the best 4-Star AoE burst damage dealers out there.

However, Alter suffers from both a relatively low health pool and average generation stats. As such, she needs help from allies who can cover these weaknesses. Additionally, despite her high NP multiplier, she lacks any other effective damage modifiers, so she isn't optimal for battles with a single high-HP boss. Altria Alter also brings absolutely minimal team support to the table; outside of the small buff from Charisma and a small amount of critical stars from Instinct, she is an entirely selfish Servant.

All in all, with her powerful Noble Phantasm and steroids, Altria Alter’s Excalibur Morgan is an invaluable part of one’s Chaldea. When properly supported, the Dark King of Knights can freely blow through waves of even the toughest enemies.


Extremely Powerful AoE Noble Phantasm

Altria Alter boasts one of the most powerful AoE damage NPs among all Servants, and thus her playstyle revolves around firing that NP. With its high modifier, she wants to buff herself up and then wipe out a single wave of enemies in one go. As such she is useful for both general farming (with help charging her NP gauge) as well as harder content that requires high AoE damage.

Good Offensive Skills

Altria Alter's skills synergize well with her kit, and are centered around dealing burst damage. Her Charisma (though weak) can also help in increasing the attack of fellow party members, which is useful for longer fights and during farming sessions. Meanwhile, Mana Burst is a fantastic damage amplifier for her NP, and it sets her up for potentially devastating NP Buster Brave Chain turns if card draws work in her favor.


Low Overall Durability

With her lower HP pool and lack of defensive skills, Altria Alter will tend to be defeated more easily compared to other Servants, a trade-off for her offensive potential. As such she isn't that suitable for more long-winded battles, or battles where more than just raw one-shot damage is needed.

Need For Support Servants

With average generation stats and no other other tools to charge her NP quickly, Altria Alter can't fire off her NP as fast as she would want to without supporting Servants and CEs to charge it up. Her minor NP refund is useful, but she has to use her NP to benefit from it in the first place. Additionally, with her low HP, Altria Alter may find herself in situations where she is picked off early, sometimes even before she gets to fire off her NP. Thus, she benefits immensely from being paired with Servants who can charge her NP, or provide the defensive support she needs.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Mana Burst A

Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).

Show Info

Buster + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
Intuition B

Gain Critical Stars.

Show Info

Stars + 45678910111214
Charisma E

Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns).

Show Info

Attack + 6%6.6%7.2%7.8%8.4%9%9.6%10.2%10.8%12%

Altria Alter's identity as a walking nuclear strike makes the choice of what skills to level fairly straightforward. The higher level her steroids get, the more enemies she can wipe out. Therefore, prioritizing Mana Burst and Charisma in that order gets the maximum returns for her burst turns. Instinct can safely be ignored if Masters lack resources, as it is underwhelming in effect even when maxed out.

  • Mana Burst is a simple but strong Buster buff that serves as Altria Alter's main NP steroid. Max it first to emphasize her burst damage.
  • Charisma provides a modicum of team support, as well as adding another multiplicatively stacking buff on Altria Alter's NP turns. Max it second for the secondary damage buff and slight team support.
  • Intuition is one of those skills which gives a low return on investment. Although the total performance improvement from 4 to 14 stars seems great, a maximum of 14 stars at level 10 cannot reliably guarantee crits on its own. It can be safely ignored, or leveled last if Masters really want to fully level Altria Alter.

Craft Essence Recommendation

Altria Alter's main goal is to blow up a wave of enemies as hard as possible. This makes Starting NP Gauge, NP Damage Up, and Buster Up Craft Essences ideal. Starting NP Gauge helps overcome her middling natural NP gain, which is especially helpful for farming. NP Damage Up scales very well with her in-built steroids and allows her to wipe even stronger waves. Buster Up Craft Essences eschew finishing the trinity of damage buffs and instead strengthen her NP slightly and her basic Buster cards significantly.

  • Kaleidoscope / Imaginary Element: As Altria Alter's main objective is to get her NP up as fast as possible for that burst damage, these CEs will help her a lot in that regard. Especially when farming, these are her premium choices of CE.
  • The Black Grail / Heaven's Feel: Although with these CEs Altria Alter has to build NP on her own (or with the help of support Servants), the damage from her NP while equipping NP Damage CEs is ludicrously high. Black Grail is a riskier option given her natural squishiness, but gives far greater returns, whereas Heaven's Feel offers a safer boost.
  • Aerial Drive / Holy Night Supper / Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament: These CEs offer a great balance between letting Altria Alter start with her NP gauge partly filled and increasing her overall damage. Aerial Drive and Holy Night Supper add an NP Damage buff that stacks multiplicatively with Mana Burst and Charisma, whereas Golden Sumo adds a universal ATK buff to all her cards.
  • Hero Elly's Adventure / Limited/ Zero Over / Verdant Sound of Destruction: Since Excalibur Morgan is a Buster NP, these CEs will push that damage even higher. However, the damage increase from pure Buster Up CEs will not match NP Damage CEs; instead, her basic Buster cards will benefit. Hero Elly's Adventure is a hybrid option which adds both Buster Up and NP Damage. 

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release DateGame Launch
AKA/Alias/Nicknames Black Saber, Salter, Tin Tyrant, Dark King of Knights,
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom
IllustratorTakeuchi Takashi
Seiyuu (CV)Ayako Kawasumi
SeriesFate/stay night



Character Info

Corrupted by the curse of the Holy Grail, this is the merciless side of the King of Knights.
Or perhaps this is the true nature of the "Ideal King" that King Arthur sought to be.
Altria controlled her own power and held back, but in this state, she wields her immense power without hesitation.

Bond Level 1

Height/Weight: 154cm, 42kg
Origin: Legend of King Arthur
Region: England
Alignment: Lawful-Evil
Gender: Female
A merciless tyrant. A gluttonous dragon.

Bond Level 2

The once shining armor has turned black and is now heavier, but the added weight has increased her attack power.
However, her agility has gone down.
With a ruthless cold persona, Altria seems like a completely different person. But if you are willing to dig deeper, you will see that what lies at the bottom is still the same.

Bond Level 3

Mana Burst: A
Surrounds herself with magical energy on her weapon and body, and can instantly discharge it to improve her stats. Like jet propulsion via magical energy.
Altria herself has normal muscular strength, but by using her overwhelming magical energy she can power up any and every activity to defeat many enemies.

Bond Level 4

[Excalibur Morgan]
Rank: A++
NP Type: Anti-Fortress
Sword of Promised Victory.
The sword shines with dark aura. Because she wields the sacred sword as she sees fit without controlling her power, the magical energy particles do not emit light, but darkness.
It is similar to the breath of the dragon Vortigern, which once revealed itself to protect the island of Britain.

Bond Level 5

Altria never took the path of evil in her life. But she did have doubts, worries, anger at herself, and sorrow for those around her.
This form is where the curse made those thoughts surface, and completely reversed her "principles."
Her objective and her ideals have not changed. Normally Altria is kind and just, but this Altria feels that oppression is also a path to obtain her ideals.

Clear "Generations of Alter"

Perhaps due to the abnormal amount of magical energy she hosts, Altria eats a lot. Even her tastes in food, what you could call someone's identity, changes. She spits out carefully crafted meals as disgusting, and munches down on immense amounts of junk food. She eats terribly, but is very satisfied. Eating this way is a kind of happiness.

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1

Out of my face.

Battle Start 2

I'll crush you.

Skill 1

...Away with you.

Skill 2

How fragile!

Command Card 1


Command Card 2


Command Card 3


Noble Phantasm Card

--Cry. It's time you come crashing down.

Attack 1


Attack 2


Attack 3

Don't resist.

Extra Attack

I'll annihilate you.



Incapacitated 1

...Is this how it ends?

Incapacitated 2

...I'll never forget this.

Victory 1


Victory 2

I'll trample you.

Level up


Ascension 1

I'm seething with power... There's no need to hold back anymore.

Ascension 2

...Not bad. Getting more magical energy is a good thing.

Ascension 3

More, Master. We've come this far, take responsibility to the very end.

Ascension 4

Why the long face? I took off that heavy armor for you. In that case, you know the fate that awaits, don't you? Devote your everything for me.

Bond Level 1

Don't mind me.
I am a woman who feels not of my follower's death, nor my people's suffering.

Bond Level 2

...I am made out of a dragon to kill the vile King Vortigern.
I bear no shame for that mission to this day. That fool went out for wool and came home shorn.

Bond Level 3

Need more excitement. I'm hungry.
Make something, Master. I'll eat anything.
Huh? A hamburger?

Bond Level 4

Master... This lowly Servant is shamefully asking... When are we gonna see some pancakes? You know, the king of junk food.

Bond Level 5

Munch, munch... Munch, munch...
Huh? How long have you been there? Want more? A dozen more?
Fine. I'll forgive your rudeness. Sit over there. I might finally see you as my Master...

Conversation 1

How long are we gonna rest? Let's go crush some weaklings.

Conversation 2

I am no longer a king or knight. Just your Servant.

Conversation 3

When you kneel before your enemy, I shall have your head. Until then, you can trust me.


I like powerful things. Doesn't matter if its the mind or body.


I hate weakness. I can't stand seeing someone frail of mind or body.

About the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail. If it's real, I'll use it. If it's fake, I'll destroy it.

During an Event

I smell battle. It's reaping time, Master.


Your birthday? Good for you.


...I have come in response to your summon. Are you the one who is to be my Master?


Story-locked- Only available in the Story Summon after completing their associated Story section, or in limited banners in which they are explicitly listed as a Rate-Up Servant.
Banner (Add 2 years for NA Date)JP Period

[JP] Epic of Remnant I Comic Release Pickup Summon (Daily)
[JP] Epic of Remnant I Comic Release Pickup Summon (Daily)

Banner Type:

[JP] 5th Anniversary Year-Based Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon
[JP] 5th Anniversary Year-Based Guaranteed Lucky Bag Summon

Banner Type:

[JP] Class Pickup Summon 2023 (Daily)
[JP] Class Pickup Summon 2023 (Daily)

Banner Type:

Past Banners


Fate/stay Night

Saber's True Name is Artoria Pendragon (Alter), also known as Artoria Alter (アルトリア・オルタ,Arutoria Oruta?), and better known as Arthur Pendragon/King Arthur. In history, he/she is a different figure that may not have been known to others as possibly being the legendary King Arthur himself. Accompanied with her inversion, the holy sword Excalibur is also dyed in the attribute of evil, turning into a jet black sword. It seems that Excalibur, a sword gifted from the fairies, has the possibility of possessing both attributes of good and evil as well; there exists Vivian, the Fairy of the Lake who possesses the attribute of good, and Morgan, who exists as the antithesis to Vivian that possesses the attribute of evil. In addition, in Artoria Alter's Fate/Grand Order Interlude, Vortigern, who was criticized as the "look-alike of Vortigern, the late Vile King of ancient times" from a certain person (Servant), was a figure who usurped the throne of Britain and was the older brother of King Uther, the father of Arthur.


Corrupted by Angra Mainyu, Artoria Alter is vastly different from her normal self. She is also called Black Saber (黒セイバー, Kuro Seibā).

The results of her alteration is not only within Artoria Alter's interior but also extends to her outward appearance. The color of her skin becomes pale, and the pupil of her eyes that were at first concealed behind a black visor during the moment of her summoning becomes golden from her original green eye color as well.

Because the armor she wears was dyed jet black and grew in weight due to changing into a heavier armor, its power has increased more than normally.

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, she wears her casual clothes; a gothic dress called Alter Gothic Dress (オルタ・ゴシックドレス, Oruta Goshikku Doresu).

In the Heaven's Feel route, the first three days are the same as the Fate route, but the damage Saber receives from Berserker does not weigh heavily on Shirou's mind. After Saber gives her the explanation of the basics of the Holy Grail War, the topic of Illya and the Einzberns is brought up. Saber contemplates on explaining due to Shirou's confusion over Illya's hostility, instead telling Shirou to seek out the answers from Kotomine Kirei even though she wishes to have little contact with the priest.

This line of conversation leads to the revelation of her connection to Kiritsugu in the previous war and her reason for disliking Kirei as a former enemy Master. Despite her dislike, she firmly believes Kirei is someone who will answer any questions clearly asked of him. As they head to the church, she suggests that Shirou not reveal the same Servant was summoned twice. After he comes back out after learning the answers, Shirou finds Saber's worried reaction funny, and also causes him to wish to reaffirm their contract as allies.

Shirou and Saber decide to patrol together at night, and then give a false explanation to Taigaand Sakura about why Saber is staying at the Emiya Residence.

They begin their patrols that night, and Saber senses that someone is being drained by a Servant. They come upon Rider and Shinji Matou preying upon a woman for energy. Saber quickly engages and dispatches Rider easily, but Zouken Matou appears before they can deal with Shinji. Shirou is eventually appeased with Zouken taking charge of Shinji, although Saber is reluctant to let Shirou near him due to him being inhuman. Although she wishes to continue fighting, she stays her hand to help save the woman's life, and they bring her to the church for healing. As they discuss the situation, Shirou makes a clear resolution to end the war, and Saber says that she will never betray his trust.

The next morning, Saber and Shirou argue about where she should sleep and him continuing to go to school normally despite the potential danger without her being able to be by his side due to being unable to enter spiritual form. After Shirou returns home, he finds Saber with Taiga, and the discussion of their sleeping arrangements leads to a misunderstanding.

They continue their patrols that night, planning to check Ryuudou Temple due to information about a Master and Servant being there from Rin Tohsaka. Saber agrees with a direct attack, but they find little upon arriving at the mountain other than Saber briefly seeing the katana of the recently killed Assassin before it fades away. As they make their way into the temple, they find Caster standing over the body of Souichirou Kuzuki. Before Saber can charge, Shirou warns her of the ominous feeling he gets from Rule Breaker, but she attacks in anger after believing Caster to have killed her own Master. Caster then regains her composure and attacks Saber, only to be easily cut down as Saber negates her spells. They decide to contact Kotomine to heal the residents of the temple and return home for the night.

Shirou is left sick the next day due to Rider, as Sakura's Servant, using Breaker Gorgon on him and taking his energy.

Fate/hollow ataraxia

Saber Alter appears in the prologue as a Servant of the Edelfelt sisters in the recreated Fifth Holy Grail War. She, along with the original Saber, kills both Bazett and Avenger.

Saber Alter appears again in a comedic scenario when Shirou plucks her ahoge in an attempt to find her Reverse Scale. After getting a new set of clothes from Rin, Saber eats a meal cooked by Shirou, but she spits it out, much to Shirou's great dismay. However, Saber Alter pleasantly eats the hamburgers made by Shirou at Rin's suggestion.

Fate/unlimited codes

Saber Alter becomes Sakura's Servant.

Saber Alter is known as the Dark-Tainted Tyrant(闇に染まりし暴君, Yami ni Somarishi Bōkun). Her story begins after Saber is corrupted by Dark Sakura, realizing that the hatred now corrupting her is the true form of the Holy Grail she was seeking. She decides to take up All the World's Evils, entrusting her blade to it. Sakura asks her how it feels to be reborn as her Servant, and Saber says that it feels like she has awoken from a very long dream, finally prepared to face the reality she had long since ignored. Sakura is surprised that someone of Saber's stature conforms to her so well. Saber believes that, as a king who believed in the ideals of her people and then sacrificed herself for those ideals, she is in the best position to truly understand despair. She decides to make her sword Sakura's own in order to sow the hopelessness she desires.

Saber Alter eventually encounters Shirou, telling him that she will destroy all who pass. She believes such a warning to be pointless considering that he would never simply walk away from the fight. He notes that Saber has yet to make a move to kill him, but she simply refutes that she will not attack until he steps before her. Upon taking his battle stance with Kanshou and Bakuya, she asks if he does not intend to copy her sword instead. Such things do not matter, as she is simply surprised that he has taken arms. Considering it to be an act of hostility, they battle with her coming out as the victor.

Saber Alter defeating her old self.

After having collected all the Servants within Sakura, she notes that Saber Alter has been draining twice the magical energy from her for some time. Saber Alter is confused, until her original personality manifests itself. She claims that she has not yet rid herself of her old self, and her old self claims that she is what she would have been like on the wrong path. Saber Alter believes that is twisted logic, and asks that even if she were to be defeated, would her old self be able to handle the fact that Shirou was killed by her own hands. She tells her old self that she will not remain, that she and her ideals will be given eternal despair.

Saber emerges victorious over her old self, and she tells the King of Knights not to cry, lest even she may tear up. Her old self asks how it could end as such, but she simply says that it is not the end. It had already concluded long ago, all of her prayers and glory vanishing on the hill in Camlann. As her old self fades, Saber Alter tells her to close her eyes before true despair, the birth of Angra Mainyu, presents itself to her. Saber Alter says to sleep soundly, for she is the light inside of her.

Fate/tiger Colosseum series

Saber Alter's Ending

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA

Main article: Saber (Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA - 5HGW)

Fate/Grand Order

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames

Artoria Alter is a Servant in the prologue "The Contaminated City in Flames" who is guarding the center of Fuyuki City's Greater Grail and has a strong link to it. She appears as a Heroic Spirit in Fate/Grand Order, and it seems that Artoria was cursed by the Holy Grail in this prologue. She received a Holy Grail from Lev Lainur Flauros, and she tried to maintain this Singularity by restarting the Holy Grail War, thus bringing unnecessary trouble for Lev.[6] She fights the Ritsuka Fujimaruand Mash Kyrielight and is finally killed by Cu Chulainn.

Miss Almost Weekly Santa Alter

As Santa Alter, she introduces herself to Ritsuka after they were transported to a snowy field, and explains that she wishes to deliver presents to all to express her daily gratitude. However, she has no reindeer to pull her sleigh so she can deliver the presents due to scaring the reindeer off by using Excalibur Morgan as a jet engine. Santa Alter then reveals that she summoned Ritsuka to the snowy field for purpose of making them her reindeer. After defeating a group of monsters, Santa Alter and Ritsuka sent off to deliver the presents.

As they towards their first destination, Santa Alter opens a letter from Darius, but the writing is too black and smeared for her to read it. Deciding that she'll figure out what present to give to Darius when she meets, Santa Alter and Ritsuka fly to their first delivery.

Arriving at her destination, Santa Alter takes notice of The Phantom of the Opera and Lu Bu's lamentations, and decides to give them presents out of pity. Revealing herself to The Phantom and Lu Bu, she asks where Darius is, which causes Darius III, who she mistook for a candle tree, to call out to her. The Phantom, Lu Bu, and Darius prepare to attack her, with her taking the fight outside. After defeating them, Santa Alter asks if they learned their lesson, and then she proceeds to give out presents to all of them.

Flying to her next destination, Santa Alter reads aloud a letter from Marie that states she would like a present that you'll make her two friends stop fight with another. Chastising Marie for asking her for such an impossible present, Santa Alter says that Marie should picked out a present herself if she wished to bring her friends together. She then goes to tell the story of how she got two knights to stop fighting in public, but then she is confronted by Astolfo, who signals Marie Antoinette down below to fire at Santa Alter.

Crash-landing after being shot down by Marie, she is threaten by Chevalier d'Eon, but she decides to fight them and Marie after considering both to be thieves. After defeating Marie and d'Eon, Santa Alter asks Marie is the same one that sent the letter, which Marie confirms. Seeing that the situation was a misunderstanding, she proceeds to hand out presents to Marie and d'Eon after asking d'Eon about French men's attire. After requesting d'Eon to give her their contact info, Santa Alter takes her leave, ignoring the eagerly waiting Astolfo. As she flies off, Santa Alter tells Astolfo that he doesn't get a present since he failed to help at Orleans, but she does throw an expired Halloween pumpkin at him.

Walking through a snowy field, Santa Alter states that her next delivery is for Jean Kay, who is currently living in a nearby cave due to her profession as a assassin. She is then asked by Ritsuka if she meant Jing Ke, to which she answers that she doesn't speak Chinese. She then asks Ritsuka if they hear a strange sound, which they decide to follow into the cave. Inside they find Saint Martha punching a sandbag as she complains about Christmas, and Ushiwakamarutalking of her past of giving grotesque gifts that no one wanted.

Santa Alter then asks Martha about Jing Ke, but Martha tells her and Ritsuka to leave after having some warm soup. Refusing to do so, Santa Alter ask Ushiwakamaru, but Jing Ke comes out before Ushiwakamaru is able to answer. Finding Jing Ke to be drunk, Santa Alter and Ritsuka after told by Ushiwakamaru that Jing Ke started drinking after traumatic event ten days ago. Saddened that she couldn't arrive sooner, Santa Alter tries to deliver her presents, but she is attacked by Martha, Ushiwakamaru, and Jing Ke when she states that she's Santa Claus. After defeating them, she asks them to her about their issue with Santa Claus, and she is told that another Santa Claus confiscitated their belongings after they failed to pay for their presents. After expressing her grievance over their story, Santa Alter proceeds to give out presents to the three women. Surprised that another Santa Claus was able to deceive them, she proceeds to leave with Ritsuka for their next destination.

Leaving behind Ritsuka and her sleigh behind in the sky due to a storm, Santa Alter lands on a ship being occupied by EMIYA, David, and Robin Hood. She then decides to test David's strength to prove his claim of being most victorious king before handing out presents. After defeating David along with EMIYA and Robin, Santa Alter tells them that she came in response to a letter. Robin eventually reveals he sent the letter, for which Santa Alter tells him not to be embrassed as he has worked hard. After praising Robin for supporting his Master from the shadows, and criticizing EMIYA for spoiling his Master, she gives the presents to David and Robin. She then tells the group that their real present is being prepared elsewhere and will arrive soon before leaving. Returning to her sleigh, and Ritsuka, Santa Alter hears Elizabeth Báthory performing her concert for the three Archers. After being welcomed back by Ritsuka, she is shocked to see that the next letter is from Gilgamesh.

Arriving at Gilgamesh's house, Santa Alter thinks about him waiting for her arrival, but decides to return to her sleigh and take the night off. As she think about the food she and Ritsuka could eat on their day off, both of them are suddenly drawn towards Nursery Rhyme and Jack the Ripper. After hearing that the two brought her into their inner world due to their loneliness, Santa Alter believes them to be the spirits of young girls that died while ignorant of love, and believes that they gained a sense of self during Christmas due to their loneliness. She then says that she can't give them presents since neither of them wrote letters to Santa, and tells them that they should want something because they want it, not because of their loneliness. She then has the two of them fight her for their presents since they didn't write letters.

However, even though she defeats them, Santa Alter decides to take pity on Nursery Rhyme and Jack by pretending that they defeated her in a exaggerated fashion. Congratulating them on their "victory", she proceeds to give several presents to Jack and Nursery Rhyme, calling them merely the spoils of their "victory". She then gives each of them their individual presents. She proceeds to leave, but is stopped by Jack, who thanks her with Nursery Rhyme. She is then told by both of them that another Santa Claus visited them before she arrived, but they left after telling them to wait for the real Santa. Returning to the sky, Santa Alter decides to punish the other Santa before delivering her last present.

Santa Alter soon confronts the other Santa, Julius Caesar, who proceeds to tell her and Ritsuka about how he deceived her previous deliveries due to them thinking he was Santa. After hearing his story, Santa Alter decides to kill Caesar for the sake of Santa Claus. After defeating him in battle, she proceeds to go finish him off, but Caesar is able to escape. With the matter of the other Santa resolved, Santa Alter goes to deliver her last present.

Heading towards her final delivery, Santa Alter states that the last letter is from an Alter Servant like her, who requested a board game everyone can have fun playing together. Arriving at the location, Santa Alter is confronted by Jeanne Alter, who proceeds to threaten Ritsuka for her defeat before. Santa Alter then says how shocked she saw that Jeanne Alter wrote a letter to Santa Claus, surprised by her wanting a present despite her hatred, and her easy-to-read handwriting since she can't write. After Jeanne Alter explains how she studied how to write, she asks why Santa Alter is calling herself Santa, and tells her to bring out the real Santa Claus. Santa Alter then tells how she has delivered many presents despite her not being a saint, and says that she originally started being Santa to throw Jeanne Alter's present in her face. Beliveing Santa Alter to be pranking her due to thinking that she's lonely, Jeanne Alter proceeds to show her that was been playing a board game with the anguished spirits of Pierre Cauchon.

After seeing Jeanne Alter cheat at the game to regain first place, Santa Alter tells her that she'll make any friends nor becoming a Servant if she doesn't her repent her ways. However, Jeanne Alter says doesn't want to be a Servant, and that doesn't want anyone's help, especially Ritsuka's. Hearing her say this, Santa Alter decides to fight Jeanne Alter, who fights along with spirits of Pierre. After defeating her, Santa Alter states that Jeanne Alter won't change no matter how many times she loses, and that she must be defeated mentally. She then give Jeanne Alter her present, which makes Jeanne Alter resolve to build up her Spirit Origin and become a Servant before returning to purgatory with the spirits of Pierre. With her final delivery complete, Santa Alter thanks Ritsuka for their hard work, and then proceeds to grants them the chance to summon her.

Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident: Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm

Artoria Alter arriving on her motorcycle to help RitsukaDuring the Shinjuku Singularity, Artoria Alter acts as an ally to Ritsuka. She later uses Excalibur Morgan to completely destroy the asteroid that EMIYA failed to destroy with Unlimited Lost Works.


In her Interludes, while in the middle of conducting a training on her Master for their sake, facing a Servant that was possibly born because of the curse of the Holy Grail similarily like herself, and facing a Servant that was once called a former king similarily like herself, allowed Artoria Alter to picture her state of being and reaffirm her personal circumstances.

Artoria used to contain her own power, but in this condition, she wields powerful magical energy without hesitation. Because the armor she wears was dyed jet black and grew in weight due to changing into a heavier armor, its power has increased more than normally.  On the other hand, it seems like her agility has decreased as a result.

Artoria Alter, having been provided with Sakura's nearly infinite magical energy, can be said to have even more power than she had in life and gains the ability to overwhelm even Berserker in a head-on fight. She is blackened by the mud from the Holy Grail in the form of the Shadow, and she is incarnated by the power of the Grail to have more concrete ties to the physical plane. This makes her into a powerful being, and while Blackened Servants cannot return to spirit form, Artoria never had that ability even as a regular Servant. She does gain the ability to travel quickly by sinking into the Shadow and moving elsewhere at Sakura's command. Due to no longer having to restrain her magical energy consumption, she has lost her limitations, causing her fighting ability and destructive power to jump significantly, comparative to a runaway train, but fine control is no longer possible for her. She is the strongest in straightforward attack power, and she is probably, without dispute, one of the strongest Servants.

Compared to her regular state's already superb regeneration, Artoria Alter's regeneration is bolstered by the almost infinite source of magical energy from Sakura, healing even fatal wounds in ten minutes and requiring the destruction of her head or heart for immediate death. Her Charismais much lower than normal, and it increases her leadership skills while significantly decreasing the morale of her troops. Her Instinct is lowered by one rank and because she is constantly suppressing her rage, her senses are dulled. On the other hand, Artoria in this state may be rather more likely to take action due to her behavior being distanced away from that of a hero's.

Saber Alter's Mana Burst

Artoria Alter's Mana Burst takes the form of an enormous amount of magical energy always covering her body like a dense fog regardless of her will. Combined with her black armor that grew in weight, the trail of magical energy increases her defensive power considerably.  It engulfs her more powerful attacks and leaves a black trail behind her strikes. She can release a burst of black energy in varying sizes called Burst Air (バースト・エア, Bāsuto Ea) that can either travel towards the opponent or rise high into the air. She can create solid energy in the form of a dragon's head to grab, bite, and throw the enemy with Tyrant Clap (タイラントクラップ, Tairanto Kurappu), and she can strike at the enemy from afar by surging magical energy around her and attacking with several black tentacles of energy. Of course, the magical energy which is constantly consumed is also quite large, so her appetite has also grown compared to her normal counterpart in order to sustain herself.

Artoria Alter has a festival-themed form known as Santa Alter (サンタオルタ, Santa Oruta) under the Rider-class as an Event Servant, the self-described "Evil Santa Claus that cleaves through the breath-freezing winter." A form taken by Artoria Alter, who resolved herself to wiping out her own image and attempted to carry out activities as the ally of children/Santa Claus. The sack she holds in her hand is packed with the best selection of presents that she spent a whole year saving up.

Having "taken a fancy" to acting as Santa Claus, Santa Alter has decided to briefly take up the role and deliver gifts as a means of giving "thanks for the life I have." She carries with her a bag of presents containing Craft Essences that she collected, also doubling as a bludgeoning weapon in battle. The increase in her weight accounts for the weight of the presents.

Although Santa Alter has changed into the Rider Class, it is not like there has been any dramatic changes. The lack of futility in her behavior and the cool-headed character are a close resemblance to Artoria Alter, but the admiration towards Santa Claus that lies at her root is making her a little more kind.

The sleigh that Santa Alter rides on has been handmade by herself, named Llamrei II (ラムレイ二号, Ramurei Ni-gō), and it is pulled by a couple of reindeers, but she has lost them after they were scared off upon her using Excalibur Morgan as a "jet engine" to reach the stratosphere. She claims that she can guide the sleigh on her own, but feels that she needs a reindeer to "capture the hearts of the children" and thus commandeers Ritsuka Fujimaru as her reindeer by means of forcibly summoning them as her Master. She boasts that the sleigh has been assembled from ash tree's wood while having a brave horse and a lion as an image, but - no matter how one looks at it - it seems like nothing but a hippopotamus. For fuel, she uses magical energy from stockings, the "crystallized wishes for presents from the children", to travel around the world.

"At any rate, I feel like eating turkey." Because she has completely turned into Santa Claus, Artoria Alter's personality has changed in various ways.


The state of Santa Alter's personality is that of Saber Alter's, but there is some degree of difficulty in being bestowed the post of Santa, and with that role in mind, her personality changed to being frank. As Santa, her dreams and ideals of scattering smiles and being merry has resulted in removing the permafrost-like ice of her heart. Nonetheless, it is good that there is no change in her Spartan doctrine, being unaffected and sincere, and imbued with fortitude and vigor. She runs about for the sake of giving presents to children, gifting punishments to bad children, but later on throwing presents to them after they become good children.

Santa Alter gathers unconditional trust in the Master and tells them of an aspiration of playing an active role as Santa together. The thickness of that trust is the most important role in gaining an extremely harsh victory————to the extent that she entrusts them the role of reindeer, the central part of Llamrei II. And it goes without saying that the Master chosen as her reindeer will anticipate heavy labor extending over the length of one week. Although she is greatly pleased with herself as Santa, the Master should absolutely do not begin to speak of that. Because there is no need to praise her as Santa. If one says "You're a good Miss Santa", etc. to sympathize with her success, don't you agree that it would be the day the sled rises to the stratosphere?


Elizabeth (Halloween) An eyesore for she is the same festival Event Servant-type as Santa Alter. She'll make her a dragon steak for everyone. Asterios Santa Alter feels obliged because Christmas is said to be associated with getting somebody to do excessive work. Needless to say, the last present delivered is a crown for Asterios.


Pendragon alter artoria

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Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel ll - Enter Saber Alter [4K 60FPS]

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