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How to Delete Netflix History

How to Delete Netflix History

Assuming you have an Android or iOS device, Netflix also allows you to delete your history in the service. If you have not deleted the entire (you can create a new profile from the algorithm’s suggestions, or you can create a profile again) you can delete the entries from the Continue Watching list, which is probably a sufficient method for most users.

Currently, this feature is only available on Android and iOS and has been tested only on the old model so far. Still, you can remove your Netflix history and remove an entry in your Keep Watching list, meaning you can easily get rid of an old TV show or movie.

How to Remove Netflix Recently Watch Shows

Deleting your Netflix history is simple. Go to the Continue Watching list in the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device, then click on the three dots on any entry. A sub-menu will open. Find the sub-option that says ‘remove from row’.

A menu will open, confirming your choice. Doing this removes the movie or TV show in question from your Resume Watch line, but you can search for the item one by one later and watch it from where you left off.


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