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Brave your next winter excursion in reliable camo jackets and coats designed to keep you warm in cold conditions. Engineered to perform in a range of outdoor environments, our camouflage jackets provide the ultimate weather protection.



Camo jackets that blend in and stand out



While camo outerwear might be made to fade into the background, when you're in town, you'll certainly stand apart from the crowd. Different camo patterns on each softshell, pullover, and parka ensure you can find your favorite blend. Get the perfect hunting jacket for open season or just wear a camo fleece jacket as part of your daily wear. A camo utility jacket is also a perfect piece for the nature enthusiast. Use camo print to blend into your surroundings to avoid spooking the animals, getting close enough to snap a picture or write down observations in your new field jacket. Keep an eye on new arrivals for more camo print items to go with your favorite camo jacket.



The perfect long-sleeve layer



Several of our camo jackets are fairly lightweight, making them perfect to layer with a hoodie, sweatshirt, or windbreaker. With some pullovers and some full zip shells, you can layer as you need for a chilly campsite, a brisk walk on hiking trails, or even for winter winds. We offer heavyweight options for cool and cold weather climates, like quilted puffer jackets or our parka-style coats. Plus, you can always wear a lighter jacket under our snow gear.



Camo outerwear for rain or shine



Our camo puffer jackets, softshells, and parkas are made to stand up to the elements, and none more that the Retro Mountain Light Futurelight&#; Jacket. Made with water-resistant fabric and sporting a deep hood to help keep the rain off, this retro rain jacket braves as much rain as you do. Layer with a fleece jacket to head out into sleet and snow as well. Weather will find it hard to stop several of our camouflage jackets, many of which are windbreakers and water-resistant. Don't let the forecast stop you from taking your hike, setting out for a camping trip, or hitting the slopes.

Planning to head out to your favorite trails or go hunting this winter? Look for your new camo jacket in our Black Friday winter jacket deals and get a pair of hiking boots or winter boots on sale to keep you snug as you go. There are deals on men’s and women’s jackets, along with on-sale hoodies and Black Friday backpacks for storing your gear. Check our gift guides for more holiday purchase ideas.

Head for the woods in our best hiking pants and black shoes. When it’s time to come out of the forest, kids will love our childrens’ summer clothes while you lounge in a comfortable blue shirt and black shorts.

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The Best Hunting Jackets for Men in

Whether you&#;re gunning for gobblers or hitting the high slopes for mountain goats, these are the best hunting jackets for men.

A good hunting jacket fits into whatever system you&#;re looking to build for your outdoor endeavors. Clearly, what works for folks in the Midwest won&#;t always cut the mustard in the high mountains of the American West, or vice versa.

Really, what you&#;re looking to build is a system that fits your activities. Initial baselayers will combine with your midlayer and outer layer jackets to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions.

Luckily, there are hundreds of jackets to choose from. We&#;ve done the work and compiled our favorites here.

Editor&#;s note: Most major brands have huge sales throughout the year. Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are great times to look for men&#;s hunting jackets. In our opinion, it&#;s worth a few extra bucks for that coveted piece that&#;s going to last for the foreseeable future.

The Best Hunting Jackets for Men in

Best Layering Jacket: First Lite Sawtooth Hybrid, S-XXL

first lite sawtooth hybrid

The Sawtooth Hybrid ($) from First Lite is a favorite among GearJunkie staffers. And for good reason. The merino combo with DWR-treated nylon panels creates a jacket that&#;s both forgiving of a lot of movement and tough when busting through brush or chopping wood.

It&#;s also the best lightweight layering piece on the market. The body mapping of the jacket is intuitive and smart. A full merino back panel provides breathability where you need it most when packing out an animal or sitting against a tree.

It&#;s comfortable, extremely light, and packable. You&#;ll find yourself reaching for it on cool days on a run, or layering up against a winter elk hunt.

It&#;s just a damn good coat that&#;s gonna work for everyone, no matter what you need it for.

What customers say: &#;This jacket was perfect straight out of the gates. For the first hunt, I used it in Ohio as the second layer of three. Then, I went on a hunt down in Louisiana and it was a perfect outer layer for duck hunting and deer stand sitting! Highly recommended.&#; — Michael Powell

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at First Lite

Best Budget Jacket: Carhartt Stormy Woods Camo Jacket

carharrt stormy woods camo jacket

The Carhartt Stormy Woods Camo Jacket ($) is a very affordable and waterproof option for hunters who might not want to drop $+ on high-tech rain gear. But, high tech is still built into this tough and rugged jacket.

Built with Carhartt&#;s Storm Defender technology, the polyester shell is flexible, breathable, and waterproof. The break-up Mossy Oak camo helps hunters maintain a low profile. And classic Carhartt tailoring means ample pockets and space for layering.

The jacket smartly stuffs into its own front pocket for ease of storage, meaning it can live in your pack until you need it. And at the price, it&#;s a win-win for hunters who need a durable, versatile, and waterproof layer available at any time.

What customers say: &#;I really like this suit. It performed extremely well in an absolute downpour while out bowhunting. I love the fact that it rolls up nicely and is super packable if rain is in the forecast and you&#;re on the way to your stand. It&#;s a little loud but overall it&#;s a great suit and I highly recommend it.&#; — J.S.

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Carhartt

Best Softshell Jacket: KUIU Guide DCS Jacket

kuiu guide dcs jacket

KUIU&#;s Guide DCS Jacket is one of the bestselling in the biz. And with over 5, reviews landing it stars, it&#;s an easy pick for best softshell. Wind-, water-, and rip-resistant, this shell is built as a power outer layer to take on nearly any circumstance.

The Toray Primeflex fabric adds flexibility without loss of breathability, and it&#;s backed with a soft microfleece for added insulation. Tons of pockets make storage easy, and a plethora of camo and solid options offer one of the widest color varieties in the industry.

The cut is athletic, and reviewers do say that if you&#;re looking to substantially layer, you&#;ll want to go one size up.

What customers say: &#;Wore this on a late-season elk hunt in NV, temps ranged from single digits to mids. This jacket with an insulating layer underneath and a base was all that was needed even during periods of high wind and scattered precipitation. Pit zips help cool down quickly if needed. My new favorite hunting and outdoor jacket.&#; — Trent D.

Check Price at Kuiu

Best Whitetail Coat: Sitka Fanatic Jacket

sitka fanatic jacket

Sitka&#;s Fanatic Line ($) is the most innovative when it comes to sitting in a tree stand, staying warm, and keeping quiet. And through using sound science, the team at Sitka Gear fashioned this coat with a Berber fleece that drops sound from movement in the stand to less than half what it would be in normal gear.

This fleece is also wildly warm and windproof. Make no mistake, this is a late-season coat. The diagonal zip allowed for a hand muff to be built directly into the jacket, and body mapping allows for a smooth draw cycle for archers.

A safety harness port also allows for adding or pulling layers without disconnecting from your safety system, eliminating unnecessary risks while up high.

This is the most expensive jacket on the list, but not by far. And it&#;s certainly suited to a specific hunter with specific needs. You&#;ll likely not be wearing this coat daily, but it just might keep you in the tree long enough to add more success to your season.

What customers say: &#;I hunt all over Wisconsin and sat in negative temps with winds over 20 mph and was not cold at all. Combined with the Fanatic bibs, doesn&#;t get any better. Should last a lifetime. I wear my base layer and Fanatic hoody under it and I&#;m good to go. My only regret is not buying it sooner. Can&#;t say enough about this set.&#; — Joe Kop

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Sitka Gear

Most Versatile Hunting Jacket: Beyond Clothing Prima Lochi K3 Jacket

beyond clothing prima lochi k3 jacket

Why aren&#;t reversible jackets a thing in hunting? Well, they should be.

And it&#;s an outlier brand that figured this out. Beyond Clothing is a badass brand built by special ops military folks who wanted to create legendary systems for folks doing cool stuff outside. That they did.

The Prima Lochi K3 Jacket ($) is available in a few color combos, but what&#;s unique is that you have two options for blending into your environment in one coat. It&#;s so utilitarian, it&#;s hard to believe it&#;s not a norm in the industry.

The jacket itself is more of a midlayer. Made of denier quilted micro ripstop with a durable water repellent finish, the jacket is an everyday-wear kinda coat. And 60 g of Polartec Alpha Insulation offers warmth when needed.

What customers say: &#;This Prima Lochi is my second Beyond jacket, following a K7 Cetra earlier in the season. While ultimately not as warm as the Cetra, I may actually prefer the Prima Lochi for its overall fit/form and flexibility (in terms of utility). I bought the lighter colorway, and wear it white camo side out.

&#;Perfect by itself for doing outdoor chores, with enough room to layer a sweater or fleece underneath in colder temps. Highly recommend — if you&#;re looking for a first piece to try, start here.&#; — Al N.

Check Price at HuckberryCheck Price at Beyond Clothing

Best Puffy: Stone Glacier Grumman Down Jacket

stone glacier grumman down jacket

This jacket is the Valhalla of down jackets, and you&#;ll certainly feel you&#;re in a hall of warmth once you throw it on. Stone Glacier&#;s down continues to impress all of us at GearJunkie. Their sleeping bags are primetime, and the jacket follows as the best of the year.

Extremely light and packable, the Grumman ($) weighs in at ounces. Then, it packs down into an 8”x4”x” stuff sack. But, where a lot of down jackets can feel light in both weight and warmth, the Grumman shows up with + fill of DWR-treated, traceable, and certified down.

It&#;s like wearing the most comfortable cloud that might also save your life on a very cold day. This is the down jacket of jackets. If cold is your nemesis, the Grumman is your go-to.

What customers say: &#;This jacket is extremely warm for its weight. The fit is perfect. The Grumman will always be in my pack, and I like how it comes with its own stuff sack. I’ve learned to spend a little more money and buy quality. Stone Glacier will not disappoint!&#; — Scott M.

Check Price at Stone Glacier

Durable Down Jacket: Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket

sitka kelvin lite down jacket

While the Stone Glacier Grumman, listed above, may be our top choice for lightweight warmth, the Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket offers similar warmth, but more durability at a slightly heavier weight.

We tested the Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket through burly elk rifle hunts and a spring turkey hunt in Colorado. And, we were consistently impressed by the rugged warmth of this jacket, which is still remarkably light at just 17 ounces for a size large. The result is a jacket that&#;s ideal for cold-weather hunting and camping, which can handle the modest abrasion of a rough mountain hunt.

Thanks to fill PrimaLoft Gold Down Blend coupled with high-end PrimaLoft synthetic insulation in the arms and back, the jacket both packs down smaller and resists moisture where you&#;re most likely to encounter it. Having spent many cold mornings and late evenings in this jacket, we also love the hood, which snugs well around the face, offering a great mix of warmth and visibility.

The only con in this jacket is that the outer fabric is somewhat crinkly. While it&#;s not particularly loud, it could be an issue at closer ranges, so bow hunters in particular should be aware. We didn&#;t notice the noise much when we brushed against objects, but we did sometimes when the jacket was in motion.

What customers say: &#;This is probably my favorite jacket for any cold weather conditions. After hunting in snow and low single digits coupled with the wind chill, it kept my core warm all morning long.&#; Jack Borcherding

Check Price at Sitka

Best Waterproof Shell: FORLOH AllClima 3L Rain Jacket With RECCO

forloh allclima 3l rain jacket with recco

New to the scene, FORLOH brings impressive technologyto the forefront of high-end hunting gear. And interestingly enough, it&#;s the first time we&#;re seeing RECCO integrated into pieces built for mountain hunting. For the goat or sheep hunter that might head into snowy territory often, it&#;s a helluva addition for safety&#;s sake.

That said, the coat features some extremely impressive stats on breathability and waterproofing, using FORLOH&#;s Airadigm Pulse Plasma Tech. The fabric is soft to the touch, built to minimize sound, and forgiving as hunters move their bodies through landscape and challenge.

At $, it&#;s costly. But it&#;s on par with the high-end hunting industry. And the RECCO adds a bonus of safety that, for some high-mountain hunters, might be worth the extra cash.

What customers say: &#;So far the performance and quality of the AllClima Rain Jacket has been really impressive. I have some upcoming trips out west and plan to put it to an even greater test.&#; — Michael S.

Check Price at FORLOH

Best Upland Jacket: Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket

filson 3-layer field jacket

Your grandpa&#;s favorite outdoor brand continues to make waves in hunting gear, all these years later. While many of Filson&#;s jackets fit a wide variety of use cases, it&#;s the 3-Layer Field Jacket ($) that continues to be the go-to on days we need a reliable, kickass shell.

You honestly cannot ruin this thing. And you can&#;t look bad in it. It&#;s the most rugged jacket we&#;ve ever worn, and it beats back briars, thorns, branches, and the occasional puppy teeth.

The ounce % nylon with waterproof membrane, plus % polyester brushed tricot backing, combines for a bombproof coat that beats out the durability of every jacket we&#;ve ever worn.

That is not an understatement. Additionally, the pockets are both generous and classic in cut and style. A built-in game bag holds a few pheasants or a limit of smaller birds.

The microfleece hand-warming pockets are a godsend when working outside or taking a moment in the field. The hood construction is legit.

We can&#;t say enough good things. So, we&#;ll leave it to Jim.

What customers say: &#;Waterproof, weatherproof, durable, versatile.”Jim H.

&#;Nuff said.

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Filson

Best of the Rest

SKRE Hardscrabble Jacket 

skre hardscrabble jacket

This all-season softshell ($) is a favorite among users of the SKRE hunting systems. Water- and wind-resistant, the Hardscrabble is an outer shell that can be worn with layers or on its own, weather depending.

Lined with microfleece, the face of the fabric is designed to keep sound down while maximizing protection from the elements. Pockets and closures have YKK zippers, and a storm hood provides optimal and adjustable protection when needed.

SKRE also offers complete hunting systems at bargain rates. Through their bundle offers, hunters can save money by purchasing anywhere from three to 16 items as complete kits with major discounts. This is one of the smartest moves we&#;ve seen in the hunting industry, and it offers a unique way to get a full kit at a discounted price.

What customers say: &#;Based on my first few outings with this product, I am in awe of how well it works. I have shopped around for a while looking for the best quality on the market and have ended up sending back some competitive brands because I was not wowed. That is not the case with this jacket. The fit is fantastic and it is comfortable and warm.&#; — Ryan Robb

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at SKRE Gear

Kryptek Lykos II Jacket

kryptek lykos II jacket

Made from synthetic insulation, the Lykos II ($) provides an affordable alternative to an fill power down coat. One thing we like about synthetics is their ability to beat back the elements a bit better than down, and this jacket purports to do that in spades.

Water-resistant and lightweight, it works as both a lifestyle or hunting piece with a plethora of color and camo options. Reviewers use this as both a layering piece or an outer layer. But, be warned that the athletic cut means you&#;ll want to size up from your usual in this particular coat.

What customers say: &#;Love this jacket. Have taken it on a few hunts. Bought it in November so have only hunted chukar and ducks in it so far, but wore it on a day where my truck said it was 10 degrees, and I had a sweatshirt underneath it and sat in the duck blind without ever feeling a chill.&#; — Corey

Check Price at Kryptek

How to Create a Good Layering System

Hunting jackets are really the final layering piece of an overall system designed to keep you temperature-regulated in any scenario. So, it&#;s important to consider what your personal layering system consists of and which hunting jackets will fit your kit best.

Base Layers & Softshell Coats

Don&#;t be fooled into thinking you need to stick with one brand to build a layering system. Starting with your base layers, focus on buying wicking materials that will keep you warm even if they get wet. Wool still reigns, and we have a full breakdown of the best base layers to help you here.

Although a softshell coat can often have water-repellent qualities, think of it like your early-season jacket for September evenings or summer backpacking trips. The ideal softshell is a windbreaking in-between coat that is easily stashable and durable.

Insulating Jackets

These are your lightweight, insulating layers between base layers and your shell in a complete layering system. Insulated with either down or synthetics like Polartec, pay attention to either down counts or synthetic weights. An fill down coat is extremely warm, whereas 80 g of synthetic insulation is more of a midweight jacket.

Down has its upsides. Its warmth-to-weight ratio is phenomenal. But if down gets wet, it loses both loft and warming qualities. And it&#;s often much more expensive.

You&#;ll see that downs are beginning to be treated and marketed as hydrophobic. However, synthetics tend to outperform down in water-repellent qualities. That being said, a shell is your final layer and can protect your down from getting soaked.


The final bastion of protection against the elements, your shell is your waterproof, windproof, batten-down-the-hatches jacket. For me, a true shell has an adjustable hood and cuffs, some sort of drawstring at the waist, and a full zip nearly to your nose to truly snug yourself in.

It can be a raincoat in the summer months. Or it can have mapped insulation for winter months. But it can truly mean the difference between cold and wet misery (and possible hypothermia) and staying comfortable in crappy conditions. Some sort of shell should always be in your pack no matter the season.

Like its name, you&#;ll often shell out extra bucks for the technology of a quality hunting jacket. Where you might be able to skimp a bit on base layers and insulation, my thought is to drop a bit more cash on a quality shell that won&#;t fail when you need it.

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Hunting camo fleece jacket

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Nomad Cottonwood Fleece: Warm, Silent Cold-Weather Hunt Gear [New]

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