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Average Accountant Salary in Canada

Avg. Base Salary (CAD)

The average salary for an Accountant is C$52,

Profit Sharing

C$ - C$10k


What is the Pay by Experience Level for Accountants?

An entry-level Accountant with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of C$43, based on salaries. An early career Accountant with years of experience earns an average total compensation of C$49, based on 1, salaries. A mid-career …Read more

What Do Accountants Do?

Accountants perform financial calculations for companies in a wide variety of fields. Some common duties include creating sales and cash flow reports, administering payroll, keeping balance sheets, carrying out billing activities, managing budgets and keeping inventory. The accountant may also be responsible for filing taxes for the company, as well as reviewing past reports to generate income forecasts.

Occasionally, internal audits must be carried out to make sure that the various areas of …Read more

Job Satisfaction for Accountant

Based on responses, the job of Accountant has received a job satisfaction rating of out of 5. On average, Accountants are highly satisfied with their job.

Gender Breakdown

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This data is based on 1, survey responses. Learn more about the gender pay gap.

Common Health Benefits


See table for salaries.

Average Financial Auditor&#;s and Accountant&#;s Salary in Canada

The table below details the hourly wages for Financial Auditors and Accountants.

The Canadian national occupation classification code (NOC) for this role is

Job titles and exact duties vary in this occupation and examples of some job titles are: accountant, auditor, CA (chartered accountant) and income tax expert.

According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average wages are earned in Ottawa &#; Ontario at $ per hour and the lowest average wages are earned in Winnipeg &#; Manitoba at $ per hour.

A typical full-time annual salary for this occupation is in the region of $60, &#; $80,

Government data indicates that the labour market for this occupation is expected to remain balanced for the near future. Retirements will be the main source of job vacancies in this position.

Average Hourly Wages for Financial Auditors and Accountants in Canada

LocationLow Wage
$ per hr
Average Wage
$ per hr
High Wage
$ per hr
Calgary &#; Alberta*
Edmonton &#; Alberta*
Vancouver Island & Coast &#; British Columbia
Winnipeg &#; Manitoba
Fredericton / Oromocto &#; New Brunswick
Halifax &#; Nova Scotia
Toronto &#; Ontario
Ottawa &#; Ontario
Windsor / Sarnia &#; Ontario
Kitchener / Waterloo / Barrie &#; Ontario
Prince Edward Island
Montreal &#; Quebec
Saskatoon / Biggar &#; Saskatchewan


Examples of duties for accountants include the following:

››Preparing financial statements and reports for clients

››Ensure compliance with tax legislation

››Advising on financial aspects of businesses such as budgets, tax and cashflows

Examples of duties for financial auditors include the following:

››Studying the accounting methods of business clients

››Conducting field audits of businesses to ensure compliance with provisions of the Income Tax Act, Canadian Business Corporations Act or other statutory requirements


Currently, this occupation is an eligible occupation for express entry immigration with the federal skilled worker permanent resident visa.

Number in employment

There are over , financial auditors and accountants working in Canada.

Comparison with employment group

The full-time average hourly wage rate for professional occupations in business and finance, which includes financial auditors and accountants, is $ The corresponding median weekly wage rate is $1,, giving an approximate full-time annual salary for this employment group of $73,

These occupations may also be of interest:

Accounting Related Clerks
Financial and Investment Analysts
Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners
Insurance Underwriters
Mathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries
Securities Agents, Investment Dealers and Brokers
Purchasing and Inventory Clerks
Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Clerks

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Chartered Accountant Salaries

Modified July 6,

In Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and a number of other countries, a chartered accountant is the equivalent of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the United States.

Canadian Chartered Accountants

A survey of a self-selected sample of 15, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) members conducted by the CICA and the Provincial Insitutes/Ordre found that the average chartered accountant salary in Canada was $, (Canadian dollars).

The survey found the highest average salaries among chartered accountants who owned their own non-CA firm business was $,, while CAs who were partners in a CA firm earned as much as $, The average salary for non-owner CAs was $,, while
sole practitioners earned an average of $,

Another finding was that CAs working outside Canada had the highest average salaries, at $,, while the provinces with the highest average salaries were Alberta at $, and Ontario at $,

As of , the average total compensation for Canadian chartered accountants working in various fields was as follows:

  • Industry &#; $,
  • Professional services &#; $,
  • Not-for-profit organizations &#; $,
  • Government &#; $,
  • Education &#; $,

For chartered accountants new to the field, the average total compensation was $67, in

United Kingdom Chartered Accountants

In , the average annual basic salary of chartered accountants in the United Kingdom was £92,, while the median salary was £78,, according to a survey conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), which has
more than , members around the world.

ICAEW considers the median more representative of chartered accountant salaries, because a few high-earners inflated the average.

The highest accounting salaries in the UK were in the banking and capital markets industry, where the average basic salary was £, as of The next two highest paying industries in the UK were insurance and energy, water, mining, and utilities.

Just as is the case with Canada, UK-based chartered accountants working in other countries had the highest salaries, earning £, as an average basic salary, plus earning an average yearly bonus of £35,

Chartered Accountants in Other Countries

In New Zealand, a remuneration survey by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants found that the average salary was $, (NZ dollars). The highest pay was for partners in large accounting firms, who earned an average of $,

In South Africa, according to a report issued by the recruitment consultancy Robert Waters, newly qualified Chartered accountants earn , to , Rand, while those with three to five years of experience earn , to , Rand. (As of
November , , Rand equals about $52, U.S. dollars.)

In India, chartered accountant is one of the top ten highest paying jobs, according to Chakreview.


If you work in the finance and accounting sector, you know a thing or two about keeping track of money - it's what you do! But how much do you know about the average salaries for accounting positions in Canada? Even if you're not actively looking for a new role, it's smart to keep up with salary trends in your profession. You should know whether you're being paid a fair market rate for the skills you bring to the table. You'll be able to leverage raises and assess potential job offers. To help you out, we've pulled some general data from our salary guide. We recommend you download the guide for more precise data for your city and level of experience!

Please note: the salaries listed below are median salaries. They represent the 25 to 75 percentile of earners, so it’s possible your salary may fall outside of the listed range. Your personal earning potential will also differ depending on your location and level of experience. If you’d like a more detailed and accurate assessment of your earning potential, our recruiters would be happy to help you assess the value of your skills and help you find suitable job opportunities.    

connect with a recruiter for a more detailed assessment of the value of your skills and experience in today's job market.


Accountants make about $60, to $75, when they're just starting out. Accountants in large cities will earn more, with accountants in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary making the most. Accountant salaries in Quebec tend to be the lowest, however cities in Quebec (such as Montreal and Quebec City) also have a much lower cost of living. With 10 years of experience, accountants in Canada can work their way up to salaries as high as the mid $90,s. Designations such as CPA can increase your income as well.

accounting clerk

Accounting clerks typically make between $35, and $40, when they're just starting out their careers. As they gain experience, accounting clerks can work their way to salaries in the mid $50, range. However accounting clerks often opt to advance their career by moving into other accounting roles with higher earning potential. For instance many accounting clerks obtain their CPA designation and become a full fledged accountant. 

accounting manager

Accounting managers typically accrue a good deal of experience before getting to this point in their career, and that's reflected in their earning potential. Accounting manager salaries typically start in the $80, to $, range, with Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia reporting the highest salaries. After gaining 10+ years of experience, accounting manager salaries typically climb well past the $, mark and can reach as high as $, in cities such as Calgary and Toronto.

accounts payable and receivable

Accounts payable and receivable salaries vary based on your job title. Clerks typically make $35, to $45, when starting out. Clerk salaries can climb into the $50,+ range with several years of experience. However accounts payable and accounts receivable managers have much higher earning potential. Manager salaries start at about $65, to $85, Toronto has especially high starting salaries that can reach as high as $90, With 10+ years of experience accounts payable managers and accounts receivable managers can earn well into the six-figure range, with salaries as high as $,

financial analyst

Financial analysts typically earn between $63, and $80, when starting out. In some metropolitan cities such as Toronto, it can be even higher. With 5+ years of experience financial analysts can see their salaries climb into the $75, to $95, range. With a full decade of experience, financial analyst salaries can reach past the six-figure mark, with some financial analysts in major cities earning as much as $,


Payroll clerks typically start at a salary of $40, to $50, With 5+ years of experience their salaries climb into the $55, to $60, range. However many payroll clerks go on to other roles in the payroll specialty. Payroll specialists can earn in the $55, to $70, range with years of experience. If you opt to take on a management component in your career, payroll supervisors can earn in the $50, to $75, range. Finally, payroll managers have the highest earning potential in this specialization. They can earn $65, to $80, when starting out in the role, but can see their salary climb into the six-figure range with years of experience. Payroll manager salaries cap out at around $, on the highest end.


Controller is a more senior accounting role, and the earning potential reflects that. Newly minted controllers with 1 year of experience or less typically start out with a salary in the $80, to $, range. Toronto is the most in demand market for controllers, with starting controller salaries sitting at $93, to $, With 10 years of experience, controllers will see their salaries sit comfortably in the six-figure range, with salaries ranging from $, on the low end, to as much as $, Demand is highest in large cities, however controller salaries are most often tied to the size of the corporation you work for.  


Most bookkeepers across Canada can expect to start out their career making in the $35, to $45, range. Salaries for bookkeepers in Ontario, and Toronto in particular, tend to be a higher than the rest of Canada, and start in the $40, to $50, range. As bookkeepers gain experience, they can expect their salaries to reach somewhere in the $50, to $60, range at the height of their career. 


Internal auditors (working within a company) and external auditors (auditing companies other than their own) both make very comparable salaries. Entry level auditor salaries in Canada typically start in the $53, to $70, range. With years of experience auditors can see their salary reach into the $75, to $, range depending on their location in Canada. If you opt to become an audit manager the earning potential climbs a little more, with salaries starting at about $85, and reaching as $, 

compliance roles

The two most common roles in this specialty are compliance specialist and compliance officer. Compliance specialists tend to make in the $50, to $60, range when starting out their careers and can graduate to a salary of $65, to $80, by the end of their career, however it may be even higher in large cities. Compliance officers, on the other hand, are considered more senior, so their salaries start out in the $80, to $, range in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. In less populated locales their salaries are lower and more comparable to compliance specialists.

finance executives

Finance executives' salaries tend to be more closely tied to the size of the company they work for and its revenue, so it's more challenging to provide salary estimates. Executives with titles such as director can typically expect to make a salary in the $80, to $, range. VP salaries are more likely to be in the $, to $, range, and chief financial officers make the highest salaries of all in the $, to $, range. Each of these salary ranges is on a sliding scale depending on company size. The larger the company the higher your earning potential.

want even more detailed salary data? check out our salary guide for more detailed data based on your city and years of experience.


Canada in accountant salaries

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